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A Tribute to Gen. Jozef Haller and the 'Blue Army'

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Jul 31, 2001, 4:07:17 AM7/31/01
I am trying to locate Robert Tarwacki, the author/webmaster of this most
interesting site.
His e-mail addresses do not function.....

Who can help?
In the meantime, and for general viewing, the message I had written for him:

I was pleasantly surprised by your site!
I would like to draw your attention on the following book:
'Blekitna armia: w 80 rocznice utworzenia', by Dariusz Radziwillowicz
The book was published in 1997 on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Defence
(Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowego, departament spoleczno-wychowawczy, oddz.
edukacji obywatelski)
It's ISBN number is 83-86268-69-7
I bought it for 25 zloty's in Lodz, Poland, from the Army Bookshop.
Have a look at for their main source of

My wife's great-grandfather Witold KUS came to Ellis Island in 1913. He was
an active fighter for Polish Independence who had escaped from Russian
emprisonment/banishment. He went to his sister in Cleveland, OH and it would
appear he later went to Cheswick, PA (that's the address he gave in his army
enlistment records, of which I've got a copy). In that period he was an
activist for the Polish K.O.N. organization in Pittsburgh.
He saw action in France and later in the Ukraine, he was decommissioned in
1920. He never became US citizen and returned to Poland after having been
Because he died in a concentration camp during WW II, no records of anything
were kept at home. I managed to establish from letters of his at the State
Archives in Poland, though, that he was in possession of the following
1) Medal Sokolstwa Polonia w Ameryce (za tworzenie Armji Polskiej tamze)
2) Krzyz za udzial w walkach na Ukrainie w Armi Gen. Hallera
3a) French medal for having served on the Western front in Haller's Army
3b) French medal for having served in the Great War under Gen. Haller

In the 1930's he was awarded the Independence Cross with Swords, one of
Poland's highest military decorations, for his activities as an Independence
Fighter before the First World War.

I would appreciate any further information on these decorations, what they
looked like etc. Also I am not quite sure where he actually fought:
is there any way, any where of finding out? Would the French Army Archives
hold anything?

Albert Lammers,

Frank Kurchina

Aug 1, 2001, 2:25:28 AM8/1/01

The following ship manifests provide listings of returning Haller's Army
soldiers to the US in the 1920s.
When viewing, scroll right to the manifest record.

Haller's Army Index

Pittsburgh PA had a large pre-WW I Polish immigrant population.
Cheswick was also in Allegeheny Co PA.

Mar 15, 2017, 6:43:51 PM3/15/17
Hello Albert,

I have just found this post today, 15/III/2017. I had to move my site due to ISP changes. It can now be found at

I can be reached via email at

If I can be of any help, please reach out to me.

Bob Tarwacki
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