Fw: Find your ancestors here from southern Maryland. They want to honor the descendants.

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Saundra Brown

Jul 15, 2009, 1:09:11 PM7/15/09

Members of the USCT from St. Mary's County, Maryland

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A local group, the .Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions, is t=
rying to find descendents of members of the USCT from St. Mary's County as =
part of an ongoing effort to establish a memorial in those soldiers' honor.=
Organizers are hoping to include descendents of the soldiers in the memori=
al's dedication. =

The group is trying to find the soldiers' relatives "so that we can bring t=
heir families together and have their families recognized," said Janice Wal=
thour, past president of UCAC and co-chair of the memorial committee, on Th=
ursday. =

The UCAC is particularly interested in finding descendants of the Medal of =
Honor winners, Barnes and Harris. "We want to give [their descendants] info=
rmation about how important one of their ancestors was. It's good to know y=
ou had someone who won that kind of honor," Walthour said. =

The UCAC is actively fundraising for and planning for a memorial to honor t=
he United States Colored Troops from St. Mary's County. The plan is for the=
memorial to be established in the new Carver Heights Community Park, with =
a target dedication date of Sept. 29, 2010. =

People who believe they are descendents of one of these soldiers are asked =
to contact Walthour at 301-862-2296, Nathaniel Scroggins at 301-862-9635 or=
Idolia Shubrooks, the other co-chair of the memorial committee, at 301-863=
-2150. =

For more information on the project, visit www.ucaconline.org. =

The following is a list that was compiled by Edwin Beitzell and published i=
n the June 7 and 21, 1978, editions of The Enterprise =

Pvt. Alexander Armstrong =

Pvt. John Armstrong =

Pvt. Geo. H. Bankins =

Pvt. Efsee Barber =

Pvt. Joseph Barbour =

Pvt. John F. Barnes =

Pvt. William H. Barnes =

Pvt. David Bennett =

Pvt. Moses Bennett =

Pvt. Frederick Biscoe =

Pvt. James Biscoe =

Pvt. John Biscoe =

Pvt. Richard Biscoe =

Pvt. Richard Biscoe =

Pvt. Robert (Blakistone) Blackson =

Pvt. John Bond =

Pvt. John Bowman =

Pvt. John A. Brent =

Pvt. Abram Briscoe =

Pvt. Thomas Briscoe =

Pvt. Daniel Brooks =

Pvt. Alfred Brown =

Cpl. Augusta Brown =

Pvt. Franklin Brown =

Pvt. James Brown =

Pvt. James F. Buchanan =

Pvt. George Burroughs =

Pvt. Anthony Butler =

Pvt. Charles Butler =

Pvt. Charles Butler =

Pvt. Frank Butler =

Pvt. George Washington Butler =

Pvt. Ignatius Butler =

Pvt. James Butler =

Cpl. John F. Butler =

Sgt. Peter H. Butler =

Pvt. Thomas Butler =

Pvt. Wm. H. Butler =

Pvt. Alonzo Campbell =

Pvt. Lewis Campbell =

Pvt. Peter Campbell =

Cpl. Vistar Campbell =

Pvt. Wm. A. Campbell =

Pvt. Henry Carberry =

Pvt. George Carter =

Pvt. James Carter =

Pvt. Abram R. Caywood =

Pvt. Charles A. Cecil =

Cpl. Jerry Cecil =

Pvt. Charles H. Chapman =

Pvt. John F. Coates =

Pvt. Wm. H. Coates =

Pvt. Frederick Cole =

Pvt. George R. Cole =

Pvt. John M. Cole =

Pvt. Cyrus Collins =

Pvt. Filbert Collins =

Pvt. John S. Collins =

Pvt. John Cooper =

Pvt. Wm. Henry Cooper =

Pvt. Joseph Crayton =

Pvt. George Curtis =

Pvt. James H. Curtis =

Pvt. Jacob Cutchumber =

Pvt. John L. Dade =

Pvt. Robert A. Dailey =

Pvt. Alowise Dickerson =

Pvt. Dominick Dickerson =

Pvt. Ferdinand Dickerson =

Pvt. John Dickerson =

Pvt. Philip Dock =

Pvt. Alexander Dorsey =

Pvt. Marion Dorsey =

Pvt. William Dorsey =

Pvt. Clement Dyson =

Pvt. James C. Dyson =

Pvt. Wm. K. Dyson =

Pvt. Ignatius Easton =

Pvt. Thomas R. Edgerton =

Pvt. Frederick Eglin =

Pvt. George Henry Eglin =

Sgt. Joseph Eglin =

Pvt. Andrew Fenwick =

Pvt. Frederick Fenwick =

Pvt. Guy Fenwick =

Pvt. Alexander Forrest =

Pvt. Frederick Forrest =

Cpl. William Forrest =

Pvt. Charles H. Fowler =

Pvt. Clement Fowler =

Pvt. Thomas Fowler =

Pvt. Allen Frederick =

Pvt. George W. Frederick =

Pvt. Cornelius Garner =

Pvt. George Robert Garner =

Pvt. John Garner =

Pvt. Joseph A. Garner =

Pvt. John Gordon =

Pvt. Alexander Gough =

Pvt. James Gough =

Pvt. John Henry Gough =

Pvt. Thomas Gough =

Pvt. Wm. H. Gough =

Pvt. Jeremiah Green =

Pvt. Levi Green =

Pvt. John Grinnell =

Pvt. Benjamin Gross =

Pvt. John Gross =

Pvt. John Gross =

Pvt. Robert Gross =

Pvt. William Gross =

Pvt. Albert or Alfred Hall =

Pvt. Charles Hanson =

Pvt. Benjamin Handy =

Pvt. Alfred Harris =

Pvt. Alfred Harris =

Cpt. James H. Harris =

Pvt. Wm. S. Harris =

Pvt. Henry Hawkins =

Pvt. Hillery Hawkins =

Pvt. Joseph Hawkins =

Pvt. Clement Hayden =

Pvt. Nobel Henry Henson =

Cpt. Townley Hill =

Pvt. John Hinson =

Pvt. Edward Jackson =

Pvt. James Jackson =

Pvt. Robert Jenifer =

Pvt. Resin (Geo.) Jennifer =

Pvt. Cesar Johnson =

Pvt. James Johnson =

Pvt. Charles Caleb Jones =

Pvt. Michael Jones =

Pvt. Ambrose Jordan =

Pvt. Hillery Jordan =

Pvt. Joshua Jordan =

Pvt. Wm. A. Jordan =

Pvt. John H. Jupiter =

Pvt. Hillen Key =

Pvt. Sandy Lamsell =

Pvt. Daniel Lee =

Pvt. Edward Lee =

Pvt. Isaac Lee =

Pvt. John Lewis =

Pvt. Royal Livers =

Pvt. Clement Lloyd =

Pvt. Robert Lloyd =

Sgt. Alfred B. Lyles =

Pvt. Henry Mack =

Pvt. Thomas Mack =

Pvt. Cornelius Mason =

Pvt. George Mason =

Pvt. Joseph Mason =

Pvt. Richard Mason =

Pvt. Semon Mason =

Pvt. Thomas Mason =

Pvt. James Matley (Mattingly) =

Pvt. Cornelius Meredy =

Pvt. Neamiah Merritt (Merrick) =

Pvt. Alexander Milburn =

Pvt. Frederick Milburn =

Pvt. John Milburn =

Pvt. John S. Milburn =

Pvt. John Miles =

Pvt. Walter A. Miles =

Pvt. John Millard =

Pvt. Benjamin Mills =

Pvt. George Mills =

Pvt. Richard Mills =

Pvt. Norman Moore =

Pvt. Daniel Morgan =

Pvt. Matthew Morgan =

Pvt. Franklin Neale =

Pvt. George Neale =

Pvt. James Henry Neale =

Pvt. James T. Neale =

Pvt. John R. Neale =

Pvt. John L. Nebbitt =

Pvt. Joseph Pifer =

Pvt. Philip Plater =

Pvt. George W. Reeder =

Cpl. John W. Reeder =

Pvt. Joseph Reeder =

Pvt. George Robinson =

Pvt. John M. Rustin =

Pvt. Mark Sanford =

Pvt. James H. Sewell =

Pvt. Robert Sewell =

Pvt. Washington Slater =

Pvt. Stephen Smallwood =

Pvt. Abraham Smith =

Pvt. John W. Smith =

Pvt. Samuel Smith =

Pvt. John Statesman =

Pvt. Geo. A. Stevens (Stephens) =

Pvt. Felix Steward =

Pvt. Thomas Steward =

Pvt. Wm. A. Steward =

Pvt. John Thomas Stewart =

Pvt. Wm. F. Stewart =

Pvt. Charles Taylor =

Pvt. William Tebbs =

Pvt. Dennis Thomas =

Pvt. Henry Thomas =

Pvt. John H. Thomas =

Pvt. Robert Thomas =

Pvt. Samuel Thomas =

Pvt. Sidney Thomas =

Pvt. William Thomas =

Pvt. George Tilghman =

Pvt. Daniel S. Tolson =

Pvt. James A. Tolson =

Pvt. William Travis =

Pvt. John H. Turner =

Pvt. Major Turner =

Pvt. Geo. W. Washington =

Pvt. Sandy Washington =

Pvt. Robert Waters =

Pvt. John P. Watts =

Pvt. William Watts =

Pvt. John R. Whaling =

Pvt. Romulus K. Whaling =

Pvt. Joseph Alex. Wheeler =

Pvt. James Whitehurst =

Pvt. Geo. W. Williams =

Pvt. George Wilson =

Pvt. John Wilson =

Pvt. Henry Wood =

Pvt. John Woodland =

Pvt. John C. Woodland =

Pvt. Philip Woodland =

Pvt. Wm. H. Woodland =

Sgt. James Walter Yates =

Pvt. Edward Young =

Pvt. Hillery Young =

Pvt. Jack Young =

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