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Hassell - Saba

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Jul 8, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/8/00
As there were some queries about the name Hassell earlier on this list,
perhaps the following is of interest to someone:
Found in the Registry for citizens in Curaçao
book 100, year 1867 - 1868
no. 4716 registered on january 17, 1868
Hassell, John William, born on Saba december 23, 1819
married to Hassell, Ann Elisabeth

book 101, year 1868 - 1874
no. 14 registered on december 19, 1868
Hassell, Benjamin Richard, born on Saba december 24, 1841
married to Hassell, Susan
children: Eva Hassell, born december 26, 1867 born Saba, living Saba
Judith Ann Hassell, born march 17, 1868 born Saba, living Saba

registered on june 8, 1870
Hassell, Richard born Saba january 26, 1842
married to Rebecca Hassell

no. 139 registered november 1871
Hassell, Henry Johnson born Saba july 10, 1844
arrived on Curaçao from Saba in 1865
married to Hassell, Joanna Beaks
children: Ann Mary, born july 16, 1869 on Saba, staying at Curaçao
Amy (or Anny) born october 5, 1871 on Saba

This information is especially interesting, because the birth registry for
Saba only starts 1876.

From: Christel Monsanto, promoting Caribbean Art

Henry Hassell

Jul 13, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/13/00
Many thanks for the Hassell Information.. I will add this to my data base..
Just for information , Gosta Simmons located and indexed some recorded
information 1850-1875 from Saba. Births , Deaths and marriages. It may be
found at the Library of Congress and I think at Libraries in the Hague and
UK. The index may not be as complete but it is full of Saba names. Also in
the museum on Saba. I have a copy and will do limited lookups.

There are also names and births and marriages in the Books of the churches
on Saba.
I just returned from my second visit to Saba and Aruba where I added much to
my information. I met a son of the Dutch police policeman , Eert
Sloterdijk. now quite old and frail. Eert's wife, Orie Sloterdijk Hassell
was my Great Aunt. She and my Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Hassell Holm
(1846-1920) are buried in the Catholic Burial Ground across the road from
the Church of the Conversion of St Paul in Windwardside. This Catholic
Church only started on Saba about 1850. All my Greats were baptized there .
The Anglican Church in the Bottom was started much earlier. Most burials
are in graves in the yards of the homes but there are small Cemeteries in
Windwardside and the Bottom. Some birth and death dates are recorded on the
cement covers but many were painted on white glass ovals embedded in the

ANY Saba information WELCOME.............

Henry N.Hassell
17251 Ingram Lane
Amelia,VA 23002

James W. Cropper

Jul 15, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/15/00
Hi Henry,

Are the surnames HAZELL / HAZAL / HASELL found on other Islands of interest or
are they completely different families and origins?

Jim Cropper

Jerome Ryan

Jul 15, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/15/00
In my research through the US Virgin Island Danish Censuses from 1841 to
1911, there are many HASSEL / HAZZEL / HASELL surnames throughout, so it
appears this surname is spread through the islands. Whether these families
are related or not is another story.

Jerry Ryan

Henry Hassell

Jul 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/16/00
Jerome: do you by chance have access to the films for 1841-185?.. I have
for some time been trying to get them ordered from my local library.. I
need a lookup for my great grandfather .. I do not know if the name was
john or George or a combination of the two, Hassell .. he was suppose to be
married to a Elizabeth Mardenborough.. Their only son John Mardenborough
Hassell was my great grandfather / They according to story were suppose
have died when John was quite young 6 or 7 .. while living on St. Thomas.
John Mardenborough Hasssell was suppose to have been sent to live with an
Aunt on Saba..John's death Cert. gives the birth date as 1846. He died in
1909 on Saba. Thanks

Henry N.Hassell
17251 Ingram Lane
Amelia,VA 23002
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Richard Bond

Jul 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/16/00
I think that Hazel and Hassell are different familes but the last name
associated with Saba especially has been spelled different ways by
different members of the family, also you never know about the

Oct 11, 2013, 1:02:45 PM10/11/13
Wish I could dig some information up on the Hassells. My grandmother was from Saba Estelle Hassell daughter of John Hassell but that is all I know. Hoping to make the trip to Saba in next yr or two.

Oct 14, 2016, 4:20:16 PM10/14/16
Grand Father
Name..Octavius Hassell
Wonder if he is descended from Hassells on Saba Island. Possibly a descendent of slaves on a Saba Island plantation.


Oct 7, 2022, 4:31:57 AM10/7/22
Does this fit the "bill"?
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