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Finding Living Relatives

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May 16, 2012, 3:26:08 PM5/16/12

Obviously I'm aware of discussions on this previously but, now for the
first time I'm faced with a request from a friend to do it.

I'm NOT going to (although I know I could do it easily)

The situation involves an illegitimate birth - parents did not marry nor
did they have any contact after the birth and are both deceased

The baby" from the 50s is still alive but I have not shared that info with
my friend, nor will I do so.

What I'm trying to do is to establish where to spread a trail of breacrumbs
or pick up such a trail.

I know there are organisations that maintain records of those seeking
contact and act as a "cut out" until it is clear that both parties desire

The U.S. States concerned are Michigan and Wyoming. Can anybody suggest
suitable cut out oranisations?

I am painfully aware that there is huge potential for harm so I want to
tread very carefully.

[ As a general policy, Methods doesn't carry threads involving living
persons. I'm approving this post and I will approve replies that deal
specifically with linking organizations in Michigan and Wyoming, but
I'll have to refuse any posts that become more specific with regard to
finding living relations. (That sort of discussion is best done in an
unmoderated group, where no specific person (that being me) has to make
a judgment as to whether a post goes "too far" and might violate a
person's privacy.) -Mod ]

Jeff <>
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