Who was Edith d'Oilly?

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Rosie Bevan

Jun 4, 2003, 10:42:21 PM6/4/03
Since the last post on the d'Oillys, I've had several people ask me who
Edith d'Oilly was. She was sister of Henry I d'Oilly, i.e. she was daughter
of Robert II d'Oilly and Edith f. Forne. It has been said she married
Gilbert Basset, but there is doubt that she was mother of his son and heir,
Thomas Basset, progenitor of the Bassets of Headington. Keats-Rohan in DD
p.620 has Edith as wife of Wigan of Wallingford, alias Wigan nepos Brientii.
Gilbert Basset acquired d'Oilly property - Stratton, Oxon and Letcombe,
Berks. and was holding 7 knights' fees of the honour of Wallingford in 1166.
Whether he was holding this as Edith's maritagium and/or dower, or by a
grant of the king after the honour of Wallingford had escheated owing to the
lack of heirs of Alditha de Wallingford, I don't know.

Thomas Basset was Philippa Basset's grandfather, and had Thomas been son of
Edith, this would have meant she was related to her husband Henry de
Newburgh in the second and third degree of consanguinity via his descent
from Robert II d'Oilly. The marriage would not have been allowed if that
were the case.

The following is the pedigree of the d'Oilly family of Hook Norton based on
a combination of Sanders 54, DD 620-622, William Bayley, The History of the
House of Doyly (London, 1845), and the conclusions set out in my post.

1. Robert I d'Oilly of Oxford Castle d. c1093
+ Aldith/Eadgyth, dau of Wigod, lord of Wallingford
2. Maud d'Oilly
+ Miles Crispin d.1107
3.Maud d.s.p.s.
+ Brian fitz Count d.s.p.s. 1154
1.Nigel d'Oilly d.1112, lord of Hook Norton
+ Agnes
2. Robert II d'Oilly founded Oseney abbey d.c.1150
+ Edith f. Forne d.1152 (mistress of Henry I, mother by him of
Robert fitz Ede)
3. Henry I d'Oilly d.c.1163
+ Maud de Bohun d aft 1200, married secondly Walter fitz
Robert d.1198
4. Henry II d'Oilly, b.c. 1161, in wardship of
Humphrey de Bohun on father's death d.s.p.s.1232
+ (1)Sybil
5. Maud d.Oilly d.s.p.1219
+ Maurice de Gaunt alias de Berkeley
+ (2) Maud d.s.p. 1261
4.Robert d'Oilly
4.Margaret/Margery d'Oilly
+ Waleran, Earl of Warwick d.1203
5.Henry, Earl of Warwick d.1229
+ Philippa Basset d.1265, married
secondly Richard Siward
6. Thomas, Earl of Warwick
+ Ela Longespee d.s.p.1298
married 2nd Sir Philip Basset
6.Margery, Countess of
Warwick d.s.p. 1253
+ John Marshall de jure
Earl of Warwick d.s.p.1242
+ John du Plessis de jure
Earl of Warwick d. 1263
4.Joan d'Oilly
+ Simon fitz Walter, Lord of Daventry
5. Walter fitz Simon, Lord of Daventry,
had issue
3.Gilbert d'Oilly
3.Edith d'Oilly
+(1)Wigan de Wallingford alias Wigan nepos Brienntii
?+ (2)Gilbert Basset of Bicester, Oxon. d.1166 (father of
Thomas Basset of Headington d.1182)
?3.Alice d'Oilly (CP V :116 note (e))
+ Ernulf de Mandeville
4.Ralph de Mandeville had issue
4.Geoffrey de Mandeville had issue
2. Fulk d'Oilly d.1126
3.Fulk d'Oilly
4.Fulk d'Oilly, the crusader d.s.p.l.
2.Nigel d'Oilly
1.Gilbert d'Oilly a quo D'Oyly of Estcote, Eston, Pushull, Eweden,
Greenland, Chislehampton

D'Oilly descendants may be found from the Daventry line. Other lines come
from Gilbert, brother of Robert I and Nigel d'Oilly; possibly cadet Bassets;
and Fulk d'Oilly's illegitimate issue which abounded in Yorkshire. There may
be also Mandeville descendants of Alice d'Oilly.



Cristopher Nash

Jun 5, 2003, 8:53:09 AM6/5/03
Thanks a lot Rosie for this updating of your postings of 2000. May I
ask whether you've had any sightings of a name for another wife for
Gilbert Basset?

I remember our talking about reasons for looking into 'Devolution of
the Honor of Wallingford 1066-1154' in _Oxoniensa_, and the Bassett
Cartulary, but I have to confess to still not having done so! (I've
actually had the latter in my hands since and, forgetting this, blew
it.) Have you yet, by any chance?

All the best,



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