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[Extra Quality] C3dx Hsp56 Cmi8738 Pci Sx Audio Driver Free 11

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Valrie Furch

Dec 10, 2023, 12:38:29 AM12/10/23
How to Download and Install C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX Audio Driver for Free
If you are looking for a high-quality sound card that can deliver crystal clear audio and support various sound effects, you might want to consider the C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio device. This sound card is based on the C-Media CMI8738 chipset, which is one of the most popular and widely used audio chips in the market. The C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio device can provide 6-channel surround sound, 3D positional audio, HRTF-based 3D sound enhancement, and hardware acceleration for DirectSound and EAX. It also has a built-in 32-ohm earphone buffer, a digital S/PDIF output, and a game port.

However, to enjoy the full features and performance of this sound card, you need to install the correct driver for it. A driver is a software program that allows your computer to communicate with your hardware devices. Without a proper driver, your sound card may not work properly or at all. Therefore, it is important to download and install the latest and compatible driver for your C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio device.

[Extra quality] c3dx hsp56 cmi8738 pci sx audio driver free 11

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In this article, we will show you how to download and install the C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio driver for free in 11 easy steps. Follow these instructions carefully and you will be able to enjoy high-quality sound on your computer in no time.

Go to the official website of C-Media, the manufacturer of the CMI8738 chipset. You can find it at
On the homepage, click on the "Support" tab at the top menu bar.
On the support page, click on "Driver" under the "Download Center" section.
On the driver page, scroll down until you find the "PCI/PCIe Audio" category. Under this category, look for the "CMI8738-SX" model. This is the driver that is compatible with your C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio device.
Click on the "Download" button next to the "CMI8738-SX" model. This will open a new window with a download link.
Click on the download link and save the file to your computer. The file name should be something like "PCI-8738-090401-8.17.34(XP3264-LO-01).zip". This is a compressed file that contains the driver files.
Once the download is complete, locate the file on your computer and extract it using a program like WinZip or WinRAR. You should see a folder named "PCI-8738-090401-8.17.34(XP3264-LO-01)" with several files inside.
Open the folder and double-click on the file named "setup.exe". This will launch the installation wizard for the driver.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver. You may need to restart your computer after the installation is complete.
After restarting your computer, check if your sound card is working properly. You can test it by playing some music or sound files on your computer.
If everything is working fine, congratulations! You have successfully installed the C3DX HSP56 CMI8738 PCI SX audio driver for free. Enjoy your high-quality sound!


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