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1940 census search tips to remember later

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Apr 21, 2012, 12:17:39 PM4/21/12

I d/l "my" GenWeb county and am indexing it on my own.
I am also helping index "my" state and two others via FamilySearch. Most
of the enumerators I've seen have decent handwriting, so that isn't the

But I gotta tell you, someone was running a contest to see which enumerator
could misspell the most given names. The surnames seem to suffer less and
the place names hardly at all (although there are a few winners there too).

So, for the future, when the search engines are up and running -- you're
going to have to get SERIOUSLY creative or rely on surnames and your
eyeballs. :( Because the indexers can only index what the enumerator
wrote, not what he should have written.


singhals <>
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