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Palmer Letters and Turner Journal

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Oct 19, 2023, 11:57:14 AM10/19/23
I recently posted two items of genealogical interest for anyone researching the Palmer, Hoskyns, Nash, de Renzi, O’Toole, Thompson, and Turner families of Ireland. Most of them lived in the Dublin, Cork, and Wicklow areas and were members of the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy. The Palmer Letter concern mostly the Palmer, Hoskyns, and O’Toole families. Major James Palmer was the Inspector of Prisons and Lunatic Asylums in Ireland and ran the convict program that sent thousands of Irish men, women, and children to Australia. His letters are of particular interest to anyone studying Irish prisons. The Turner Journal mostly concerns families from Dublin and Wales. Many of the events of genealogical interest found in these sources are not found elsewhere because of the destruction of records during the Irish Civil War.

You can find links to these two sets of transcriptions at

I hope some of you find this information of value.
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