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soukup or sukup in Bohemia 1860-90's

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Jan 30, 2005, 12:38:45 AM1/30/05
Would be interested in contacting anyone on this family name. Our
ancestors were came to Nebraska (U.S.). I have a village name, but not
sure it is spelled correctly after checking a map circa 1860. Houslau
?? It may not exist today. Our ancestor Wenzel, was born 1841 and
served in the Austrian army before coming to the U.S. Wenzel Sukup
married Barbara Dusek born 1850. Georg Soukyp, Wenzel's father (born
Feb 17, 1805) never came to U.S. and stayed behind. His wife, Maria
Sloufkul (born May 20, 1820) did come to the U.S. Any leads? Maria
lived in Grutin House, Bohemia


Jan 30, 2005, 12:58:17 AM1/30/05
Sorry, to clarify, this was Georg Soukup (typo above) and his wife
Maria Sloufkul (maiden name). Their son (Wenzel Sukup) name spelled
differently after coming to the U.S., live in Hoslau near Ronsperk,
Bohemia. Both of this town names may be spelled incorrectly, not sure
of the formal education on Wenzel (b September 25, 1841 and d December
24, 1936). I really don't see this on the Bohemia map and would be
grateful for any assistance on geography even if there is no family
name connection. Also, are there any Austrian military record databases
for 1868-1872 era (I don't know length of his miltary service). Wenzel
settled near Creighton, Nebraska. Many of his brothers and sisters
settled near Walnut, Nebraska. I am thinking that Maria was a widow
when her children came to the U.S., but I don't know this or Georg was
older and didn't feel he could make the trip. Maria Sloufkul's
birthplace is just listed in my records as "Grutin House, Bohemia" and
I don't know if "Grutin" is an address or a village name.

George and Maria had 5 children: Wenzel (oldest), Johann, Margareta,
Andrew, and Barbara. The two brothers, Wenzel and Andrew were the first
to settle in the U.S. Andrew was a blacksmith by trade. Both Wenzel and
Andrew homesteaded farms about 1872 - their first 3 years were very
difficult. Wenzel was married to Barbara Dusek on June 30, 1875. I know
that Barbara Dusek was born in Bozatice, Bohemia (again, I question

Joe Pessarra

Jan 30, 2005, 4:23:48 AM1/30/05

"Ken" <> wrote in message
Jewish Genealogical ShtetlSeeker at gives us the following

RONSPERK (POBEZOVICE) Czech Republic 84.0 miles WSW of Prague.

HOSLAU (HVOZDANY) Czech Republic 85.8 miles WSW of Prague.

GURATIN (KRTIN) Czech Republic 71.8 miles WSW of Prague.

BOZETICE Czech Republic 43.7 miles S of Prague .

There are some other similarly spelled towns in other countries, but these
look like the ones you want. Why do you mention Austria in your search?

Good luck.

Joe in Georgetown, Texas, USA
Return address is bogus.
to respond directly.


Jan 30, 2005, 11:53:16 AM1/30/05
Thank you Joe. This is very helpful and I didn't know this tool was
available. Looks like the English translation wasn't too far off. I
mention Austria as during this time period Austria-Hungary was under
the rule of a powerful monarchy and evidently military service was

Joe Pessarra

Jan 30, 2005, 3:22:56 PM1/30/05

"Ken" <> wrote in message

The reason I asked about Austria, was that there were some similar towns
(not all 4) in Austria. So you might take a look at them, unless you feel
the area around Prague is the right place. The confluence of all four towns
seemed to indicate they were the right ones.

Good luck on your searches.

Dec 16, 2012, 2:28:23 PM12/16/12
Hvožďany is hoslau
Poběžovice is Ronsperg
They are still there, your info had the old German names from the
Austro-Hungarian days.
My Gr. Grandfather was a Soukup from about 80 or so miles away.
(Grandmother, Kopacek or Kopackova)

I live on the German side of the border, but my ex was czech and
I am quite often in the Czech Rep. Your "Hoslau" is less than
one and a half hours by car for me. The overwhelming negative is
finding info or records once you are there. Its one of the things
that lives on from the Communist era and that is overwhelming
disinterest over things that a beurocrat would find uninteresting.
Where the church records ended up?? couldn't get an answer. Do
land ownership records still exsist?? couldn't get an answer, and
that was with my ex doing the translating. You might get lucky with
someone using google translate. Amazingly it does come out readable.
(just keep it simple). I wouldn't know where to start though, first
you would have to find someone who cares. As you have probably read
somewhere, and that is that Soukup is quite a common name. You could
probably roughly translate to English "seller". It sprang up all over
the place independantly. Apparently there were a fair number of people
with the name that were Jewish (most often Catholic converts) that used
the name. One line of Soukups was quite famous in politics (Jewish if I
remember correctly).

Well, I've have to get some things done, so I'll break off here.
Hope You have something to think about.

Take Care,
Good Luck,
Randolph Edward Rush

Apr 1, 2016, 11:57:12 PM4/1/16
I think you and I may be related on the Sukup side. You may contact me at

Feb 9, 2018, 5:27:35 PM2/9/18
I am the original poster from 12 years ago. I still have the same email

The geography is correct.

Guess I forgot that he was Wenzel VINCENT Sukup (1841-1936) - he married Barbara Dusek on June 30, 1875 (USA) ....and eventually settled in Walnut Grove, Knox County, Neb. Wenzel's father was Georg and he never came to the USA.
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