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Big stuff by a man from Venus, Alfred Lambremont Webre and his clone?

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May 17, 2011, 1:13:44 AM5/17/11

It's unconfirmed that he's from Venus and he's not allowed to ot
reveal it if he is. I'm a big mouth that gets him into trouble. It's
well worth the hour and very informative and everything is true that
might be the difficult thing for newbs to accept.

Thanks Alfred! Every issue he talks about are wonders I had he pulled
from me by telepathy.

If you compare a photo of Alfred to Leonard Nimoy do you get the same
vibe? I say they're both from Venus and if they are they are vulcans.
No vulcans don't have pointed ears that's part of the 50/50 lie truth
combo required in sci-fi.

I am bothered by the claim of earth being a prison planet, a schooling
in the form of a punishment?

I don't like it all Alpha Centaurians are banned from earth now!!

Disclosure now!!!

Are we a science project of another alien race? This was mentioned
that we are "property" of others.

Who? I want to start bombing their planet immediately!, hehe, I'd be
the best starship captain I fight with everyone that doesn't agree to
subjugation as me as chief. I'm the most benevolent loving chief they
wouldn't refuse.

Bob Lazar has some fessing up to do.

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