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Funeral Expenses

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Jul 6, 2012, 12:12:51 PM7/6/12

I happened across something that I thought perhaps /might/ be marginally
useful to someone sometime, someplace.

I'm happy to use it as a starting point; you may not be, but if so I don't
actually need to know that. (g) All the pitfalls of using it are hereby

The same funeral home, in the same town, and for the same family charged
these amounts for a funeral in the years specified.
1929: $225
1941: $218
1987: $2301
1996: $7007

(As an aside, all 4 bills were paid in a single cash/check payment.)

Now, if anyone can come up with prices for tombstones in those same years and
post them here, I'd be grateful!


singhals <>

Keith Nuttle

Jul 7, 2012, 3:35:37 PM7/7/12
> Cheryl Singhals <>

I believe it would depend on the stone the family bought.

I can not come up with tombstone prices in those years but

In 1860 40 acres in Milan twp, Allen Co Indiana was purchase for $180

In 1873 a rather large but not elaborate stone of Rutland Marble cost $30
dollars. This was an Inscribed obelisk on a stone base. Interestingly this
the photo on the Mary Pen rose DAR site was originally unknown, but with the
purchase order they were able to identify it and the information now appears
with the picture of the tombstone.

The man that bought the tombstone died about 20 years later and the inventory
of his personal property was $648. His casket cost $45, and the marble
tombstone $120
This was a simple rectangular stone with the name, date, age, and Father
across the top

Keith Nuttle <>
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