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Jul 13, 2012, 6:01:47 PM7/13/12

> Somehow someone has hijacked my aol account and
> sent this ...I have no idea
> how this happened I need guidence because now
> because of this, I am being
> unsubscribed in all my Genealogy message boards.
> I just got off phone with aol and all they
> could do was change my password
> and apologize. I apologize to everyone on the
> this list and hope this
> doesn't happen again.
> writes:

Hello FamSeeker2001

If you have changed your password with AOL, you should be okay to
re-subscribe. Send in one word, subscribe, to your lists. Remember that the
remote subscription computer address is

That would be for this list. Change the
address and substitute your desired list for "Listname" in the above address.

Sorry about what happened. You are not alone. It has happened to many many
people. Be very careful about links. Do not click on links from people you
don't recognize and do not click on links in emails that have no subject line.


Is there another word for synonym?

ETM <>
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