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Re: Barack or Baraka?

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Emil Pulsifer

Mar 8, 2010, 3:33:00 PM3/8/10
Perhaps I should clarify my original query. First, note that "Barak
Obama, Sr." is the president's father, not the president; thus the
issue can have no bearing on "birther" theories.

Second, while it's certainly true that a variety of languages are
spoken in nearly every country, and that parents are generally free to
name their children whatever they wish, that doesn't explain why the
non-Muslim parents of Barak Obama, Sr. should give their son an Arabic
name (Barak) instead of a traditional Kenyan name (Baraka) with the
same meaning.

Those contriving an answer should carefully consider the forum. This
is soc.genealogy.african, not alt.loonie.pop-off, or alt.third-rate-
public-school.inferiority-complex, or alt.faulty-inference-engine.
And I would ask the moderator to filter out unprovoked, unwarranted
personal attacks such as those of Dana Turner.


E. Pulsifer

Michael Emery

Mar 8, 2010, 5:03:01 PM3/8/10
Methinks that emotions have tainted this thread to the point of
unintelligibility. The lesson I take away has nothing to do with
Barack Obama, his name, or the Kenyan tradition of naming children. I
have learned that some people continue to distrust each other and
abuse the awesome power of communication.

From hereon this thread ends, and Mr. Obama's name will be withheld
to protect the innocent.

Michael Emery

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