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Lazar Kaganovich--remember him? Dr. William Pierce reminds us all!

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Frank Arthur

Oct 21, 2007, 12:42:37 PM10/21/07
Lazar Kaganovich--remember him? Dr. William Pierce reminds us all!

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This notion that the world owes the Jews for what they claim happened
to them more than half a century ago has interesting implications, and
we've talked about this briefly on earlier programs, but I've just
finished reading a book which really casts a lot of light on the whole
concept of reparations -- and on the question of who owes whom. The
book is a biography of Lazar Kaganovich, one of the bloodiest of the
communist butchers during the 1930s and 1940s and the number-two man in
the Kremlin for many years. The book is The Wolf of the Kremlin, and it
was written by Stuart Kahan, an American Jew who is Kaganovich's
nephew. Kahan went to the Soviet Union in 1981 and interviewed his
uncle extensively -- in Yiddish -- to write this biography, and it is a
goldmine of revelations.

To sum it up, Lazar Kaganovich was a Jew raised in the Jewish
tradition, a yeshiva boy taught to guide himself on the basis of doing
always what is best for the Jews, and this precept actually is cited
explicitly several times in the book. He attended his first Communist
Party meeting in 1911, when he was 18, to hear the Jewish communist
Trotsky give a speech in a synagogue in Kiev; that's right: in a
synagogue. He rose rapidly in the inner circle of the Communist Party,
which contained many more Jews than Gentiles. His success was due
primarily to his aggressiveness and his ruthlessness. In his communist
activity he held back from nothing, no matter how brutal or bloody. He
even killed his fellow Jews when they got in his way. He was a gangster
among gangsters.

In 1930 Kaganovich organized a special department of the Soviet secret
police, with himself as the head. It was referred to as the department
of "wet affairs," with "wet" meaning "bloody." That is, it handled
clandestine mass executions, of the sort carried out later at Vinnitsa
in Ukraine and at Katyn in Russia and at a thousand other places
throughout the Soviet Union over the next two decades. Kaganovich
became the commissar in charge of mass murder. Yet when the German Army
invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, it was Kaganovich who was the savior
of the Jews: he arranged for the evacuation of all Jews from the
frontier areas and their resettlement far to the east, where they would
be safe from the Germans. Let the Ukrainians and the Russians bear the
brunt of the German invasion, but protect the Jews from hardship and
danger at any cost.

And Kaganovich boasts that he saved the Jews once again, in 1953, when
Stalin was planning to rid Russia of them, by arranging for Stalin to
be poisoned. He and his sister Rosa, who was a doctor, devised a scheme
to switch pills in Stalin's medicine cabinet so that he would have a
fatal stroke, which he did.

When the Gentile communist Nikita Khruschev accused Kaganovich in 1957
at a Soviet Party Congress of having murdered 20 million Russians
during his career, Kaganovich didn't even deny it. He only accused
Khruschev of being a murderer too. "Your hands are blood-stained too,"
Kaganovich told him. Khruschev pointed out that the difference was that
he, Khruschev, had merely followed Kaganovich's orders, while it had
been Kaganovich who had formulated the policies of mass murder and had
given the orders for carrying out those policies.

As I said, it's a fascinating book, this biography of Lazar Kaganovich,
and if you really want to gain some insight into the Jewish mentality,
into the way they justify themselves, into the way they view the
non-Jewish world, you should read it for yourself. Kaganovich wants to
boast about the power he once held, and at the same time he wants to
evade responsibility for his crimes, and one can see this ambivalent
attitude throughout the book.

Now the point of all this is that Kaganovich did manage to evade
responsibility. He was permitted to retire and to live out his life in
comfort in Moscow. He was expelled from the Central Committee of the
Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1957, when he lost a power
struggle with Khruschev, and he was kicked out of the Communist Party
itself in 1962. So Kaganovich simply retired from the business of mass
murder and then lived in peace and relative luxury for nearly 30 more
years, until his death in 1991 at the age of 98. Not even the
publication of his nephew's autobiography of him in 1987, with all of
its revelations of his crimes, brought a public demand that he be
punished. Not even after the collapse of communism did anyone call him
to account for his genocide against the Russian and Ukrainian people.

Suppose that instead of being a Jew who murdered 20 million Gentiles he
had been a German accused of killing just 100 Jews. Can't you imagine
the screams from the media around the world that he be put on trial and
punished? Can't you imagine the hysterical demands for revenge from the
Jews, the non-stop demonstrations in front of German embassies
everywhere? Such a wonderful opportunity to remind everyone about the
"Holocaust" and how the poor, innocent Jews had suffered, and how the
world now owed them reparations -- such an opportunity certainly would
not go unexploited. But in the case of Lazar Kaganovich only silence,
only disinterest by the media. Interesting, isn't it?

Now, you and I understand the reason for this difference, don't we?
We've discussed it a number of times on these programs. We understand
that the "Holocaust" story is important to the Jews because they are
able to milk the Gentile world for billions of dollars every year by
keeping the Gentiles feeling guilty for letting it happen. And we
understand why the Jews don't feel guilty for having unleashed
communism on the world, just as they don't feel guilty for having
spawned monsters like Lazar Kaganovich. They really believe that only
their lives count, not ours.

And I should add that we understand why the Germans back before the
Second World War really wanted to get the Jews out of their country and
off their backs. And we understand why Stalin decided in 1953 that he
would leave as his gift to the Russian people something that they would
be eternally grateful for by getting rid of every Jew in the Soviet

So, the question now is, what can we do to free ourselves from the
Jews? What can we do to break their deathgrip on our mass media of news
and entertainment and on our political system? How can we bring about
an end to their racket of using us to extort money from the rest of the
world for them?

The above is from Dr. William Pierce--founder of the National Alliance

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Frank Arthur

Oct 22, 2007, 4:53:00 PM10/22/07
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THE HOFFMAN WIRE - Dedicated to Freedom of the Press,
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For years the Jew Hater Grosvomit of Canada boasts about his support
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Jan. 4, 2007
A leader of the white supremacist movement was arraigned today on
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being arrested by FBI agents Thursday night at his home in
Charlottesville, Va.

Kevin Alfred Strom, founder of the National Vanguard white supremacist
group, was considered the leading intellectual of the movement since
the death of William Pierce, the author of the notorious "Turner

Strom was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville, charged
with the two counts, and is currently being held at a facility in the
city. According to the indictment, he allegedly possessed or attempted
to possess "multiple images of child pornography" on his computer's
hard drive.
Strom was also charged with witness tampering, which involved
physically assaulting and mentally intimidating a witness to his
criminal activity.

The Nizkor Project

Oct 24, 2007, 3:03:09 PM10/24/07
On Oct 21, 9:42 am, Frank Arthur <> wrote:
> Lazar Kaganovich--remember him? Dr. William Pierce reminds us all!

William Grosvenor -- remember him?

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