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O'Connell, Blennerhassett

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Jan 24, 2001, 3:58:36 PM1/24/01
No relation of mine in the following article... I thought maybe it might be
relevant to someone else?
Limerick Chronicle, 1813, Vol. XLVII

Notice: Posted on 23 Jan., Tralee, 19 Jan. yesterday, J. O'Connell, Esq. of
Grenagh, went into the Billiard Room in Tralee and accosted Mr. Rich.
Blennerhassett in terms which enduced Mr. Bl. & his friend Thos.
Blennerhassett of Cahering to demand a meeting. Mr. O'Connell referred them
to Mr. Prendergast. Mr. B. fired first and was immediately returned by Mr.
O'C. Neither shot took effect. Mr. B. fired his second. the ball entered Mr.
O'Connell's mouth, knocking out 2 teeth and severely injuring his lower jaw
and lodged in the back of his neck. Mr. B. is the son of Sir Roland
Blennerhassett by & Mr. O'Connell is the brother to Counselor O'Connell.

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