Bastards of Henry I, part 5: mothers

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Stewart Baldwin

Nov 27, 2003, 11:18:19 PM11/27/03
See Part 1 for Introduction and Explanation.


The known mothers of Henry I's bastards are listed as follows. In
most cases, you should refer back to the previous parts listing the
children for the documentation.

NN, evidently a relative of Philip Gai and Nigel son of William.
Mother of:
A. Robert, earl of Gloucester

Ansfrid, widow of Anskill.
Mother of:
B. Richard, d. 1120.
Conjectured by White (without solid evidence) to also be mother of:
H. Fulk.
c. Juliana, m. Eustace de Pacy (de Breteuil).

[Sibyl Corbet?], later married to Herbert Fitz Herbert.
Mother of:
C. Reginald de Dunstanville, earl of Cornwall.
Generally named as Sibyl Corbet, the first name from a lawsuit of her
grandson in the early 13th century, the surname because earl Reginald
referred to an Alice Corbet as his maternal aunt. Thompon 143-5
suggests that Robert Corbet was only Sibyl's stepfather, and that
Sibyl's father was an earlier Reginald de Dunstanville. Although
Thompson's scenario is conjectural, based on circumstantial evidence,
her comments do serve to emphasize that the name of Sibyl Corbet that
has often been assigned to Reginald's mother is based on indirect
Four other children appeared on White's list of her children, but
three of these were probably not children of Henry, and the case for
Sibyl as her daughter is poor:
(5) William (her son, but probably not by Henry).
(7) Gundred (neither her nor Henry's daughter).
(6) Rohese (her daughter, but probably not by Henry).
h. Sibyl, Queen of Scotland (included on White's list of the
children of "Sibyl Corbet" with a "?").

Eda/Edith, later wife of Robert de Oilli (not same as the Edith who
was mother of Matilda, wife of Rotrou). Possibly daughter of Forne
[Dugdale vi, 251].
Mother of:
D. Robert "filius Regis", d. 1172.
Possibly mother of:
j. Adeliza.

Nest ferch Tewdwr, wife of Gerald of Windsor.
Mother of:
G. Henry, d. 1157.

Edith (not same as Edith wife of Robert de Oilli)
Mother of:
a. Matilda, m. Rotrou, count of Perche.

Isabel, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, count of Meulan and earl of
Leicester; m. Gilbert de Clare, earl of Pembroke. [see CP]
Mother of:
g. Isabel [W7, T7].


NN, sister of Wlater de Gand, and a mistress of Henry I according to
unidentified thirteenth century evidence, conjectured (without good
evidence) by Thompson to have been mother of:
E. Gilbert [Thompson 146].

Stewart Baldwin

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