Bastards of Henry I, part 3: daughters

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Stewart Baldwin

Nov 27, 2003, 11:18:13 PM11/27/03
See Part 1 for Introduction and Explanation.

Proven daughters:

a. Matilda, d. on the White Ship, 25 Nov. 1120, m. Rotrou, count of
Perche [W1, T1].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1)]
Her mother was Edith [White 112, citing Pipe Roll 31 Hen. I, p. 155]

b. Matilda, m. Conan III, duke of Brittany [W2, T2].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1)]

c. Juliana, m. Eustace de Pacy (de Breteuil) [W3, T3].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1)]
White 114 states that it is "not unlikely" that her mother was
Ansfrid, but the evidence offered for this is weak.

d. Mabel, m. Guillaume Gouet III [W4, T4].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1), which does not give her name;
Thompson 148 mentions charter evidence giving her name (which was not

e. Constance/Maud, m. Roscelin de Beaumont [W5, T5].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1), which does not give her name;
Chr. RT (Maud); White states that Delisle cites a charter giving her
name as Constance.]

f. Alice/Aline, m. Mathieu de Montmorency [W6, T6].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1), which does not give her name;
Neither White nor Thompson states explicitly which of their cited
sources provides her name.]

g. Isabel [W7, T7].
[GND(RT) viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1), which does not give her name;
White states that charter evidence proves her name to be Isabel]
Her mother was Isabel, sister of Waleran, count of Meulan [GND(RT)
viii, 29 (v. 2, pp. 250-1)], and daughter of Robert de Beaumont, count
of Meulan and earl of Leicester, who m. Gilbert de Clare, earl of

h. Sibyl, m. Alexander I, king of Scotland. [W8, T8]
[Simeon of Durham ii, 265]
White attributes her as a daughter of Sibyl Corbet, but as Thompson
points out, without sufficient evidence.

i. Matilda, abbess of Montvilliers. [W9, T9]
[White 118, citing "Chron. Valassense, ed. Somménhill, p. 20"]
Was confused with Henry's daughter by Isabel de Beaumont [see g.
above, White 118]

j. Adeliza [T13].
[Thompson 150, citing a charter from Eynsham Cartulary, I, no. 64, in
which she appears as "Adeliza filia Reg'".] "Reg'" could be an
abbreviation of either "Regis" ("of the King") or "Reginaldi", and
Thompson points out that no Reginald appears in the charter. As was
pointed out in postings (in the "Bastards of Henry I" thread) of 15
November by John P. Ravilious and Rosie Bevan, the charter in question
involved several Oilli relatives, and the following charter also
involving the Oilli's was witnessed by the king's illegitimate son
Robert (whose mother Eda/Edith married Robert de Oilli) suggesting not
only that Adeliza was in fact the king's daughter, but that Eda/Edith
would make a good candidate for her mother.

Stewart Baldwin

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