Osama Bin Laden is a Fraud!

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Jan 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/31/99
Brothers and sisters. I would to like to let you know now that Osama Bin
Laden is a fraud, a creation of crooked media! This post is directed
ESPECIALLY at muslims, and arabs. You are the target here. Osama Bin Laden is
not from Afganistan! As a matter of fact, he's not even arabic! Not only
that, he's not even a Muslim! and to top it off, the man who's picture is
plastered all over the media is not even named "Osama Bin Laden"! This is a
hoax! Hear me out, then you'll understand where I'm coming from.....

First I want you all to think back to the times of the cold war. From the
1950's all the way to the late 1980's, the media hyped up a possible showdown
between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Everyone was in fear of the
communists. This was a hoax. After the U.S.S.R. crumbled, we were able, by
the way of documentaries, to get a chance to see what the Soviet military was
like throughout that whole period. It is clear now, that had war broken out
between the two super powers, the U.S. would have anihilated the U.S.S.R. So
if the Soviets weren't so tough, why did the media hype up the war so much?
It's because the media is in the pocket of CROOKED members of the Industrial
Military Complex. If everyone was afraid of the Soviets, the government could
justify a MASSIVE military budget.

Okay, the Soviet Union has crumbled, but the Military budget CONTINUES TO
GROW! There was an article in New York magazine about this titled "The Real
Presidential Scandal". It mentioned how that the media was all over the
Monica Lewinsky debacle (jokingly labled "tale-gate"), while other issues
were never mentioned. President Clinton recently passed a bill that will
raise the military budget 1.8 billion dollars every year for the next 6
years! Why do we need to raise the military budget when we have no
enemies?!?!?!? How come the majority of the mainstream media never mentioned
this? How come it missed that, but keeps giving us news on our "enemy" Iraq?
Iraq is not a threat to us! Iraq is a third world country we already defeated
in a war that barely lasted a week.

Communism is dead, but we have a new enemy: Arabs! Muslims! The media is
whipping up an INCREDIBLE amount of anti-arab, and anti-muslim sentiment.
Just pick up a New York times, there'll be several stories about some arab
who commited a crime in some third world country. People are dying all over
the world, but all we hear about is the arabs? Why the arabs? The nation of
Burma is under MARTIAL LAW and is on the brink of civil war, but the media
never mentions this. Arabs and muslims are on the news all the time though!
This is to justify a HUGE military budget. This is done so that when people
ask "Why are you giving more money to the military, and less to our schools?"
the government can reply, "we need to spen $30 trillion a year on military.
We have to kill these arabs before they kill us!"

Now before I close this, let me make my point about Osama Bin Laden. This is
a big hoax. First off, I demand, beg, and recomend people by the latest issue
of Esquire magazine (it has Pamela Anderson on the cover) Inside is an
article on Osama Bin Laden. Look closely at the picture on the opening page
of the article. It's a huge black and white picture of Osama Bin Laden. The
picture had been air brushed, or at least certain parts have. The turban is a
photograph, but if you look at his beard, it's been painted with an airbrush,
and so has his lips, nose, and eyes. Why? Why do they need to edit Osama Bin
Laden's face? If you look closely at the picture, you can see that his face
was painted.... if you look at his forehead, you can see the border where his
face is painted, and where the photo begins.... buy that magazine, and see
for yourself. Finally, who is Osama Bin Laden? Or should I ask, who is this
guy the media is passing off as him if he's not real. The man is not Afgani,
or arabic, or even a muslim. He's a man from Puerto Rico, who tried to start
some Hindu/buddhist cult type thing. The guy pulls all kinds of scams. He's
Puerto Rican. He makes his money as an actor, and HAS apeared on TV before! I
don't know his real name, but he's apeared on TV under several names, such as
"The devine one" and more recently "Osama Bin Laden". Think about it, before
the bombings of U.S. Embasies in Africa, nobody heard of him, but the CIA
said they had their eye on this Afgani millionaire for over 20 years. They've
known about him for 20 years, yet nobody mentioned him?!?!? Even muslims,
arabs, and afganis have never heard of him prior to the U.S. Embasy bombings!
How could such a major player be unseen for 20 years? The media CLAIMS he is
now connected to the World Trade Center bombing, the U.S. embassy bombings,
terrorist action in Somalia, Albania, and even a plot ot kill President
Clinton durring his trip to the philipines..... but somehow, nobody ever
heard of him.

The media claims he has been recruiting muslims for his own personally funded
jihad for over 20 years now, yet no muslim or arab had head of him prior to
the U.S. embassy bombings. In fact, if he's been recruiting for so long, how
come the only information muslims and arabs have on him comes from the media
only? Shouldn't they have heard about him from another brother?

Finally, the exclamation point on my rantings. I made a statement that the
man known as "Osama Bin Laden" is actually not an Afgani, but a puerto rican
man who is an actor, and also pulled some religious stuff in the past....
well, almost 9 years ago, Osama Bin Laden apeard on TV. Thats right, on
american TV. In a children's special no less. In fact it was aired on PBS
(National network TV mind you)!!!! He never mentioned anything about Islam,
nor being an arab. What show was this? It was a SESAME STREET SPECIAL! It was
a show separate from the regular television show. It went something along the
lines of Ernie getting lost, and bert doing detective work to find him.
Sounds absurd right? Well Osama Bin Laden was on this sesame street special
(which I think was titled something like "Sesame Street Caper" Earnie's
missing"). I know you may not believe me, but I have PROOF!

Call up PBS, try to get a tape of the episode. I'm not sure when it aired, or
the exact title...... anyway, here's my proof.... look at this photo a friend
sent me....
http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Stadium/5142/pictures/bertosama.jpg It's a
picture of Osama on the set with Bert! What the hell are muppets doing in the
same room with Osama Bin Laden?!?!? Was Jim Henson a terrorist too? Well Bin
Laden wasn't called "Osama Bin Laden" he was called "The Devine one" and
supposedly had psychic powers.... he muttered some hindu/buddhist mantra, and
helped bert find ernie (sounds strange for a fundamentalist muslim fanatic to
do). Unfortunately DejaNews does not allow us to post pictures, so I can only
give you the URL.... here it is again

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Jan 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/31/99

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If what you say is true, the "imposter" is playing a dangerous game - he could
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