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Rescuing the memories of our people from ambitious academics and bumbling bureaucrats

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Steve Hayes

Mar 31, 2009, 11:08:44 AM3/31/09
The other day I got a request from the Office of the Presidency for
information from a database of African Independent Churches that I keep,
because they wanted to update their list of "stakeholders".

I replied, saying that my database was historical, and so did not have
many addresses, and even the addresses it does have are probably not
current. But also noted that the government Department of Physical
Planning had such a database some years ago, and I wondered what had
happened to it.

So I was moved to blog about rescuing the memories of our people from
ambitious academics and bungling bureaucrats.

If that interests you at all, you can read about it here:

And an interesting sidelight is how the bureaucrats seem to have succeded
in changing the word "stakeholder" into meaning its precise opposite.

It used to mean a disinterested party, but it has now become a synonym for
an interested party.

Steve Hayes from Tshwane, South Africa
E-mail - see web page, or parse: shayes at dunelm full stop org full stop uk

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