Russian Mafia - Organized Crime - KGB - CIA - BoNY & S&L Looting Scheme Scandals - Potter - Brewton

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Stefan Lemieszewski

Feb 27, 2002, 2:17:34 PM2/27/02
Russian Mafia - Organized Crime - KGB - CIA - BoNY &
S&L Looting Scheme Scandals - Potter

For further comparisons between looting schemes
involving organized crime (including the white collar
variety), banks, and intelligence agencies in countries
such as Ukraine & Russia with Western countries
such as the USA, see the article below by Prof.
Gary W. Potter (Criminal Justice and Police Studies,
Eastern Kentucky University). The looting of xUSSR
has been estimated at $500 billion in capital leaving
for the West/Caribbean. That is in the same order of
magnitude for the cost of the Savings & Loans looting
scheme in USA in the 1980s. Both involve organized
crime connected to banks connected to intelligence
agencies (KGB/FSB; CIA) connected to politicians
(of all political stripes). One interface/overlap between
the two countries was the well-known case of the
Russian Mafia's money laundering by mafa oligarchs
through Bank of New York (and the Bank of New York
-Inter Maritime Bank in Switzerland). Less known are
the banks involved in the S&L scandal in USA, for
which Potter gives some examples below.

For additional information about people such as Walter
M. Mischer, Sr., Herman K. Beebe and the Bush family
members, see the book by Pete Brewton titled, "The
Mafia, CIA & George Bush: The Untold Story of
America's Greatest Financial Debacle -- Corruption,
greed and abuse of power in the nation's highest
It makes Enron look like looting a piggy bank.
"Pete Brewton is an award-winning journalist with
15 years reporting experience at the Houston Chronicle,
Houston Post,
and The Economist. His news-breaking
stories on the S&L scandal were featured on Donahue
and in a Bill Moyers Special on the "Best Censored
Stories of 1990." In addition, he has taught courses in
investigative reporting at the Universiy of Houston."
A list of the "Cast of Characters" from Brewton's book
is shown below. Some of the names may be familiar from
earlier postings. For example, at the time of his posting as
American Ambassador to Russia, Robert Strauss was the
attorney and a board member for Dwayne Andreas' Archer
Daniels Midland grain cartel. Later the "Prince of Thieves"
became the chair of the American Russian Business Council ] which invites the mafia
oligarchs from xUSSR as guest speakers as a business

Stefan Lemieszewski


Organized Crime, The CIA and the Savings and
Loan Scandal
Gary W. Potter, Professor, Criminal Justice and
Police Studies, Eastern Kentucky University

The savings and loan scandal of the 1980s has been depicted
in a myriad of ways. To some, it is "the greatest ... scandal in
American history" (Thomas, 1991: 30). To others it is the single
greatest case of fraud in the history of crime (Seattle Times,
June 11, 1991). Some analysts see it as the natural result of
the ethos of greed promulgated by the Reagan administration
(Simon and Eitzen, 1993: 50). All of these depictions of the
S & L scandal contain elements of truth. But to a large degree,
the savings and loan scandal was simply business as usual.
What was unusual about it was not that it happened, or who
was involved, but that it was so blatant and coarse a criminal
act that exposure became inevitable. But with its exposure,
three basic but usually ignored "truths" about organized crime
were once again demonstrated with startlingly clarity:

(1) There is precious little difference between those people
who society designates as respectable and law abiding and
those people society castigates as hoodlums and thugs.

(2) The world of corporate finance and corporate capital is
as criminogenic and probably more criminogenic than any
poverty-wracked slum neighborhood.

(3) The distinctions drawn between business, politics, and
organized crime are at best artificial and in reality irrelevant.
Rather than being dysfunctions, corporate crime, white-collar
crime, organized crime, and political corruption are mainstays
of American political-economic life.
[ . . . ]
Palmer National Bank: The Washington, D.C.-based Palmer
National Bank was founded in 1983 on the basis of a $2.8 million
loan from Herman K. Beebe to Harvey D. McLean, Jr. McLean
was a Shreveport Louisiana businessman who owned Paris
(Texas) Savings and Loan. Herman Beebe played a key role in
the savings and loan scandal. Houston Post reporter Pete Brewton
linked Beebe to a dozen failed S & L's, and Stephen Pizzo, Mary
Fricker, and Paul Muolo, in their investigation of the S & L fiasco,
called Beebe's banks "potentially the most powerful and corrupt
banking network ever seen in the U.S." Altogether, Herman Beebe
controlled, directly or indirectly, at least 55 banks and 29 S & L's
in eight states. What is particularly interesting about Beebe's
participation in these banks and savings and loans is his unique
background. Herman Beebe had served nine months in federal
prison for bank fraud and had impeccable credentials as a
financier for New Orleans-based organized crime figures,
including Vincent and Carlos Marcello (Bainerman, 1992:
277-278; Brewton, 1993: 170- 179).

[ . . .]


Cast of Characters from Pete Brewton's
book, "The Mafia, CIA & George Bush"

 william michael "mike" adkinson
, con man and good old
boy from the Florida panhandle; built houses in Houston and
sold arms with some Kuwaitis to Iraq; borrowed close to $200
million from a half-dozen dirty S&Ls; convicted for fraud in a
$200 million S&L land deal in Florida and sentenced to 11
years in prison; associate of Robert Corson.

robert o. anderson, former chairman of Atlantic Richfield;
landowner with Walter Mischer; borrowed from Hill Financial
Savings with Richard Rossmiller.

george aubin, Kappa Sigma frat rat who named most of
his companies after his fraternity; took E. F. Hutton for
$48 million and several Texas S&Ls for more; always just
hanging around Louisiana mobster Herman K. Beebe; one
place he never hung around was the inside of a jail, despite
vow by several FBI agents to put him there.

farhad azima, Iranian native close to Pahlavi family; Kansas
City airline owner; board member and stockholder of Kansas
City bank controlled by the mob; CIA asset protected by CIA
from criminal prosecution.

james a. baker iii, White House Chief of Staff, former
Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State; former
partner at Andrews & Kurth, which investigated Raymond
Hill and Mainland Savings and then did nothing; longtime
good friend of Raymond Hill.

john ballis, Beaumont dentist who moved to Houston
and married a rich man's daughter; developer; associate
of John Riddle; pleaded guilty to savings-and-loan fraud
and turned state's evidence against Roy Dailey.

ben barnes, former Texas lieutenant governor; business
associate of Herman K. Beebe, Walter Mischer and John

jim bath, Houston airplane company owner; CIA asset;
front man for rich Saudis; associated with Reza Pahlavi,
the Shah's son, and business partner with Lan Bentsen,
the senator's son, and George W. Bush, the President's
son; borrowed from Lamar Savings and Mainland Savings.

charles bazarian, Oklahoma con man, convicted felon
and associate of numerous S&L crooks and mobsters,
including Morris Shenker, Mario Renda and Don Dixon.

herman k. beebe, sr., Louisiana financier, convicted felon
and Mafia associate; many connections to the intelligence
community; godfather of the dirty Texas S&Ls; did nine
months in Club Fed.

jake belin, former head of the largest private landowner
in Florida, St. Joe Paper Co., which is owned by the A. I.
DuPont Trust; protege of Ed Ball, right-wing fanatic and
most powerful man Florida has ever known; Belin liked
doing business with fellow Florida redneck Mike Adkinson;
he also liked the $80 million St. Joe got from Hill Financial

lloyd bentsen, senior Democratic senator from Texas;
an owner of three Texas S8cLs that later ended up in the
hands of CIA or Mafia associates; close to Walter Mischer.

fernando birbragher, convicted drug-money launderer
at Mar-vin Warner's Great American Bank; got probation
amid rumors of connections to a higher authority (CIA);
helped Jack De Voe launder his drug money; now building
hush kits for DC-8s; bought Farhad Azima's interest in two
DC-8s in Spain; business partner with Miguel Acosta, a
 former associate of Ron Martin.

william blakemore, Midland oilman and fierce Contra
supporter; head of Gulf 8c Caribbean Foundation, set up
to lobby Congress for aid to Contras; good friend of George
Bush; his Iron Mountain ranch the site of paramilitary
training and alleged transshipment of weapons.

robert bobb and douglas crocker, Chicago
businessmen who worked for Gouletas family; bought
Bellamah Associates from Gouletases; had business
dealings with Robert Corson, Larry Mizel's MDC Corp.,
Silverado Savings and Key Savings.

richard brenneke, renegade intelligence operative
and gun dealer; told press about Iran-Contra deals
and S&L deals; worked for CIA, Israeli intelligence,
Customs and others; acquitted of perjury charges for
claiming to work for the CIA; laundered Mafia and
CIA money with Robert Corson.

norman brownstein, Denver attorney; "Mr. Fix-it";
worked with Kenneth Good, Bill Walters, Larry Mizel,
Marvin Davis, Michael Milken, Burton Kanter, Neil
Bush and the Gouletas family; good friend of Senator
Ted Kennedy, who called him this country's one
hundred and first senator.

george bush, President of the United States.

john ellis "jeb" bush, the President's son; Contra
supporter; business associate of Camilo Padreda,
who escaped S&L conviction (with Guillermo
Hernandez-Cartaya) with possible help from the

neil bush, the President's son; director of Silverado
Savings; partner with Bill Walters and Ken Good;
friend of Walt Mischer, Jr.

leonard capaldi, reputed Detroit Mafia associate;
borrower at Mainland Savings and Hill Financial

eulalio francisco "frank" castro, Cuban exile and
Bay of Pigs veteran; CIA operative who helped train and
supply Contras; part of drug-smuggling ring that bought
Sunshine State Bank.

jack chapman, Omaha lawyer and former CIA operative;
represented Mario Renda; took half a million in cash from
CIA-connected Haitian, Clemard Joseph Charles, for
Renda to bribe union officials.

clemard joseph charles, Haitian exile who laundered
money for Mario Renda to bribe union officials; CIA asset;
mob money launderer; associate of Miami lawyer who
represented Lawrence Freeman.

robert clarke, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency;
lawyer with Houston firm Bracewell and Patterson; involved
with Walter Mischer and Mischer's Allied Bank; associated
with Louisiana bank connected to Herman K. Beebe;
helped charter West Belt National Bank, where Mike
Adkinson and E. Trine Starnes, Jr., were stockholders.

john connally, former Texas governor; Charles Keating
worked on his 1980 Republican presidential race; he and
his partner, Ben Barnes, borrowed tens of millions of
dollars from dirty S&Ls.

ray corona, former head of "Mafia" bankSunshine
State Bank in Miami, which he fronted for drug smugglers;
convicted felon; borrower from Peoples Savings in Llano,
Texas; associate of mobsters and CIA operatives,
including Leonard Pelullo, Frank Castro, Guillermo
Hernandez-Cartaya and Steve Samos.

robert l. corson, Houston good old boy and developer
who owned Vision Bane Savings in Kingsville; Walter
Mischer's former son-in-law; CIA mule; indicted along
with Mike Adkinson for $200 million S&L land deal in

roy dailey, Robert Corson's first cousin; former business
associate of Walter Mischer; convicted for fraud at First
Savings of East Texas, which he owned with money
borrowed from Herman K. Beebe.

marvin davis, Denver and Beverly Hills oil billionaire;
neighbor of Norman Brownstein; did business with John
Dick; his daughter was in the cookie business with Neil
Bush's wife, Sharon.

jack de voe, convicted cocaine trafficker and
CIA-connected arms smuggler; used Lawrence Freeman
to launder money, which went to same trust in Isle of
Jersey that was used by Robert Corson and Mike
Adkinson; involved in drug-smuggling and
money-laundering operation that included Fernando
Birbragher and Marvin Warner's Great American Bank.

john dick, who lives on a manor on the Isle of Jersey;
Denver attorney by way of Russia and Canada; business
partner with Silverado borrower Bill Walters; associate
of Marvin Davis and Robert O. Anderson; borrowed
from Hill Financial Savings; involved in Isle of Jersey
trust company that was laundering drug money for Jack
DeVoe and Lawrence Freeman and S&L money for
Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson; sells wheat to the
Russians; uses Youth for Christ as cover.

don dixon, former head of Vernon Savings, which he
bought with a little help from his friend Herman K.
Beebe; associate of John Riddle.

lawrence freeman, disbarred Miami attorney and
convicted money launderer for cocaine smuggler Jack
DeVoe; set up $200 million S&L land deal for Jake Belin
and Mike Adkinson; former law partner of CIA super-
operative Paul Helliwell and alleged money launderer
for Mafia boss Santo Trafficante.

billie jean garman, Robert Corson's mother and
business partner; indicted along with her son in $200
million S&L land deal in Florida; first person publicly
banned by feds from S&Ls.

thomas gaubert, big Democratic fundraiser from Dallas;
former head of Independent American Savings; owned
a piece of Sandia Federal Savings in Albuquerque; head
of Telecom.

kenneth good, developer in Texas, Colorado and Florida;
borrower at Silverado Savings and Jarrett Wood's Western
Savings; helped set up Neil Bush in business.

gouleatas family--nicholas, evangeline gouletas-carey
and  victor goulet
condo developers from Chicago; have
alleged organized crime ties; owned Imperial Savings in
San Diego; sold Bellamah Associates to Robert Bobb and
Douglas Crocker.

joseph grosz, Chicago mob associate; worked for
Gouletas family; ran Southmark's San Jacinto Savings;
director of Thomas Gaubert's Telecom.

marvin haass, San Antonio contractor; co-owner of
Peoples Savings in Llano, Texas; associate of Morris

james hague, former owner of Liberty Federal Savings,
Leesville, Louisiana, which lent to Morris Shenker;
associate of George Aubin and John Riddle.

stefan halper, co-founder with fellow George Bush
supporter Harvey McLean of Palmer National Bank,
which was financed by Herman K. Beebe and funneled
private donations to the Contras; former son-in-law of
past CIA deputy director Ray Cline; helped set up legal
defense fund for Oliver North.

j. b. haralson, former head of Mercury Savings and
Ben Milan Savings, where he was fronting for his close
associate George Aubin; old Surety Savings hand and
managing officer of two other Texas S&Ls that later

raymond sidney richard harvey, Isle of Jersey money
manager; handled drug money for Jack DeVoe and
Lawrence Freeman and S&L money for Mike Adkinson
and Robert Corson; associate of John Dick.

guillermo hernandez-cartaya, Cuban exile and Bay
of Pigs veteran; convicted of fraud at Texas S&L he
bought from Lloyd Bentsen's father; CIA and Mafia
money launderer; protected by CIA from certain
criminal charges.

raymond hill, Houston attorney and scion of old, rich
Houston family; owner of Mainland Savings, which lent
money to Mafia associates and CIA operatives; did
business with Walter Mischer, "his mentor"; close
friend of James A. Baker III.

jerry holley, Waco contractor; co-owner with Marvin
Haass of Peoples Savings; convicted for perjury
involving his S&L.

k. c. hood, Western Savings officer; convicted felon;
associate of Herman K. Beebe; House Speaker Jim
Wright rode in his plane.

monzer hourani, Lebanese native and Houston
businessman; close friend of U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch
(Republican-Utah); did business with Robert Corson;
borrowed from Lamar Savings and Mainland Savings.

morris and doug jaffe, father-and-son businessmen
from San Antonio, Morris is an associate of Marvin
Haass and Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans Mafia
boss. Doug borrowed from Ed McBirney's Sunbelt
Savings and provided jet airplane noise-limitation
equipment for Farhad Azima and others.

burton kanter, Chicago tax attorney and reputed
organized crime associate; founded Castle Bank &
Trust with CIA mastermind Paul Helliwell; close
associate of Lawrence Freeman; his law firm set up
trusts for Larry Mizel.

charges keating, S&L looter; spawned by Carl Lindner;
worked on John Connally's 1980 presidential campaign;
controlled Lincoln Savings (the first big deal Lincoln
Savings did was with John Connally); Lincoln involved
in daisy chain with Larry Mizel's M.D.C. Holdings,
Silverado Savings and San Jacinto Savings (Joseph
Grosz); lent more than $30 million to Father Ritter's
Covenant House; his chief pilot in 1979 was CIA
operative Ken Quails.

carroll kelly, who epitomized his Kappa Sigma
fraternity; owner of Continental Savings and associate
of Herman K. Beebe ("I'm Beebe's man in Texas," he
bragged to S&L regulators).

adnan khashoggi, Saudi Arabian arms dealer, Iran-Contra
middleman and borrower at Raymond Hill's Mainland
Savings and Lamar Savings.

art leiser, chief examiner for Texas S&L Department;
discovered S&L daisy chains with Herman K. Beebe at
center in 1983; challenged Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya
to a tennis match to try to get him out of Texas S&Ls.

carl lindner, Cincinnati conglomerateer; gave Charles
Keating his start; associate of Michael Milken and Marvin
Warner; business ties to Walter Mischer; owns Ocean
Reef club on Key Largo where Jack DeVoe would bring
in his cocaine from Colombia; Florida police report said
Lindner would not be happy with DeVoe's income tax

jon lindsay, county judge of Harris County; top
Republican figure in Houston; close friend of George
Bush; helped Robert Corson get his savings and loan
and got $10,000 campaign contribution from Corson.

donald luna, convicted S&L looter and union pension
fund scam artist; caught at Flushing Federal S&L with
mobsters; worked loan brokerage deal with Herman K.
Beebe, Ben Barnes and Richard Rossmiller.

carlos marcello, New Orleans Mafia boss, who also
ruled over the Texas underworld; recently returned from
a seven-year vacation at Club Fed; close associate of
Santo Trafficante.

ronald j. martin, Miami gun dealer who provided arms
to the Contras for the CIA; alleged business partner with
Robert Corson in a casino in Grand Canary Island.

ed mcbirney, "Fast Eddie" from Dallas; former head of
Sunbelt Savings; associate of Jarrett Woods and George

joe mcdermott, Houston developer; protege' of Walter
Mischer; business partner of John Connally; borrower at
Robert Corson's Vision Bane Savings.

harvey mclean, Shreveport, Louisiana, businessman
and close associate of Herman K. Beebe; owned Paris
(Texas) Savings and Loan; founded Palmer National Bank
with Stefan Halper and Beebe's money.

john mecom, sr. and jr., Houston oilmen; Sr. organized
a charitable foundation that laundered money for the CIA;
Jr. allegedly associated with New Orleans mobsters.

walt mischer, jr., the son, tapped to take over his
father's empire; friend of Neil Bush; Kappa Sigma president.

walter m. mischer, sr., Houston developer, banker, power
broker, who headed Allied Bank; Corson's former father-in-law;
did business with the Mafia and the CIA; fourth largest
landowner in Texas; owns 12 percent of Caribbean nation
of Belize with partners; friend and fundraiser for LBJ, Lloyd
Bentsen, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, among many

larry mizel, Republican fundraiser and head of M.D.C.
Holdings, a Denver homebuilder, which did more than $300
million of business with Silverado Savings and owned stock
in the Gouletas family's Imperial Savings; used Burton
Kanter's law firm for family trusts.

jack modesett, Houston real estate investor; headed
company that did business with Howard Pulver and owned
land in far west Texas by a guns-for-drugs landing strip
(close to Walter Mischer's land).

lloyd monroe, former Kansas City organized-crime
strike force prosecutor; told to back off Farhad Azima
because he had CIA-issued get-out-of-jail-free card.

murchison, glint, sr. and jr.,  Dallas oilmen and wheeler-
dealers; Glint Sr. was involved in business in Haiti with a
CIA operative; Glint Jr. purchased Mischer's interest in
sawmills in Honduras; Jr. was involved with a CIA operative
in Libya and did business with Herman K. Beebe and
Adnan Khashoggi.

marvin nathan, Houston attorney who served on Carroll
Kelly's Continental Savings' board; related by marriage to
Robert Strauss; his law firm represented Robert Corson
and Mike Adkinson; bought Texas ranch from the family
of late Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, which in
turn had purchased it from one of George Bush's best

will northrop, Israeli army officer and military intelligence
operative; worked in Central America with CIA; associate
of Richard Brenneke; indicted with Adnan Khashoggi's
attorney in scheme to sell arms to Iran; said Robert
Corson "rode the CIA mule in with the Republican party."

leonard pelullo, Philadelphia Mafia associate; borrower
at Ray Corona's Sunshine State Bank; indicted in Ohio
S&L scam with a member of the Herman K. Beebe circle;
tried to buy an Atlantic City casino from another S&L
looter; charged with fraud at American Savings in

albert prevot, Houston and Louisiana businessman;
associate of Herman K. Beebe and borrower at Mainland
Savings and Continental Savings.

howard pulver, Long Island apartment syndicator who
got money from Mainland Savings and Sandia Federal
Savings; did business with mob associate Seymour
Lazar; neighbor of Martin Schwimmer.

wayne reeder, California developer; associate of Herman
K. Beebe; borrower at Silverado Savings; his CIA-connected
associate tried to make guns for the Contras on an Indian

mario renda, Long Island money broker with Martin
Schwimmer, convicted felon and Mafia associate with
a number of CIA buddies.

john c. riddle, a University of Texas Kappa Sigma who
tried to emulate his fraternity brother George Aubin;
Houston lawyer, developer, banker and title-company
owner; close associate of Robert Corson; borrowed
several hundred million dollars from Texas S&Ls that
later failed.

john b. roberts, San Antonio developer who owned
Summit Savings in Dallas and Commerce Savings in
San Antonio; associate of George Aubin, Jarrett Woods
and Adnan Khashoggi; convicted felon.

victor j. rogers ii, scion of Beaumont's Rogers family,
which owned Texas State Optical; former law partner of
John Riddle; former co-owner of an Austin savings and
loan; former officer of Caesar's Palace casino in Las
Vegas; his uncles were the third largest stockholders
of Caesar's Palace; two uncles served as directors of
a Beaumont S&L that lent money to Harvey McLean on
his Palmer National Bank stock.

richard rossmiller, Denver developer, Herman K.
Beebe associate and borrower at Hill Financial Savings;
alleged to be the largest debtor to the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corp. in the country; John Dick's neighbor.

heinrich rupp, Denver gold dealer and CIA operative;
convicted of bank fraud with mobsters; associate of
Richard Brenneke.

joe russo, noted Houston developer; good friend of
George Bush and Lloyd Bentsen; owned Ameriway
Savings; big borrower at five failed S&Ls; minority
owner of United Press International; Kappa Sigma.

steve samos, convicted drug trafficker; helped Ray
Corona set up Sunshine State Bank for drug smugglers;
helped set up companies that funneled money and
weapons to the Contras.

kenneth schnitzer, noted Houston developer; business
associate of Walter Mischer; owned BancPlus Savings;
allegedly associated with mobsters.

martin schwimmer, convicted Long Island money broker
with Mario Renda; Ph.D. and author; Mafia money
launderer; neighbor of Howard Pulver.

barry seal, murdered drug smuggler, gun runner,
DEA informant and CIA asset; used by CIA on drug
sting of Sandinistas; had owned C-123K used to
resupply the Contras; caught in 1972 guns-for-drugs
operation with Cuban exiles in Mexico that included a
Texas rancher, a Gambino family associate and Herman
K. Beebe.

morris shenker, deceased mob lawyer and casino
owner; several of his properties ended up in the hands
of Southmark, a Dallas real estate firm that was a mob
dumping ground and owner of San Jacinto Savings.

rebecca sims, former accountant for Robert Corson
turned freelance investigator and journalist.

ellison trine starnes, jr., Houston con man and son
of famous evangelist; borrower at Mischer's Allied Bank;
second largest borrower at Silverado Savings ($77
million); associate of John Riddle; borrowed more than
$27 million from Carroll Kelly's Continental Savings;
one of the biggest private donors to the Contras.

robert strauss, Dallas attorney; U.S. Ambassador to
Moscow and former chairman of Democratic National
Committee; friend of George Bush and former business
partner with James A. Baker III; he and his son, Richard,
were involved in a number of failed Texas S&Ls,
including Lamar and Gibraltar.

santo trafficante, the late Tampa Mafia boss; worked
with CIA to try to assassinate Fidel Castro; involved in
narcotics trafficking in Southeast Asia with CIA operatives;
close to Carlos Marcello; one of his money launderers was
Lawrence Freeman.

jack trotter, Houston investor and close associate of
Walter Mischer; headed Lloyd Bentsen's trust; business
partner of Jim Bath.

bill walters, Denver developer; borrower at Silverado
Savings; helped set up Neil Bush in business; associate
of Richard Rossmiller and John Dick.

marvin warner, native Alabaman who was involved in
a number of failed S&Ls in Ohio and Florida; former U.S.
ambassador to Switzerland; former chairman of Great
American Bank and American Savings of Florida;
convicted of S&L fraud in Ohio; had business ties to
Robert Corson.

stephen cass weiland, Robert Corson's attorney; former
chief counsel to Senate Permanent Subcommittee on
Investigations; expert on narcotics trafficking, money
laundering and offshore banks; makes cameo appearance
in Oliver North's notebooks regarding a White House
project in Belize.

jarrett woods, former head of Western Savings;
childhood buddy and close associate of George Aubin;
sentenced to 25 years in jail for S&L fraud.


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How can you refer to it as the Russian Mafia when most of its leaders
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request of Rabin.
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