C.P. Correction: Death date of Sir Ralph de Tony (died 1295)

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Douglas Richardson royalancestry@msn.com

Feb 17, 2005, 12:07:31 AM2/17/05
Dear Newsgroup ~

Complete Peerage 12 Pt. 1 (1953): 773 (sub Tony) includes a good
account of the life of Ralph de Tony VII (born 1255, died 1295).
Regarding his death date and place of death, the following information
is provided:

"Being summoned for service in Gascony, 1294, he was taken prisoner at
Risonces, 31 March 1295, and sent to Paris ... He died, presumably as a
prisoner before 29 July 1295 in France." END OF QUOTE.

The above information suggests that Ralph de Tony died as a prisoner in
Paris, France sometime before 29 July 1295. Recently while searching
through the helpful online National Archives catalogue
(http://www.catalogue.nationalarchives.gov.uk/search.asp), I found an
abstract of a document relating to Ralph de Tony's death and estate.
According to the abstract (a copy of which is presented below), the
executors of Ralph de Tony specifically state in their petition to the
king that Ralph de Tony died 27 May 1295, in Gascony, and that news of
his death reached England the following July 9th.

This statement would seem to be a more reliable source for the death
date and place of death of Ralph de Tony, than the sources used by
Complete Peerage.

For interest's sake, I've provided below a list of the numerous 17th
Century colonial immigrants descended from Ralph de Tony and his wife,

Robert Abell, Dannett Abney, William Asfordby, Christopher Batt, Anne
Baynton, Richard & William Bernard, Essex Beville, William Bladen,
George & Nehemiah Blakiston, Joseph Bolles, Thomas Booth, Elizabeth
Bosvile, Giles, George & Robert Brent, Nathaniel Browne, Obadiah Bruen,
Stephen Bull, Charles Calvert, Edward Carleton, Grace Chetwode, Jeremy
Clarke, Matthew Clarkson, St. Leger Codd, Henry Corbin, Humphrey Davie,
Frances, Jane & Katherine Deighton, Edward Digges, Thomas Dudley,
William Farrar, John Fenwick, John Fisher, Henry Fleete, Katherine
Hamby, Elizabeth & John Harleston, Warham Horsmanden, Anne Humphrey,
Edmund, Edward, Richard, & Matthew Kempe, Mary Launce, Hannah, Samuel &
Sarah Levis, Nathaniel Littleton, Anne Lovelace, Henry, Nicholas and
Jane Lowe, Thomas Lunsford, Simon Lynde, Agnes Mackworth, Elizabeth
Marshall, Anne Mauleverer, Richard More, Joseph & Mary Need, John
Nelson, Philip & Thomas Nelson, Thomas Owsley, John Oxenbridge, Herbert
Pelham, Robert Peyton, Henry & William Randolph, George Reade, William
Rodney, Thomas Rudyard, Katherine Saint Leger, Richard Saltonstall,
William Skepper, Diana & Grey Skipwith, Mary Johanna Somerset, John
Stockman, Samuel & William Torrey, Olive Welby, John West, Amy Willis,
Thomas Wingfield, Hawte Wyatt.

Information on individual descents from Ralph de Tony can be found in
my forthcoming book, Magna Carta Ancestry, scheduled for publication in
June 2005. Please contact me offline if interested in ordering a copy
of the book at the special pre-publication offer.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

Website: www.royalancestry.net

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PRO Document, SC 8/75/3747:
Petitioners: The executors of Ralph de Tony, and Robert de Tony, son of
Ralph de Tony. Date: 1295.
Addressees: King.
Places mentioned: Gascony, [France]; Wales.
Other people mentioned: Ralph de Tony.

Nature of request:

The executors of Ralph de Tony make two requests:

1) Although Ralph died in Gascony on the Friday in Pentecost week last
[27 May], the news of this only reached England at the quinzaine of St
John [9 July]. The escheator immediately entered his lands, and wishes
to levy the money that Ralph's attorneys had paid to his creditors, at
Ralph's command, in the period between his death and the news reaching
England. They request the King's grace, that they might not be charged
for that period.

2) They request the forfeitures, lands and chattels of the Welshmen
from his lands killed in the last war against the King, as the King has
granted to other lords with lands in Wales, in allowance for the
expenses incurred in guarding his lands in Wales.

Robert de Tony, who is in the King's wardship, makes two requests:

1) He asks the King to grant him his lands, which are in the King's
hand by reason of the wardship, paying the valuation and finding
security at the Exchequer, as he has granted part of them to others.

2) He states that his father had leased a manor at farm for three
years, to pay for the King's service in Gascony, and the manor is
seized into the King's hand because of the death of his father. He asks
the King to permit the term to run its course, and that he might not be
charged for it.

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