File Structures for PAF and GEDCOM

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Jan 4, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/4/96
to (J Dennis Lawrence) wrote:

>Does anyone know how I can obtain the file structures for PAF files and
>GEDCOM files? I want to write a program to extract certain records from
>a PAF database and place them in GEDCOM files?

The GEDCOM standard is available via ftp at

There are files in this directory in WordPerfect and Postscript

The last official revision of GEDCOM was version 4.2, but that is now
several years old. There have been a series of drafts, versions 5.0
to 5.4, circulating over the past couple of years. I heard on the
GEDCOM-L mailing list last week that version 5.5 has just been
released. This version is supposedly very close to becoming the next
official revision. Last I heard, version 5.5 had not shown up on the
FTP site.

Version 5.4 would be fine to give you the basic philosophy and
structure of GEDCOM, but I you suggest you check the FTP site in a few
weeks for version 5.5 as well.

Hope this helps.

Paul Foxworthy
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