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Belinda Phillips

Apr 10, 2021, 2:37:59 PM4/10/21

I am trying to sort out the history of my great- grandfather, John Driscoll, born 1868, who came to America in 1887, we believe through New York. Our family history has him as either being born in Dublin or Skibbereen, but neither have enough evidence so far to determine the best accuracy. Some records show him as O'Driscoll and others have it as John C. Driscoll, which also confuses the situation. How do you suggest I figure it out? I am new to geneology, so will take any help suggested.

The reason for doing this is because my husband and I would like to visit Ireland and have some "family" areas as destinations. Thanks - BKDP

Leo Isenteze

Apr 10, 2021, 10:18:58 PM4/10/21
For someone born in 1868 you should be able to find him in the Irish
Civil Birth records and the Parish records.

If he came to New York you should be able to find him in the Castle
Garden ship records.

Do you have a death certificate with his parents names? Do you have a
date of birth? Do you have the 1900 Census record showing month and year
of birth?

Did he have any siblings? Have you done a DNA test to find descendants
of his siblings?

I see 3 people named John Driscoll in the Irish Civil Birth records born
in 1868 in Skibbereen. Depending on parents and birth date one of them
might be yours.

Belinda Phillips

Apr 11, 2021, 3:34:50 PM4/11/21
Dear Leo,
Thank you so much for your response.
As of right now, I don’t know his parents names. I do believe he is from the Cork area and maybe Skibbereen (which I would love). I have been searching the Irish Civil Birth and the Parish records but so far, still can’t determine which one might be him, because none match the birth month given.

I think we found him in the Castle Garden ship records coming in 1887, which coincides with some of the family ancestry suggestions. I found his date of birth to be September, we think of 1868, but the only thing we can find of birth in the type of records you mention (so far) is that his parents and he were born in Ireland. No city or parish location is mentioned. I am in the process of getting a DNA check and waiting for the results. I can’t find any evidence of siblings for him yet, but can’t imagine there weren’t any.

Again, I appreciate your response and suggestions and if nothing else, to know that I am doing all the right things and looking in all the right places to find him. I even have been going through all newspapers from any location he is known to have been in the USA and going through the ’newspapers’ of Ireland for around the mid to late 1800s hoping to find something that will be a connection.

Thank you for your email support and at this point the emotional support of how long this will take! Have a blessed 2021!! - Belinda
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