Henry Cerf

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Feb 14, 2001, 9:43:51 PM2/14/01
Henry Cerf, born in Liebenwalde, ca. 1758

for all interested in Henry Cerf,
I just received an answer to my letter to the Brandenburgisches
Landeshauptarchiv in Potsdam. Unfortunately, they do not hold any
information on the jewish community in Liebenwalde. I was asked to write to
another archive in Berlin to find out if they have any information. . Also
I will post the question again in the jewish newsgroup.
Christel Monsanto, Curaçao - mons...@interneeds.net


Feb 15, 2001, 11:02:38 AM2/15/01
Dear Christel - Your support for the Cerf research is appreciated - Regards -
Richard Lyman

Simon Ennever

May 15, 2022, 4:51:17 PMMay 15
On Thursday, 15 February 2001 at 16:02:38 UTC, RLYMA...@aol.com wrote:
> Dear Christel - Your support for the Cerf research is appreciated - Regards -
> Richard Lyman
I am interested in Henry Cerf Esq. of Jamaica also of Worton Hall, Isleworth. He was married to Elizabeth Anderson Wint on Sept 10, 1826 at Newland, Gloucestershire at the grand age of 72! Worton Hall became leased as a film studio from 1913 until 1952 and is now a block of flats.
As he was the owner/operator of the Belin plantation he may have come across a wine and brandy merchant called Joseph Ennever who was based in Snowhill, London around 1829. He travelled there on at least 3 occasions as allegedly he met a slave girl at Berlin called Elizabeth(Bessy) Stewart who was the supposed daughter of Henry Cerf through her mother Elizabeth (Gracy) Stewart. Thus the Ennever name started to appear in Jamaica around this time starting with Joseph Adolphus Ennever born 1830. Joseph Ennever was born at Walcot Parish in Bath in 1795 but died a bachelor at 37 Drury Lane, London in 1845. Most of his estate went to his niece, Emily Morris, then Phipps, of Bath and a few friends of his around London. No mention of his little family back in Jamaica though. Henry's daughter Emelia married Marcus Deby of Belgium also near Bath so I wonder if there is a connection with these marriages being in so close proximity to Bath.
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