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Miguel Fajardo, Corporal in Vargas' reconquista of the Province of Nuevo Mexico

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kelly graham

Aug 2, 2017, 11:23:08 PM8/2/17

Hello, all!

I am trying to look into the famil-history of my neice and her mother.
Her mother's maiden-name is FAJARDO, and I've traced the Fajardos in New Mexico
back to Vargas's Reconquista of 1692 to 1695, after the Pope's Revolt in `680!

The earliest Fajardo I have found is Miguel Fajardo, a Corporal in Vargas's Army who settled in Santa Cruz de la Canon, a bit north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
However, I cannot find a refence to his placwe of birth!

Does anyone know of any clues as to when and wher the First Fajardo landed is Mexico? From what I have gathered, the first Fajardos in the New World wer in Venezuela.

Thank you for any help offered,

Kelly Paul Graham
Houston, Tecas

Michael Salinas

Aug 28, 2017, 1:21:05 AM8/28/17
Miguel Fajardo

You need to check records in Puerto Rico. The New York Hispanic Genealogy society has lots of research on Fajardo. One of the founders of the group is a Fajardo and he has done extensive research on the family line. There is also a Puerto Rican Genealogy Society.

Keep in mind that it was Hispanola, at the time and ships always went from The Canary Islands to Hispanola (Pr) to Vera Cruz when coming into New Spain.

Plus any military archives would be in Archivio National in Sevilla, Archivo De Indies, General Archives in Mexico.


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