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Re: Paladini & Jardella (=Iardella) Family from LUCCA

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Sep 2, 2020, 6:44:07 PM9/2/20
Em domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2000 às 06:00:00 UTC-2, João Simões Lopes Filho escreveu:
> Hi, everyone. I'm arriving now at the list.
> I look for information about PALADINI and JARDELLA (=IARDELLA) families from LUCCA, TOSCANA.
> I was born in Rio de Janeiro, but I descend from an Italian immigrant, DANIEL PALADINI. Daniel was born in Lucca (1-may-1859) and died in Rio de Janeiro (18-dec-1917). His parents was INNOCENZO PALADINI and CLORINDA JARDELLA PALADINI. Daniel's brothers and sisters were CLORINDA, EMILIA, OLYMPIA and UMBERTO. Daniel is my Great-great-grandfather. He came to Brazil in the period 1875-1887 (aproximate).
> Daniel married Amelia Josepha Christ de Schepper (Brazilian, of Belgian father and German mother) and begot 4 children: Humberto Pedro, Paulina Christina Clorinda, Isolina (my GGrandmother) and Alberto.
> My friend Pietro told me his grandfather was born in Lucca and was QUINTO MICHELE ANTONIO GIOVANNI PALADINI (born 1912). Quinto's sister is Olimpia Paladini. I don't know if Pietro and I are relatives. Maybe you can help us.
> I thank you for any information.
> Joao S. Lopes Filho

Hi friends. I was researching the Paladini family because of a photo I saw these days and with a lot of luck I ended up getting here. My parents were born in Lucca and Olimpia Paladini was related and very close to my mother. When I was little I was responsible for taking my mother's letters to the post office and I remember Olimpia's address, Borgo Giannoti, Lucca; at the moment I don't remember the number, maybe 30. I met her when she visited São Carlos, where we lived. Quinto Paladini had a bakery and we received his breads very early; a delight! Maybe we are all kind of related. My mother's name was Giometti Bruna Maria and she married Gragnani Oreste in Lucca. They broke up and he returned to Lucca. Hugs to all. Michelangelo
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