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Scrivener Mac Coupon Code

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Magdalena Liendo

Dec 7, 2023, 7:25:30 AM12/7/23
So, to use these Scrivener coupons, click the link or button on the code below, and then place the fully CAPITALIZED words in the Scrivener coupon box on the checkout page.

With that in mind, I constantly scour the Internet in search of Scrivener sales and discounts that work, because many of the bulk "coupon" sites have old, outdated coupon codes that work with annoying background popups.

Scrivener Mac Coupon Code
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The above codes are special ones that have just hit the market, however, they have a time limit. So, you better use them asap. However, there are a couple that have lasted for a very long time and you can always count on working incase the above do not.

In the section above, we've provided a list of codes that should help you to get a discount on Scrivener in case you want to buy it. So as to ensure you get that discount, make sure that you follow the below steps:

Well, I hope you've enjoy this complete list of all scrivener discount codes available. As you can see, there are quite a lot out there with some being 30% and others being only 10%. However, regardless of which one you choose, any percent off is always better than no percent.

Also, if you find a Scrivener discount on this page that no longer works, I apologize. I try to update this post monthly, but some codes may be out of date before that. Let me know in the comments below and I'll remove it ASAP.

Bottom Line: For a long time, Scrivener was my go-to writing software, and it is still a good option for most writers. However, I now recommend Atticus instead, since it has better formatting capability and several other features that Scrivener lacks. However, if you still want to see if Scrivener is for you, read on, and check out my coupon to get 20% off!

For the Scrivener Mac version, click here and use Scrivener coupon code WORDSWITHJAM or FREEDOM [Get you complimentary Mac version dashboard shortcuts, document shortcuts, and formatting & editing shortcuts, courtesy of David Lee Martin of Scrivener Unleashed]

At the moment, the Scrivener Unleashed tutorials are available for 50% off. Get the discount by entering coupon code ARYEB50 on the checkout page. For the full Scrivener Unleashed review, click here.

I am generally regarded to be perhaps the only living relative of the great Ebenezer Scrooge, so I am always, perhaps even more often than that, interested in a bargain. As I see it, I can get the Windows 10 version Scrivener for $40 less a 25% coupon. Fair enuf. I also believe I will get a coupon for 33% off Scrivener Unleashed.

I primarily write on my PC (and in word so far) but my husband just got me a laptop to help with writing on the go. I am looking at scrivener as an alternative to purchasing a second license of word. Can I work easily between the two? I do have google drive fwiw. What about if I decide to switch exclusively to scrivener for both pc and laptop? Is there a way to sync my files or do I have to save through the cloud?

No. We will continue to sell the Mac version of Scrivener directly through our website, in the same way we sell our Windows version. The Mac App Store will just be an alternative way for customers to buy Scrivener for those who prefer the ease of managing and installing applications that the App Store brings. Our own store (provided by Paddle) gives us more control over our customer database and involves us paying less commission; it also allows us to provide student discounts and promotional codes (for events such as NaNoWriMo) in ways that the App Store does not, so it wouldn't make sense for us to go Mac App Store-exclusive.

Both the regular and Mac App Store versions of Scrivener are built from exactly the same code base, so every change, bug fix or refinement we make affects both. The website version will be uploaded to our site and made immediately available through Scrivener's automatic updater. The Mac App Store version will be submitted for review only after we have ensured the direct sale version has no major bugs. This, along with Apple's own approval process, which can at times be lengthy, can mean you should expect updates to be delayed anywhere up to a week on the Mac App Store.

The only way to buy from the Mac App Store is by paying full price - if you own 2.x, you cannot get 3 at the discounted price from the App Store because it will not recognise you as a 2.x customer (the App Store currently has no concept of update pricing at all, in fact - we're really hoping that changes in the future). Instead, please email us at sales with a proof of purchase and we will send you a discount coupon that you can use to purchase Scrivener 3 from our store.

No. Unless explicitly told otherwise, coupons only work when purchasing through our regular store. The Mac App Store does not allow developers to generate discount coupons (except for 100 free coupons for beta-testers with every release), so it's not possible for us to distribute Mac App Store discount coupons or freebies.

There we can select, on the top of the white section, through the different operating systems where you can (officially) buy Scrivener: macOS, Windows and iOS. Besides, there is a Scrivener bundle option where you can buy a license for both macOS and Windows with a special discount (17% that can be increased with our Academy coupon).

Now is the time to apply discounts to our licence purchase. There are two ways to do so. Academy students have a 20% discount code that can use here and you can have a 10% one if you follow steps at the bottom of this page.

Once populated, click on the Add coupon button. If coupon is not valid, system will give you an error for you to fix or remove it. If you have a valid coupon, you will be returned to the summary page, where you will find the new discounted price:

Another way to obtain that discount code is to get subscribed into our free newsletter. If you do it, you will receive several different special videos explaining different things of our years of experience using Scrivener.

Oooh, thank you! I haven't bought Scrivener yet (I'm holding out for the coupon code that you usually get if you complete the summer version of Nanowrimo), but everything I've read about it has me convinced that it should definitely be on my shopping list. :)

All Nisus apps are discounted by 25% during WinterFest. That includes Nisus Writer Pro, Nisus Writer Express, and InfoClick. To receive the discount just enter coupon code WINTERFEST2022 during checkout at the Nisus store.

You can save 25% on all Nisus Software apps by entering the coupon code SUMMERFEST2022 at checkout in the Nisus store. Likewise you can save up to 25% on other participating SummerFest apps. Check it out soon, before the savings come to an end.

You can save up to 25% on all WinterFest apps including Scrivener, Bookends, BBEdit, DEVONThink, TinderBox, Hook, and other high quality software. Nisus Writer Pro, Nisus Writer Express, and InfoClick are also on sale. To receive your discount visit the WinterFest web page or enter coupon code WINTERFEST2021 during checkout.

An educational discount is also available for both the direct and Mac App Store versions. For the Mac App Store, standard Apple educational discounts are enabled. To purchase a direct version with an educational discount, contact me and request a coupon.

Literature And Latte allows up to four promo codes on a purchase. During checkout you can apply coupons but may be limited on the number of promo codes accepted on mobile depending on your mobile device. That means you can apply multiple Literature And Latte coupons and discounts on the same order, but there are some restrictions to how you may do so.

Working with the right book design professional can take the pressure off you and make your ebook shine. Professionals are conversant in the latest versions of design programs like Adobe InDesign, and they can code your book so that its ebook formatting smoothly translates onto multiple devices.

Currently watching Blaze/Campfire development with some interest. Campfire Pro is a great organizational tool and works tons better than scrivener when it comes to plot planning and character development. My hope is that they will add a full fledged editor in Blaze when it comes available.

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