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[GEN-AFRICAN] Welsh Mountain Family Gathering PA

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Anita Wills

Jun 10, 2012, 3:59:07 PM6/10/12

For those with Roots in Southeastern Pennsylvania; We are holding a Family
Gathering on August 4, 2012, for descendants of the Green, Boots, Coleman,
Stewart, Johnson, Martin, Nocho, Watson, Henson, and allied families. The
event will take place at the Welsh Mountain Community Center, 564 Sandmine
Road, New Holland Pennsylvania (Lancaster County PA).

The Welsh Mountain Region of Pennsylvania, was an important part of the
Underground Railroad. It was settled by Indians and Free Blacks, who were
joined by disenfranchised whites. The community was isolated and cut off by
the whites' who resided in the Valley. Although they were isolated several
families had warrants and patents to the land. Henry Green was a
participant in the Christiana Resistance (9/11/1851), in which a white
slave owner was killed, by blacks. Thirty-eight of the blacks from the
community were arrested and tried in Federal court for the murder. All of
the men were eventually acquitted. Many of the men from the Mountains
fought in the Civil War, and received no land or compensation.

Over the years many have left the community and now the land they resided
own, hosts million dollar homes. This is why we, As African Americans must
continue to connect with our communities and keep our history alive. A book
about this community will be on shelves soon, titled, Black Minqua: The
Life and Times of Henry Green.

For more information about the event and the history of the community check
out, the Minqua Site.

Minqua Website <>

Anita Wills
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