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JOHNSTON; ANT; 1830-1860

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Don Johnston

Jun 20, 2000, 3:00:00 AM6/20/00
JOHNSTON; ANT; 1830-1860

I'm new to the list and pre-apologise ((Smile)) If I make any error of "Net
Deportment" ??
I'm seeking and searching for James & Peggy Ann Johnston who were the
parents of my great great Grandfather, Thomas, who arrived in Australia in
1851. Searches here in Australia haven't been successful, however we're
sure that this family resided in Derrykeighan, Co Antrim, Ballymoney (Poor
Law Union) Barony of Lower Dumluce.
Are there any Kind Souls on the list who could guide me as to where further
to search, on the net from here in Melbourne. I've re-read my Irish
history, just to understand (hopefully) the political and social scene at
that time in Ireland, but would love to find out more about Derrykeighan,
and maybe about my Johnston forebears: James & Peggy Ann Johnston had Mary
Jane (m Richards USA ?), Matilda, Lucy, Harriet, Hannah (m McCully USA?),
William, Margaret (m Rutherford) and James (m Margaret Johnston) as well as
Thomas who was the only (We think) sibling to come to Australia, aged about
16 years old when he arrived.
Thanks in anticipation,
Don Johnston (Melbourne, Australia)
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