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Two "Hugh Despensers" found together ?

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Oct 25, 2022, 6:03:29 PM10/25/22
Lets start by establishing that this topic does not refer to the Hugh Despenser "the Elder" and his son Hugh Despenser "the Younger".

Who is the "Hugh Despenser, the clerk"?

[Hugh Dispensarius , clerk , presented by Hugh Dispensarius , guardian of the heir of Henry Mallore, is instituted to a parsonage of 2 marks and a half in the church of Walton - le - Wolds] .

The time frame is 1209-1235, dealing with Walton -le Wolds, a Mallore holding.
Source 1. Rotuli Hugonis de Welles, Episcopi Lincolniensis, A.D. MCCIX-MCCXXXV, Volume: 3 Page # 283
By Catholic Church. Diocese of Lincoln (England). Bishop (1209-1235 : Hugh of Wells), Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop, 1209-1235 (Hugh of Wells)
2. The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society, Volume 6; Volume 41; Volume 64 Page # 283
By Lincoln Record Society

From the records of "Hugh of Wells (died 7 February 1235) who was a medieval Bishop of Lincoln"

Note: This Henry Mallore paid 60 marks to have the land at Walton -le -Wolds of his father Anketil Mallore, as his father had rebelled in 1173. Who the heir of Henry Mallore was , I have not discovered yet.

Previous related material :
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office: Gregory of Stivichall [DR10/1
DR10/467], Warwickshire -Combe alias Smite ref. DR10/192 date: c.1155-67

'Witnesses: Richard abbot of Legr', Thurstan abbot of Gerad' [Garendon],
Robert abbot of Pipwell', Ralph Basset, William de Hasting', William Burdet,
Ernulf de Bosco, Ivo de Harwecurt, Richard Mall' and Ancarill' Mall' his
brother, Ivo de Hallespad', Geoffrey 'dispensario' his brother and many

Ivo de Alspath
Geoffrey dispenser
Richard Mall’ is Richrd Mallore
Ancarill Mall’ is Anketill Mallore [ father of Henry Mallore] .


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