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SIMMONS James; OXF,ENG; 1814-

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Garry Simmonds

Jun 19, 2000, 3:00:00 AM6/19/00
SIMMONS James; OXF,ENG; 1814-


I'm looking for information on a James and Elizabeth Simmons/Simmonds and
family, especially their daughter Sarah Ann b: 1843 and their son Henry
Simmons b: 1840 both children were born in Australia at Paterson River
Durham N.S.W. and moved to America with his family in 1856 on board the
Jenny Ford...

Here's the story so far...

James Simmons (1814 - 1865) and his wife Elizabeth Francis (nee Hinton)
(1815 - 1873) lived in Cuddesdon Oxfordshire England, James and Elizabeth
had four children Charles 6, Sarah 4, Edwin Henry (deceased) and baby John
when they left England as free settlers 1839 for Australia arriving on the
24 April 1839 on board the ship Hero of Malown, tragedy was again strike
the Simmons family with their 2 youngest children Sarah and John both dying
during the voyage out too Australia.

Children Born in England: Charles 1833, Sarah 1834, Edwin Henry 1837 and
John 1838.

Once in Australia the Family travelled to the William's Valley in N.S.W.
and lived and worked in Clarence Town area for a short time and finally
settled in Gresford N.S.W. and over the next 17 years the family slowly
grew from family of 3 people to a family of 11 people.

Children Born in Australia: Henry 1840, Sophia J 1842, Sarah Ann 1843,
Eliza Elizabeth 1844, Emma Ellen 1846, Mary Anne 1849, James Albert 1851
and John Thomas 1854.

Then in 1856 the Simmons family packed up there belongings and moved to
America following the Mormon religion, the family sailed on board the ship
Jenny Ford arriving in San Pedro on the 15 August 1856, the only one not to
go was Charles who had married Mary Ann Smith in 1855 and lived at Glen
Rose near Clarence Town.

Children Born in America: Harriet Maria 1857.

James Simmons returned to Australia sometime before Nov 1865 with two of
his sons James Albert and John Thomas, James Simmons died on Nov 19 1865
from Absorption Animal Poison 5 days and his son James Albert Simmonds died
6 years later 1871 from the results of an accident and both are buried at
Summer Hill Munni near Dungog. John Thomas Simmonds married Elizabeth Jane
Smith on Oct 12 1876 and lived and worked in the Dungog district until his
death in 1933, John's wife Elizabeth Jane Smith is a sister to Mary Ann
Smith wife of John's brother Charles Simmonds.

Elizabeth Frances Simmons (nee Hinton) and her 4 daughters Sophia Jane,
Sarah Ann, Emma Ellen, Harriet Maria and son Henry Simmons stayed in America.

Elizabeth m John H Stevens 1862
m George Tolly Wilshire 1865

Sophia Jane m John James North 1860
Sarah Ann - unknown
Emma Ellen m Henry J Herwig 1861
Harriet Maria m Marion Fletcher Case 1874
Henry - unknown

Cheers, Gazza
Dungog NSW Australia.
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