Re: Cultures That Expect Immigrants to Fully Integrate May Breed More Radicalism

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Aug 8, 2017, 7:02:54 PM8/8/17
"My Arse Has Spoken" dumped by the septic shit stirrer neo-Nazi retard,
"Byker" <>:

> ...garbage...blah...hate...moronism...more hate...paranoia...fear-

X-posted neo-Nazi/white supremacist propaganda trash removed as a
generous free service to OZ.

> Things to thank Whites

Definitely the following is not one of those "things':

"We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white men
Abi Wilkinson

"For several years now, I’ve had a dark and fairly unusual hobby. When I’m
alone and bored and the mood strikes me, I’ll open up my laptop and head
for a particularly unsavoury corner of the internet.

No, not the bit you’re thinking of. Somewhere far worse. That loose
network of blogs, forums, subreddits and alternative media publications
colloquially known as the “manosphere”. An online subculture centred
around hatred, anger and resentment of feminism specifically, and women
more broadly. It’s grimly fascinating and now troubling relevant.

In modern parlance, this is part of the phenomenon known as the “alt-
right”. More sympathetic commentators portray it as “a backlash to PC
culture” and critics call it out as neofascism. Over the past year, it
has been strange to see the disturbing internet subculture I’ve followed
for so long enter the mainstream. The executive chairman of one of its
most popular media outlets, Breitbart, has just been appointed Donald
Trump’s chief of strategy, and their UK bureau chief was among the first
Brits to have a meeting with the president-elect. Their figurehead – Milo
Yiannopoulos – toured the country stumping for him during the campaign on
his “Dangerous Faggot” tour. These people are now part of the political

On their forums I’ve read long, furious manifestos claiming that women
are all sluts who “ride the cock carousel” and sleep with a series of
“alpha males” until they reach the end of their sexual prime, at which
point they seek out a “beta cuck” to settle down with for financial
security. I’ve lurked silently on blogs dedicated to “pick-up artistry”
as men argue that uppity, opinionated, feminist women – women like myself
– need to be put in their place through “corrective rape”.

I know about the “men going their own way” movement, which is based
around the idea that men should avoid any sort of romantic or sexual
relationship with women. I’m aware of “traditional marriage” advocates,
who often argue that you should aim to marry a very young woman as she’s
likely to be easier to control. I also learned the difference between an
“incel” who is involuntarily celibate, and a “volcel” who makes a
deliberate choice to avoid sexual activity, and sometimes also
masturbation, often in the belief that ejaculation depletes their
testosterone and saps them of masculine power.

It’s hard to know whether pseudonymous online posters are telling the
truth about their offline identity: the individuals making up the
manosphere seem to skew younger on average, but be drawn from all walks
of life. There are socially awkward, video game-loving teenagers, bitter
divorcees and Ivy League-educated millennials who feel women don’t afford
them the respect and admiration they deserve. There are men who claim to
be highly successful at attracting sexual partners, but hate women all
the same.

One thing I noticed early on is that the community seems to be largely
white. And that’s evident because race comes up, a lot. Sometimes, in the
form of a kind of racial pseudo-science that advocates use to explain the
dynamics of heterosexual relations. The age-old racist argument – that
black men are “taking our women” – is made regularly. Racist slurs are
chucked around casually. There seems to be a significant overlap with
organised white supremacy.
Pick-up artist Roosh V and the online ‘manosphere’

Even taking into account its rising prominence, it would be absurd to
claim that the alt-right is primarily responsible for electing Donald
Trump. More than 60 million people voted for him, the majority of whom
have probably had little or no contact with this strange, angry online
movement. Most were people who also voted Republican in previous

A minority were previous Obama voters, mainly concentrated in lower
income brackets. Just over half of white women went for the guy who was
facing rape charges, and who was caught on camera asserting that he would
“grab them by the pussy” if he felt like it. Turnout was also depressed,
through voter suppression and also because some Democrat voters felt
uninspired by Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

What is true, though, is that some of his most passionate, core
supporters seem to be regulars on the blogs and forums I’m talking about.
It’s no surprise that pretty much every prominent manosphere figure came
out in support of Trump, and Clinton’s gender isn’t the only relevant

Neofascists treat these websites as recruitment grounds. They find
angry, frustrated young men and groom them

Prior to the election, members of the alt-right online community often
warned each other to keep their Trump support secret to avoid being
“stigmatised” by more liberal peers. Now they’re celebrating openly.
They’re gleeful about some of the harshest policies Trump promised: mass
deportations, defunding Planned Parenthood, the wall. They feel like they
have scored a victory against feminism and multiculturalism. They’re glad
that white men are, once again, in control. They were filled with fury at
the thought they had been toppled from their rightful place at the top of
the social hierarchy; this is vindication. The old order has been
defeated, this is their world now.

When we fret about young people leaving western countries and going to
fight with Isis, it’s common to focus on the role of the internet in
their political radicalisation. It’s time we discussed the radicalisation
of angry, young white men in a similar way. The manosphere gave us Elliot
Rodger. He was a regular on the forum “PUAhate” – populated by bitter men
who had tried the techniques advocated by so-called “pick-up artists” to
attract women and failed.

Reading through the posting history of individual aliases, it’s possible
to chart their progress from vague dissatisfaction, and desire for social
status and sexual success, to full-blown adherence to a cohesive ideology
of white supremacy and misogyny. Neofascists treat these websites as
recruitment grounds. They find angry, frustrated young men and groom them
in their own image. Yet there’s no Prevent equivalent to try to stamp
this out.

Much has been written about financial hardship turning afflicted white
communities into breeding grounds for white supremacist politics, but
what about when dissatisfaction has little to do with economic
circumstance? It’s hard to know what can be done to combat this
phenomenon, but surely we have to start by taking the link between online
hatred and resentment of women and the rise of neofascism seriously.

• This article was amended on 15 November 2016. An earlier version said
that two-thirds of white women voted for Donald Trump. The figure was 53%
according to exit polls."

Fuck off from OZ newsgroups Byker, back into your septic sewers sunset!

> ... NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!

...and here is why:

" * How neo-Nazis may be making money from You Tube advertising * "

"Extremists post videos to exploit Google Adsense to share revenues from
advertisers such as Virgin Media, BT and O2."


Bykers's Nazi propaganda is hereby flushed.
Happy Nazi hunting everyone throughout 2017!

Septics always say:
Mein Po riecht, weicher Stuhl, viele Blähungen
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Aug 8, 2017, 11:08:51 PM8/8/17
"My Arse Has Spoken" dumped by "Byker" <>:

> whiter movie theaters

WTF is a "whiter movie theatre".
Whiter than what? Gray???

And anyhow I would much prefer to go to a purple movie theatre.
It would be a lot more exciting!


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Aug 9, 2017, 8:39:01 PM8/9/17
"My Arse Has Spoken" dumped by "Byker" <>:

> "The newsgroup Janitor"
>> "My Arse Has Spoken" dumped by "Byker" <>:
>>> whiter movie theaters
>> WTF is a "whiter movie theatre".
> Would you prefer a blacker movie theater?

Darker tones are absolutely necessary for the proper movie screening

And I've already posted my preferences. Purple it is!
What is wrong with you neo-Nazi retard? Can't you even comprehend simple

*Majority of terrorists who have attacked America are not Muslim, new
study finds Donald Trump's rhetoric and policies have been solely focused
on 'radical Islamic terrorism'*


"Most of the designated terrorist groups in the US are right-wing
extremists, not Muslim, according to a new report.

A joint project by the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, a
nonprofit media centre, and news outlet Reveal from the Center for
Investigative Reporting took a look at the 201 designated terrorism
incidents within the US from 2008 to 2016.

The results: “right-wing extremists were behind nearly twice as many
incidents” as terror acts associated with those identified as “Islamist
domestic terrorism”.

The report identified 63 incidents involving those “motivated by a
theocratic political ideology espoused by such groups as the Islamic
State”. In that time period, this includes the San Bernardino shootings
and Boston Marathon bombings, among others.

Right-wing extremists, often white supremacists, were responsible for 115
incidents within the same period. Events like Robert Dear’s killing of
three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood women's health clinic in
December 2015 for offering abortion services would fall into this

In terms of police action, 76 per cent of the Islamist incidents were
thwarted versus just 35 per cent of the right-wing extremist incidents.

Sting operations were used in nearly half of the Islamist-related
incidents, a rate four times higher than police operations on right and
left-wing extremist acts.

More people died in the Islamist incidents, a total of 90 due to mass
shootings like the one in Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.

However, around 33 per cent of right-wing extremist incidents involved
deaths versus 13 per cent of Islamist terror acts. They also caused 79

Regarding violent extremism on the left of the political spectrum,
between 2008 and 2016 there were 19 incidents and seven deaths. The
recent shooting on Republican Congressman playing baseball in Alexandria,
Virginia falls under this category.

The evidence appears to belie Donald Trump’s rhetoric, however.

The report said that Mr Trump’s “fixation” on “radical Islamic terrorism”
is “irrational”."


The above article has one major flaw.
Islamic terrorism is just another aspect of rightwing terrorism.
Therefore the actual total numbers counting terror attacks from the
extreme right are much higher than indicated.
High time to expunge all of that rightard bastard extremist trash from
all civilised countries.
Consider yourself Byker to be a prime target!
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