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Re: Gundelshausen near Gondelsheim?

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Ulf Kutzner

Feb 26, 2023, 6:20:05 AM2/26/23
Paul J. Rands schrieb am Sonntag, 15. März 1998 um 09:00:00 UTC+1:

> Re: Gondelsheim (Baden-Wurtemburg) Lutheran Parish Marriage Records 1736.
> I'm looking at some marriage records in Gondelsheim and have found an entry
> in which both families are from Gundelshause(n). That sounds to me like
> another name for Gondelsheim.

Don't think so.

> Can anyone tell me if there is a place near
> Gondelsheim called Gundelshausen?

More or less. The Dornhan Gundelshausen is closest.

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