Maud Fitz Alan (died c.1326), wife of Philip Burnell, Robert de Brus, and Simon de Criketot

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Douglas Richardson

Nov 16, 2007, 12:41:50 PM11/16/07
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Dear Newsgroup ~

Below is my current account of Maud Fitz Alan, wife successively of
Sir Philip Burnell, Sir Robert de Brus, Earl of Carrick, and Simon de

The account below includes several corrections and additions to
Complete Peerage, Scots Peerage, and, I presume the new Oxford
Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB). I cite all my sources.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

+ + + + + + + + + + +
Maud Fitz Alan (died c.1326), wife of Philip Burnell, Robert de Brus,
and Simon de Criketot.

JOHN OF ENGLAND, King of England, by a mistress, CLEMENCE _____.
JOAN OF ENGLAND, married LLYWELYN AP IORWERTH, Prince of North Wales.
ROGER DE MORTIMER, Knt., of Wigmore, Herefordshire, married MAUD DE
ISABEL DE MORTIMER, married JOHN FITZ ALAN, of Clun and Oswestry,

MAUD FITZ ALAN, married (1st) before 5 June 1283 PHILIP BURNELL, Knt.,
of Holgate, Acton Burnell, Condover, Eudon Burnell (in Chetton), and
Norton (in Condover), Shropshire, East and West Ham (in East Ham) and
Great Holland, Essex, Little Rissington, Gloucestershire, Ham (in
Kingston-upon-Thames) and Hatcham, Surrey, Great Cheverell, Wiltshire,
Kidderminster Burnell, Worcestershire, etc., king's yeoman, son and
heir of Hugh Burnell, Knt., of Wellington and Eudon Burnell,
Shropshire, by his wife, Sibyl. He was born 1 August 1264. She had
the manors of Cound, Frodesley, and Kenley, Shropshire as her
maritagium. They had one son, Edward, Knt. [Lord Burnell], and one
daughter, Maud (wife of John Lovel, 2nd Lord Lovel, and John de
Haudlo, Knt.). He was heir in 1292 to his uncle, Robert Burnell,
Bishop of Bath and Wells, Chancellor of England. SIR PHILIP BURNELL
died 26 June 1294, and was buried in the White Friars church at
Oxford, Oxfordshire. His widow, Maud, married (2nd) by license dated
19 Sept. 1295 (as his 2nd wife) ROBERT DE BRUS, Knt. (died shortly
before 4 April 1304), Earl of Carrick (in Scotland), lord of Annandale
(in Scotland), Lord Brus (in England), of Hatfield Broad Oak and
Writtle, Essex, Governor of Carlisle Castle, son and heir of Robert de
Brus, Knt., lord of Annandale (nicknamed the Competitor), by his 1st
wife, Isabel, daughter of Gilbert de Clare, Knt., Earl of Gloucester
and Hertford, Magna Carta baron. He was born in July 1243. They had
no issue. In Feb. 1296 Robert de Brus, knight, Earl of Carrick, and
Robert de Brus, his son, and three others owed £120 to John de
Abingdon, citizen of London. He accompanied Edward I into Scotland,
and fought at the Battle of Dunbar 28 April 1296. He again swore
fealty to King Edward I at Berwick 28 April 1296. However, on his
claims to the throne being thwarted by Edward, he again retired to
England, where he resided chiefly at Broomshawbury, Essex. In August
1296 Robert de Brus, knight, Earl of Carrick, his son, Robert, and two
others owed a debt of £60 to Nicholas Daleroun, Simon Daleroun, and
Henry Daleroun, citizens and merchants of Winchester. In Oct. 1296 he
and his wife, Maud, were involved in a plea of dower regarding her
English lands. Robert was summoned to attend the King of England at
Salisbury 26 Jan. 1296/7. This marriage ended in divorce sometime
before Easter term 1299, when Maud sued regarding her right of dower
in a messuage in Gunton, Norfolk as "Maud who was the wife of Philip
Burnell," without reference to Robert de Brus as her spouse. In 1302,
as "Maud widow of Philip Burnel," she petitioned the king and council
in England regarding socages and burgages held in various counties by
her late husband, Philip Burnell. She and her son, Edward Burnell,
were sued in Michaelmas term, 6 Edward II (1312-3) by Henry de
Erdington regarding the manor of Wellington, Shropshire. She
presented to the church of Great Cheverell, Wiltshire in 1314 and in
1315. Maud married (3rd) before 19 June 1316 SIMON DE CRIKETOT. In
1296 Simon de Criketot, while with the king's army in Scotland, was
attached to answer Robert de Escores on a plea of trespass, regarding
which plea he had licence to make an agreement, saving to the marshal
his right; they submitted themselves to the arbitration of William
Talemasch and Thomas de Hauville. In Feb. 1320 he had letters
nominating John le Longe his attorney in Ireland for one year. SIMON
DE CRIKETOT was living 7 March 1320. His wife, Maud, was living 19
June 1316, but died shortly before 17 Nov. 1326 (death date of her
nephew, Edmund, Earl of Arundel), as indicated by a petition to the
king and council dated c.1330 submitted by her daughter and son-in-
law, Maud and John de Haudlo).


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plaintiff and Robert de Brus his son and heir defendant as to dower
both in England and Scotland. Robert grants her dower from the
freehold of his father in the valleys of Annan and Moffet as in John
late king of Scotland's time ... She also grants to the said Robert
her dower in the rents of the burghs of Annan and Lochmaben), pg.
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to John de Langetone to his chancellor. Empowers him to appoint some
fit person to receive the attorneys of Robert de Brus Earl of Carrick
and lord of Annandale, and Matill[idis] his`wife, in a plea of dower
whereof the said earl's clerk, the bearer, will acquaint him. Privy
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vide Claud 11 E. 3 m. 7.") (Burnell arms: Argent, a lion rampant sable
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armour: hauberk of mail, short surcoat, grated vizor, sword, and
shield of arms. Horse galloping. Arms: a saltire (with curved
branches), and on a chief a leopard passant, guardant for "Le Comte de
Reverse. A shield of arms: as in the obverse. Legend: SIGILLVM
ROBERTI DE [BRUS COMIT]IS DE CARRIK.). C.P.R. 1292-1301 (1895): 147
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Scotland, 1100-1295 (2005): pg. 232, no. 193 (charter dated 29 May
1298 Robert de Brus senior, Earl of Carrick and lord of Annandale,
releases and quitclaims to John Herolff a half virgate of land in
Writtle, Essex, citing Essex Record Ofice, Charter D/DP T1/1770). PRO
Documents, C 241/18/59 (Debtor: Robert de Brus, knight, Earl of
Carrick, Robert de Brus, his son, William de Roding, knight, William
de Badew, and John de Writtle, called Serich. Creditor: John de
Abingdon, citizen of London. Amount: £120. Before whom: John Breton,
Warden of London; John de Bakewell, Clerk. First term: 16/02/1296.
Last term: 25/03/1296. Writ to: Sheriff of Essex. Sent by: John
Breton, Warden of London; John de Bakewell, Clerk); C 241/31/103
(Debtor: Robert de Brus, knight, Earl of Carrick, Robert de Brus, his
son, John de Sawbridgeworth, poulterer, and John .......; Creditor:
Nicholas Daleroun, Simon Daleroun, and Henry Daleroun, citizens and
merchants of Winchester. Amount: £60. Before whom: John Breton,
Warden of London; .... .. ....... , Clerk {coram nobis}. First term:
08/04/1296. Last term: 08/04/1296. Writ to: Sheriff of Middlesex.
Sent by: John Breton, Warden of London; .... .. ........, Clerk); SC
8/52/2570 (petition dated c.1330 by John de Haudlo and Maud his wife
to the king and council) (see abstract further below); SC 8/313/E63
(petition dated 1302 from Maud, widow of Philip Burnel, to king and
council, requesting remedy as whereas her late husband held socages
and burgages in various counties of which he died seised and although
Burnel ought to have and hold these socages and burgages for the
upbringing of Edward her son, who is under age, these socages and
burgages are retained in the king's hand) (abstract of documents
available online at

Nov 16, 2007, 2:32:13 PM11/16/07
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On Nov 16, 9:41 am, Douglas Richardson <> wrote:

> Below is my current account of Maud Fitz Alan, wife successively of
> Sir Philip Burnell, Sir Robert de Brus, Earl of Carrick, and Simon de
> Criketot.

You had previously given a relationship that you thought served as
basis for the separation from King Robert I. Does this relationship,
with a one generation modification, likewise apply to his father, or
will that have to be rethought in light of the identification of his
father as the groom?


D. Spencer Hines

Nov 16, 2007, 2:33:33 PM11/16/07
Tawdry Taffy...


<> wrote in message


Nov 16, 2007, 4:01:26 PM11/16/07
A few points. I'm not sure the foundation for making Gwladys a
daughter of Joan is secure, I'd like to know upon what this is based.
We know that Llewellyn had a mistress called something like Tanglwy
verch Llywarch by whom he had a number of children. We have, to my
knowledge, no certain information on what years she existed as his

Secondly why are you not calling John FitzAlan (of Clun) the Earl of
Arundel as Leo does. Leo is showing this marriage produced a son and
heir Richard FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel and then John himself died
18 Mar 1271/2, unless you are proposing that Isabella married two
different men both named John FitzAlan of Clun.

Will Johnson

Douglas Richardson

Nov 19, 2007, 6:26:13 PM11/19/07
Dear Newsgroup ~

I don't believe I've ever posted the actual evidence which shows that
Maud Fitz Alan (wife successively of Philip Burnell, Knt., and Robert
de Brus the elder, Earl of Carrick, lord of Annandale) married (3rdly)
Simon de Criketot. The contemporary record which proves this marriage
is found in Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, 4 (1902): 85-

This item (A. 6814) can be found at the following weblinks:,M1,M1

The item is dated Saturday before Midsummer, 9 Edward II [that is, 19
June 1316]. It refers to Simon Criketot and Dame Maud Burnell, "now
wife of the said Simon." Reference is also made to the marriage of
Sir John de Haudlo and Dame Maud Lovel, daughter of the said Dame Maud
Burnell. Dame Maud Lovel mentioned here is known to have been the
child of Sir Philip Burnell, by his wife, Maud Fitz Alan. So there
can be no question as to the identity of Dame Maud Burnell named in
this document.

This, of course, would be an addition to the authoritative Complete
Peerage and Scots Peerage, and also to the all new standard reference
work, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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