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asking 2 prayers (covid-19 & slave children)

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Nov 13, 2020, 10:47:22 PM11/13/20
Please pray for the urgent spreading of the knowledge that Covid-19 is
not a contagious disease, and it is not caused by a virus, but by
chemical and electromagnetic intoxication, which lowers or acidifies the
body’s pH, so causing blood clotting. There is no need for quarantines
nor social distancing. There is no need to stop working, studying,
traveling, gathering, etcetera. Face masks are ineffective and
counterproductive, like everything else, and they are fatal in the long
run. There is no virus that spreads. The virus and the contagion only
exist in the faulty tests. This coronavirus was never isolated and
purified, so as to manufacture from it a test that can detect it, nor a
vaccine. The tests were manufactured by taking ADN and ARN from a
handful of the first victims, a mix of genetic material that all humans,
and other living beings, have. So, the tests get positive randomly. Up
to 90% of positives are false positives. Those tests, face-masks,
disinfectants, quarantines, social distancing rules, vaccines, etcetera,
are Mass Destruction Weapons.

Please pray for the urgent rescue of these 500 children
( from 4
countries (the three big North American countries, United States, Canada
and Mexico, plus Costa Rica), retained as inmates in 7 military bases:
1) ARNG Camp (Connecticut Army National Guard), 2) Guantanamo Bay Naval
Base, Cuba, 3) Camp Callan ,
California, 4) Redstone Arsenal, 5)
Newport Chemical Depot Reuse, Indiana (Newp.Chem), 6) Pueblo Chemical
Depot, Colorado,, and 7) Wilmington
International Airport - KILM - AOPA Airports (ft.KILM), for harvesting
their blood to produce Adrenochrome for CYM Caring corp.
They will be killed soon, when they cease to be useful.

raashi goyal

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