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May 12, 2022, 1:18:03 PMMay 12
On 5/10/2022 12:28 AM, Walt In Seattle wrote:
> This is not someone who apologizes for what his father did.

And probably, we will never know what his private
thought of the past are. And does it really matter?
None of us can ever change what we did, much less
what others did.

In a crazy fluke of history:
In 1972 I flew into Manila via standard commercial
aircraft. I totally looked like a lean, mean,
fighting machine.
But for the immigration checkpoint I produced a
"US Government Passport for Diplomats", the
immigration officer looked at it, and asked
for my purpose for entering. I replied
"training and liaison", he looked skeptical,
but let me enter.

Three days later, Marcos declared martial law.
I've often wondered if that poor sucker thought
of that meeting. If he did, and looked it up,
he would have been even more confused, by the
fact there was no record of me ever leaving
the Phillipines.

I had nothing to do with the marital law, AT ALL.

I had just caught a standard bus ride up to
Olongapore, crossed onto Subic Bay / Cubi Point
Naval Base. I flew a military flight into
Da Nang Vietnam. Later flew helicopter out
to our Amphibious Ready Group, and later left
the area.
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