A Plantagenet Descent: FitzWilliam of Woodhall to William Farrar

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Hello All,

An interesting agreement dated 1420 settled the division of
the lands of Isabel (Woodhall) Barley between her grandson William
Bosvile, son of John Bosvile of Ardsley, and her surviving daughter
Margaret (Barley) Drax:

' This agreement made at London in December 1420, in the presence
of James Stranwaise, Serjeant of Law of our Lord King (Henry V).
Between John Bosville, Esquire, and William his elder son for
the one part; and John Drax, Serejeant at Arms of our Lord King,
and Margaret his wife for the other part.
That is, John Drax and Margaret will have without any
liabilities, the Manor of Wodhall, by Wombwell, and also all the
lands, tenements, rents and services in Derfeld, Wombwell,
Hymlingfeld, Wodhall, Smethley, Wykerburgh, and Bylynglay, which
once belonged to Isabell, wife of Thomas de Barlay, and John de
Wodhall, father of Isabell.
Also, John Drax and Margaret will have all the lands,
tenements, rents and services, which the Prior of Monk Bretton
holds of the Manor of Wodhall; excepting for one year, afield in
Derfeld called Giles Place, which, after one year will revert to
John Drax and Margaret, for an annual payment of ten shillings to
John Bosville and his heirs begotten by Mary, sometime his wife.
And, John Bosville and his aforesaid heirs, will have the
Manors of High Melton and Wath, called Thornhall, and all the
lands, tenements, rents and services in High Melton, Wath, Little
Melton, Brampton, Hickleton, Grisbro, High Burton, Gaytford, Selby
and Brayton.
Also, according to the practice, John Bosville and his
aforesaid heirs, will have the roads of the Manor of Newhall, from
a bridge called Aldambrigge in the village of Wombwell, in the
demesne of Wodhall, according to the terms of an old agreement
And also, John Bosville and his aforesaid heirs, will have from
John Drax and Margaret, an annual rent of six pounds from the
lands, tenements, rents and services of the Manor of Wodhall;
excepting the Manor itself and the gardens surrounded by an ancient
wall; to be paid at the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus,
and at Saint John the Baptist, by equal portions. But the aforesaid
rent to cease for all time, if John Bosville or his son William,
should recover or buy certain lands or tenements in Derfeld, called
And, if anything should be written differently, from or against
this Agreement, it will be corrected by the aid of James and
Richard Wynteworth. ' [1]

John de Woodhall, father of the above-named Isabel, was in fact
a male-line descendant of the FitzWilliams of Sprotborough. His
grandfather was Sir Roger fitz Thomas, of Woodhall, younger son of
Sir Thomas fitz William of Sprotborough (d. aft 1252) and his wife
Agnes Bertram [2].

Through this family, there is a previously unidentified descent
from Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Anjou to the emigrant William
Farrar (d. ca. 1637). A detailed pedigree of this descent is given


John *

NOTES (to post):

[1] Settlement Charter of 1420, text provided at

[2] HSP 16:27, pedigree of Bosvyle; HSP 16:123, pedigree
of FitzWilliam. See also D. Richardson, Plantagenet
Ancestry (2004), p 330.


1 Geoffrey 'Plantagenet' of Anjou
Birth: 24 Nov 1113[1]
Death: 7 Sep 1151, Le Mans, Maine[1]
Occ: Count of Anjou 1130-1151
Father: Fulk V of Anjou (ca1090-1143)
Mother: Eremburg of La Fleche (-1126)

Spouse: NN (not married)

Children: Hamelin (-1202)

Other Spouses Matilda of England

1.1 Hamelin de Anjou
Death: 7 May 1202[2]
Burial: Chapter house, Lewes[3]
Occ: Earl of Surrey de jure uxoris

illegitimate son

became Earl of Surrey in connection with his marriage to Isabella,
Countess of Surrey in 1164
supporter of King Henry II (his half-brother) in the rebellion of

attended the coronations of King Richard (incl. 2nd coronation of
1194) and John, 27 May 1199[2]

Spouse: Isabel de Warenne [5]
Death: ca 12 Jul 1203[2]
Father: William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey (ca1119-1147)
Mother: Alice of Ponthieu (-1174)
Marr: abt Apr 1164[2]

Children: William, Earl of Surrey (-1240)
Maud (->1211), m. (1) Henry de Hastings, count of Eu
Isabel, m. (1) Robert de Lascy, (2) Gilbert de L'Aigle
NN, mistress of King John (as John, count of Mortain)

1.1.1 Ela de Warenne

m. lstly Robert de Newburn,
2ndly William FitzWilliam[2]

cf. CP Vol XII/I, under Surrey, identifying the total issue
of the marriage of Hamelin and Isabel (p. 500, note g)[2]

Spouse: William FitzWilliam of Emley and Sprotborough
Birth: bef 1177
Death: aft 9 Feb 1218[2]
Father: William fitz Godric (-<1195)
Mother: Aubrey de Lisours (->1194)

Children: Thomas (->1252) Thomas FitzWilliam
Death: aft 1252[2]
Occ: lord of Emley and Sprotborough

knt., of Sprotborough, West Riding, co. York[7]
had livery of his land in Riton as early as 23 Feb 1223/24
(CP II:162n, sub Bertram)[2]

first known holder of Emley, 1253: had ' a grant of free warren,
market and fair at Emley in 1253 '[2]
also had grant of free warren in Woodhall and Barnborough
[Richardson p. 330[8]]

Spouse: Agnes Bertram
Father: Roger Bertram (ca1194-1241)
Mother: Agnes

Children: Sir William fitz Thomas, of Sprotborough(-<1295)
Denise, m. Robert de Daiville
Sir Roger fitz Thomas (-<1308)
Agnes (-<1303)
Margaret Sir Roger fitz Thomas de Woodhall
Death: bef 1308[9]

knt., of Woodhall[10]

' Sir Roger Fytz Williams of Woodhall Knight. = Mawd doughter of
Sir John Bosvyle of Ardsley Knight.' [HSP 16:27, pedigree of

' Roger Fytz William Knight of Woodhall. = Mawde doughter to John
Bosvyle of Ardesley Knight.' [HSP 16:123, pedigree of Fitz

' Sir Roger fitzThomas ', witness (together with his brother Sir
William) to grant of the manor of Langthwaite for life, dated at
Langthwaite, 2 Ides of Mar 1276:
' Hugh de Langthewait, son and heir of Sir William de Langthewait,
to Sir Robert de Eueringham, then rector of the church of Berkyn.
The manor of Langthwaite with all appurtenances; all his land in
Adwick le Street; all his land and rent in Doncaster between
Chesewold Bridge and the mills bridge; all his land and rent in
Wheatley; ½ mark annual rent in Sprotborough which is owed by Sir
William fitzThomas. For term of life. Annual rent of 19s. 8d., of
which 5s. 4d. to the chief lord of the fee, Peter de Mallo Lacu,
13s. 4d. to the Abbot of St. Mary's, York, 1s. to Sir Stephen le
Waleis, lord of Bourk; and suit of court to the Court of Sir Peter
de Mallo Lacu at Doncaster.
Witnesses: Sir William fitzThomas, Sir John de Romundby, Sir
Roger fitzThomas, Sir Richard de Romundby, kts., Sir William de
Veyley, rector of Owston, Sir Henry de Normanton Henry chaplain of
Adwick le Street, Ralph de Langthewait, Thomas de Scauceby, William
de Newesum, Henry de Rockeleye, Adam de Langthewait, Adam Maldut
and many others. ' - PRO, Sheffield Archives: Cooke of Wheatley
Muniments, CWM/131[12]

' Roger de la Wodehall', d. before 1308, survived by his widow Maud:
' In 1308 Maud widow of Roger de la Wodehall complained
against William Fitzwilliam, his brother, Edmund, and others for
trespass at la Woodhall near Wombwell. '[9]

Spouse: Maud Bosvile
Death: aft 1308

Children: John (->1331) John de Woodhall
Death: aft 19 Mar 1331[12]

of Woodhall in Darfield, co. Yorks.

' John Fytz William of Woodhall maryed = Ales doughter to John
& syster to Sir Pyter Mydelton Knight.' [HSP 16:123, pedigree
of FitzWilliam[11]]

' John Fytz Williams of Woodhall. = Ales doughter to John and
syster to Pyter Mydelton. ' [HSP 16:27, pedigree of Bosvyle[11]]

' John de Wodehall ', witness to grant dated at Aldewark, 19 March
' 1) Thos. Clarell.
2) Agnes his mother.
(1) to (2) for life, ½ manor as above.
Witn.: John de Staynton, Wm. de Estfeld, John de Wodehall,
Rob. Haryngsell, etc.
At Addewyk, Thurs. after St. Gregory Pope.' - A2A,
Nottinghamshire Archives: Foljambe of Osberton: Deeds and Estate
Papers [DD/FJ/2 - DD/FJ/10], DD/FJ/4/32/7[12]

Children: John (->1387) John de Woodhall
Death: aft 3 Feb 1387[12]

of Woodhall in Darfield, co. Yorks.

' John Fytz William of Woodhall maryed = Kateren eldest doughter
& on of the 3 heyres of Robert Haryngell.' [HSP 16:123, pedigree
of Fitz William[11]]

' John Fytz williams alias Woodhall. = Kateren eldest doughter &
on of theyres of Robert Haryngell of Yorkshyre.' [HSP 16:27,
pedigree of Bosvyle[11]]

' John del Wodhall ', witness (together with his cousin John
FitzWilliam) to a Settlement dated 25 Jul 1361
' Thomas, son of Thomas of Metham, to William of Metham of
Cadby, and Margaret, his wife. The manor of Cadby. For their lives,
and after their death to their son, John, with remainder to his
brother, Richard, and a final remainder to the right heirs of
William and Margaret.
Witnesses: John Fitzwilliam, Robert of Staynton, John del
Wodhall, John Frere of Doncaster, William Deyuill of Biyrland,
Edmund of Portyngton, Nicholas Ros Lyn.
Given at Cadby. ' - A2A, Sheffield Archives: Estate Papers of
the Copley Family, Baronets of Sprotborough, CD 88[12]

' John de Wodhall ', witness to grant to his cousin Edmund
FitzWilliam dated 3 Feb. 1387/8:
' 1) John Wyndill of Wynteworth.
2) Edmund Fitzwilliam.
(1) to (2) 3a. abutting on Ketilgref and on Cortheworth
Lidyate, and 1a. on le Falle, in Corteworth.
Witn.: John de Rodes, John de Wodhall, John Potter, sen. and
jun., etc.
At Corteworth, Mon. after Purification of B.V.M., 11 Rich. II.'
- A2A, Nottinghamshire Archives: Foljambe of Osberton: Deeds
and Estate Papers [DD/FJ/1/196 - DD/FJ/1/298], DD/FJ/1/208/9[12]

' John Wodehall ', witness to grant dated 8 Feb. 1388/9:
' 1) Laurence de le Stede.
2) Edmund Fitzwilliam.
(1) to (2) 17 butts towards Corteworth field on south and
Hoberlaugh on north, in Wynteworth.
Witn.: John Wodhalle, Thos. Toursman, Thos. Toy, etc.
Mon. after Purification of B.V.M., 12 Rich. II. Seal. ' -
A2A, Nottinghamshire Archives: Foljambe of Osberton: Deeds and
Estate Papers [DD/FJ/1/196 - DD/FJ/1/298], DD/FJ/1/208/10[12]

his lands included
' the Manor of Wodhall, by Wombwell, and also all the lands,
tenements, rents and services in Derfeld, Wombwell, Hymlingfeld,
Wodhall, Smethley, Wykerburgh, and Bylynglay, which once belonged
to Isabell, wife of Thomas de Barlay, and John de Wodhall, father
of Isabell.' [Settlement of 1420[13]]

Children: Isabel Isabel Woodhall

' Izabell doughter & sole heyr wyff to Thomas Barley of Woodhall.'
[HSP 16:123, pedigree of Fitz William[11]]

' Isabell Fytzwilliam sole doughter & heyre. = Thomas Barley of
Woodsome or of Woodhall.' [HSP 16:27, pedigree of Bosvyle.[11]]

her inheritance included
' the Manor of Wodhall, by Wombwell, and also all the lands,
tenements, rents and services in Derfeld, Wombwell, Hymlingfeld,
Wodhall, Smethley, Wykerburgh, and Bylynglay, which once belonged
to Isabell, wife of Thomas de Barlay, and John de Wodhall, father
of Isabell.' [Settlement of 1420[13]]

Spouse: Thomas Barley

Children: Mary (-<1420)
Margaret Mary Barley
Death: bef Dec 1420[13]

1st wife

' Mary Barley eldest doughter & on of theyre parentum.'
[HSP 16:28, pedigree of Bosvyle[11]]

she d. before December 1420 - her husband and son were parties
in the settlement with John Drax and Margaret, her sister
[Settlement Charter of 1420[13]]

Spouse: John Bosvile
Death: 1441[14]
Father: John Bosvile
Mother: Isabel Dronsfeld

Children: William (ca1401-) William Bosvile
Birth: ca 1401[14]

of Ardsley and New Hall, co. Yorks.

' William Bosvyle of Ardsley son & heyre to John. = Mawde doughter
of John Fytzwilliam. ' [HSP 16:28, pedigree of Bosvyle[11]]

' William Bosvyle of Ardesley.' [HSP 16:124, pedigree of Fitz

' William his elder son ', party with his son John Bosville, Esq.
to settlement with John Drax and Margaret de Woodhall, Dec 1420[13]

heir to his father, aged 40 at his IPM, 20 Hen. VI (1441)
[MacDonald p. 228[14]]

Obligation dated 28 Oct 1444:
' Of William Boswell of Ardsley, to Robert Barnby, for £100.
[Seal: red wax, round, on tongue; an initial.] - A2A, West
Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford: Spencer-Stanhope
Manuscripts [SpSt/5 - SpSt/6], SpSt/5/1/5[12]

cf. MacDonald pp. 35, 228[14]

Spouse: Maud FitzWilliam
Father: Sir John FitzWilliam (1377-1417)
Mother: Eleanor Greene (-<1422)

Children: Sir Thomas (-<1490)
Richard Sir Thomas Bosvile
Death: bef 10 Jun 1490[12]

knt., of Ardsley and New Hall, co. Yorks.

' Thomas Bosvyle of Ardsley son & heyr to William. = Izabel doughter
to John Hastynges of Fenwyke.' [HSP I6:28, pedigree of Bosvyle[11]]

' Thomas Bosvyle of Ardesley.' [HSP 16:154-156, Vis. of Yorkshire:
pedigree of Hastynges[11]]

'Thomas Bosvile, knight', enfeoffed Richard Symmes of Barnesley
and others of his lands in Yorkshire before his death. Record of
grant of dower to his widow, 10 Jun 1490:
' Isabella Bosevile, widow, late wife of Thomas Bosevile,
knight, dec'd., of the first part.
Richard Keresford, Richard Symmes of Barnesley and
John Slakk, feoffees of Thomas Bosevile of all his lands
and tenements in Yorkshire, of the second part.
With the consent of the kinsfolk of John Bosevile, son and heir
of John Bosevile, son and heir of Thomas Bosevile, the feoffees
grant to Isabella, as her dower, 1 messuage in Calthorn, now called
Canonhall, and all lands and other appurtenances, in the tenure of
John Cowden; 2 cottages in Calthorn; a tenement built on the
Cliffhyll, in the tenure of Elizabeth Burnley, widow; annual rent
of 3/10, from a messuage in Ardesley, called Dawrodes als Wodehede.
For life.' - PRO, Sheffield Archives: Spencer Stanhope Muniments
[SpSt/1 - SpSt/172] , Deeds concerning Cannon Hall, SpSt/140/1[12]

cf. Yorks. Deeds II:20-21[15]
MacDonald p. 228[14]

Spouse: Isabel Hastings
Death: aft 10 Jun 1490[12]
Father: John Hastings of Elsing and Gressenhall(<1411-1477)
Mother: Anne Morley (-1471)

Children: Margaret
John (-<1490)
Hugh (->1513)
NN Margaret Bosvile

' Margaret, daughter and coheiress of Thomas Bosvile of Edderthorpe'
[Yorks. Deeds II:20[15]]
Note: she was not a coheiress; also, her father Thomas Bosvile was
lord of Edderthorpe, but was better known as Thomas Bosvile of

cf. Yorks. Deeds II:20-22[15]

Spouse: William Symmes
Death: bef 7 Oct 1483, d.v.p.[15]
Father: Richard Symmes of Barnsley, co. Yorks.(-<1492)

Children: William Symmes, of Barnsley(-<1501)
Joan (-<1501) Alice Symmes

' Alice wife of Gerrard Lacy, esq.', one of the coheirs of William
Symmes, who
'paid 15s. heriot for the Hipperholme property, as his heirs,
William being described as brother of Alice and Isabel, and uncle
of Joan. (Wakefield Court Roll.) ' [Yorks. Deeds II:21[15]]

cf. Holmes pp. 79-80 (called Joan in error, possibly confused with
her sister)[16]

Spouse: Gerard Lacy of Brearley Hall, co. Yorks.
Death: aft 2 Jul 1503[17]
Father: Gilbert Lacy (-<1492)
Mother: Johanna Soothill (->1492)

Children: Hugh (-<1573)
Richard Hugh Lacy[18]
Death: bef 31 Jul 1573[16]
Occ: lord of Midgely and Brearley Hall

Esq., of Brearley Hall, Halifax, co. York. [16]

evidently namesake of his great-uncle Hugh Bosvile, clerk of

mentioned in records of Star Chamber proceedings as 'being Lord and
owner of the Manor of Midgley', 1527 [Sutcliffe, cited by A.

his will dated 20 Sept 1570, proven 31 July 1573 includes provision
for payment
' To Margaret, my daughter, now wife of William Farrer;..' and her
' The rest of the 50 lb. and also Her Majesty's Privie Seale for
the same, with residue of all my goods, to my youngest son, Gilbert
my sole executor. I make William Farrer, of the Ewoods, and John
Deane, of Deanhouse, my son-in-law, Overseers.'[16]

Spouse: Agnes Savile
Father: Nicholas Savile of New Hall in Eland, co. Yorks.(-<1527)
Mother: Margery Wilkinson

Children: Margaret (->1571)
John (-<1585)
Gilbert (->1573) Margaret Lacy[16],[20],[21]
Death: aft 28 Dec 1571[22]

'Margaret, my daughter, now wife of William Farrer', will of Hugh
Lacy [proven 31 July 1573: text in Holmes[16]]

GENEALOGICS #I00387129[23]

identified as 'Margaret, daughter of Hugh Lacy, of Brearley,
co. York' [pedigree of Farrer, of Ingleborough, co. York,
County Families Vol. I - West Riding[18]]

Spouse: William Farrar, of Ewood in Midgley, co. Yorks.
Death: bef 3 Apr 1573[22]
Father: Henry Ferror (-<1549)
Mother: Agnes (->1548)

Children: Henry (-<1610)
John (-<1628)
Agnes John Farrar
Death: bef 26 May 1628[1],[16]

Esquire, of Croxton, co. Lincoln., and St. Mary, Aldermanbury,
2nd son (elder brother died d.s.p.)

inherited lands of Ewood and Midgley from brother Henry on his
death, July 1610[16]

will dated Nov 14, 1627, proven May 28, 1628 [The Pedigree
of Farrar[22], and A. Holmes, p. 51[16], citing PCC 50, the
will of ' John Farrer the elder of London, Esquire, of
Aldermanbury Parish ' ]

cf. Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry, p. 303[8],
Holmes, pp. 49-52[16]

Spouse: Cecily Kelke[25]
Birth: bef 1552[3]
Father: William Kelke, mercer, of London (~1520-<1552)
Mother: Thomasine Skerne (-<1566)
Marr: 25 Aug 1574, St. Sepulchre's without Newgate, London[25]

Children: Henry (->1644)
John (<1581-<1649)
William (<1583-<1637)
Humfrey William Farrar[1]
Birth: bef 28 Apr 1583, Croxton, Lincolnshire[1]
Death: bef 11 Jun 1637[16]
Occ: planter; member, Council for Virginia 1626 -[26]

of Hoddesdon, Bloxborne and Amwell, co. Herts., and 'Farrar's
Island', Henrico Co., Virginia

' William Kelke 1623 ', 3rd son - Visitations of Surrey, 1623
[pedigree of Farrar] [20]

arrived in Virginia on the Neptune with Lord de la Warr, August

married Cecily, before 14 Nov 1627 (date of father's will) and
probably before 1626.[16]

inherited lands in Hoddesdon, Bloxborne and Amwell, co. Herts. per
father's will, dated 14 Nov 1627, proven May 28, 1628[22],[16]

'William Farrar', identified as third son in pedigree of
Farrar, Visitations of Surrey, 1623[20] and Hertfordshire, 1634[21]

Sold English lands in Hertfordshire, September 6, 1631 [16];
returned to Virginia

d. before 11 June 1637:
'Willm. Farrar', "sonn and heire of Willm. Farrar late of Henrico,
decd.", had grant dated 11 June 1637 of '..2000 acres eastly.
upon the Gleab land of Varina, &c. westerly to the bottom
of ---- island.' [Virginia State Land Office, Land Office Patents
No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 437 (Reel 1)][30]

3rd husband of Cecily _____ Jordan.[26]

cf. Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry, p. 303[8],
Holmes, pp. 49-52, 111-125[16]

Spouse: Cecily Reynolds (?)[26]
Birth: ca 1599[26],[16]
Death: aft 1629
Marr: bef Jun 1627[16]

Children: William (~1627->1676)
John (->1684)

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