Elizabeth (Harpur) Manley daughter of Henry Harpur Bnt and Barbara Faunt

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Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 2:55:40 PMSep 16

two sisters, daughter of Henry Harpur, apparently married two brothers per this source

Barbara Harpur
m 17 Jun 1646 St Bartholomew the Less (Batch M15108-1 wj)
John Manley, esq, son of Sir John Manley

Elizabeth Harpur
Richard Manley "younger son" of Sir John Manley

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 3:03:02 PMSep 16
In this source we see that one of their sisters Jane, married a Thomas Twyford of London esq


We see here that Richard Manley (m Elizabeth Harpur), writes on 21 Sep 1651, to his *brother-in-law* Nicholas Wilmot (m Dorothy Harpur) that their *sister* (sister-in-law to them each) Twyford (Jane Harpur m Thomas Twyford) died last Sunday

It's a curious example, where here two men who were not in relationship at all, in our modern eyes, yet both brothers-in-law to this woman, sister to each of their wifes, call each other "brother".

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 3:20:48 PMSep 16
Elizabeth (Harpur) Manley outlived her husband Richard and she left a will
Will dated 27 Apr 1670 ((PROB 11/332/551)
written in a crabby hand

But I can make out a few things
"reclict of Richard Manley, late of Lincolns Inn"

she apparently has lands in
"the Cittie of Westminster"
"in Fifield (?) Middlesex"
"in Chigworth Essex"

"after the death of my son Richard Manley without heirs of his body"
"to my nephew Thomas Tafford"

"my brother Nicholas Wilmot"
"Humphrey Tomlinson"
"my sister Barbara Manly"

"Sir John Harpur baronet, Henry Harpur and William Harpur, my brothers"

"Dorothy Wilmot, Isabel Hurt, and Barbara Manley, my sisters"

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 3:25:00 PMSep 16

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 3:40:01 PMSep 16
That Richard Manley was a "younger son"
And John was the "youngest son"


I believe the pedigree is incorrect in calling their father "Sir John" but rather that he must be this "Sir Richard" who was knighted in 1628 and did have son Richard and a "youngest son" John as well


Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 3:49:55 PMSep 16
John Manley who married Barbara Harpur in 1646 was yet living, (as was she) in 1663 when he writes to her


Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:18:54 PMSep 16
We have seen Elizabeth Harpur called the "eldest daughter" of her father
And here we see a source claiming to know that she was born exactly in 1611

That she was born exactly in 1611

This would as well, make her not just the eldest daughter but the eldest child as the heir John /Harpur/ of Calke in Ticknall, co Derby; 2nd Bnt; when he died in 1669 is called "Aet 53"

Dorothy Harpur, another sister in this cluster is called "third daughter" and it was she who married
Nicholas /Wilmot/ of Gray's Inn and of Osmaston -1651-; Knt

They had at least two children and we are lucky that the eldest son and heir
Robert /Wilmot/ of Osmaston, co Derby; MP; Ho

was an MP and therefore has a HOP entry where he learn not only that he was born in 1641 but that he succeeded his father in 1682, so we can go looking for a will of that date

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:22:42 PMSep 16
Many sources cite that Robert Wilmot the MP married Elizabeth Eardley without giving any useful dates
Here we can see their post-nuptial settlement


I will presume for the moment that the Anne widow is the mother of Elizabeth
Elizabeth's father has been given as Edward Eardley esq

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:25:23 PMSep 16
The marriage of Robert Wilmot and Elizabeth Eardley was
30 May 1665
Church Lawton, Cheshire (Batch I04356-6 wj)

I wonder why they waited two years to settle property on them

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:30:40 PMSep 16
(1733) The next is Eardley Hall. That estate has been the Eardleys its beleived from the time of the building the house, and soe tooke its name from the owner. The last of the male as lived at it I beleive his name was Edward. He was a justice of the peace and an esquire. He had two brothers Richard and Ralph. Richard was a tradesman in London. He marryed and had a son named Richard. Mr. Ralph dyed a batchler about 60 years since and [was] buryed at Audley. Edward the justice of peace marryed and had two doughters named Elizabeth and Alice. Elizabeth marryed to Robert the eldest son of Sir Nickolas Willmot of Osmaston near Derby. Note : Mr. Edward Eardley left Eardley Hall to his wife for life. He dyed about 70 years since. She lived to see her eldest doughter marryed and have several children. Robert Willmot Esqr. who marryed her lived att Eardley hall till after the old gent[le]woman dyed, soon after went and lived at Osmaston, and dyed about 10 or 12 years since. Mr. Eardley of London had some property in Eardley demean after the death of old Madam Eardley. Old Madam Willmot and Mr. Willmot bought him out, and left it as reported to his grandson who is baptized Eardley and now a Councel att Law. Old Mr. Wilmot had 6 sons or 7, one of the two. They are al dead onely Robert and Edward who were the eldest. He had one doughter. She is dead. Robert the eldest marryed Ursula the doughter of Sir Samuel Marrow. He has two sons and one doughter liveing by her. He lives att Osmastone. He has given them estates in Audley parish that came by the mother Mrs. Eardley to his eldest son Robert who now enjoys them and lives in or near Derby. Alice the younger doughter of old Esqr. Eardley never marryed. She lived with her sister Willmot at Osmaston and dyed there about 20 years since. She left the bulke of her estate of land and moneys to her brother in law Willmot and his children. It was many thousand pounds value. [Richard Parrott AN ACCOUNTT .. ESTATES IN THE PARISH OF AUDLEY (1733) in SHC 1944 54-5]

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:44:21 PMSep 16
There is an M.I. for Edward Eardley d 28 Jan 1656 "aet suae 53"

His father John is called "Gent" 5J1 and was living 1616
John had married Alice Sutton who was also living 1616

Two popish recusants were returned in 1607, Anne, wife of Edward Sutton of Hall House, and
their daughter Alice Eardley. Alice was returned with her husband John in 1616,
when three other women, all labourers' wives, were also returned. Anne Sutton
was again returned in 1635, along with another woman, and Alice Eardley in 1641

From: 'Leek: Rushton Spencer', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 7:
Leek and the Moorlands (1996), pp. 223-229. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=22920

Alice Sutton, was the elder sister of that Anne Sutton who m
Richard /Eltonhead/ of Eltonhead; Gent 1613

Their parents were

Edward /Sutton/ of Rushton Spencer, co Staf; of Coal Pitt Ford, co Staf 1607; of Hall House 1607; Gent
Anne /Stanley/ bap 31 Dec 1561Ormskirk, co Lanc

Through Anne Stanley, Elizabeth (Eardley) Wilmot descends from Henry 1 (of England)

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:47:46 PMSep 16
This Alice (Sutton) Eardley is not listed in Genealogics, although many of her descendants are present much later
She should be here with her mother


Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 9:52:07 PMSep 16

Nicholas Wilmot and Dorothy (Harpur) and William Harpur and Alice (Coke) convey lands in 1654
I had not previously known that Alice lived that long

Will Johnson

Sep 16, 2021, 10:01:00 PMSep 16
I think that Dorothy Harpur outlived her husband Nicholas Wilmot


Will Johnson

Sep 17, 2021, 11:09:40 AMSep 17
If Elizabeth was the eldest daughter in this cluster, and born in 1611, then her sister Isabel has a birthrange now of 1612-1635. The final year is because it is known that her son by Nicholas /Hurt/ of Castern, co Staf; also called Nicholas /Hurt/ of Castern, co Staf was first son; "aet 14" Apr 1663



This son married Elizabeth /Lowe/ who has been called heiress of her father, but this is not strictly the case

Her parents were John /Lowe/ of Alderwasley, co Derby; esq born 2 May 1616 third son buried 24 Jul 1677 Wirksworth
and his wife Elizabeth /Crofts/ Co-heiress of her father buried 8 Jul 1677 Wirksworth

These parents had several children amongst whom
John /Lowe/ of Alderwasley; esq
eldest son "aged 9" 1662
died 16 Jun 1690 unmarried

Upon HIS death, his sisters became his heirs, and then Elizabeth eventually was the sole heiress of this brother.

Will Johnson

Sep 17, 2021, 11:33:42 AMSep 17
Elizabeth Lowe's maternal grandfather is called "Anthony Crofts of Brampton"
I am not able to identify this family. Anyone?

Will Johnson

Sep 17, 2021, 11:52:50 AMSep 17
A2A has a will for Anthony Croft of Brampton
Will dated 20 May 1656 (PROB 11/255/454)

where he mentions his daughters Elizabeth now the wife of John Lowe
and Grace

John /Lowe/ of Alderwasley; esq
eldest son "aged 9" 1662
so Elizabeth and John Lowe were married 1630/1653 to allow him to be at least 14

Grace and Thomas Browne were married in 1663
Thomas /Browne/ of Hungry Bentley in Alkmonton, co Derby
student at Gray's Inn 1653
d 17 Jul 1708 Longford, co Derby

bur 6 Jul 1690 Longford, co Derby

Will Johnson

Sep 17, 2021, 12:09:54 PMSep 17
Evidently we do know the name of Anthony Croft's wife
At Longford, Derby we have

Eliza Crofts mother-in-law to Mr Thomas Browne of Bentley buried April 19th
under the year 1673

Will Johnson

Sep 17, 2021, 3:36:14 PMSep 17
There is some kind of minor batch called V01790-1
which has a few entries from Swarkstone Derby.
I don't know what kind of batch a V batch is

However we get two snippets out of it.

We had known that Winnifred Harpur, daughter of
John /Harpur/ of Swarkston, co Derby -1605-; Knt -1605-; Sheriff of Derbyshire 1580
Isabella /Pierrepont/

that she married a
John /Browne/ of Stretton


From this odd batch we can see why this marriage was not previously found
He is called Jones Burrowes

Perhaps the batch is very hard to read? Or they are correcting his name
At any rate
26 Jul 1611
Swarkestone, co Derby (Batch V01790-1 wj)

We also get, decades later the date for the marriage of
John /Harpur/ of Calke; 3rd Bnt
b 1642 d 1681
Anne /Willoughby/
b 15 Dec 1652 Hunsdon, co Hert (Batch P012051 wj)

they married
17 Sep 1674
Swarkestone, co Derby (Batch V01790-1 wj)
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