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Sameh Ahmed

Jan 4, 1994, 4:23:48 AM1/4/94
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Alssalam Alikum

While I was at the MAYA convention in Detroit, Muslim Education
Foundation MEF distributed the following news letter. They are asking
all Muslims in the USA to switch to AT&T instead of MCI through the MEF

Wa allsalam


After one year of a successful long distance program,
with many sacrifices and long distance calls, MEF is no longer
asking Muslims to switch to MCI residential services. To our
surprise only 700 of the thousands of members were accepted by
MCI into the program. With expenses over $150,000 MEF only
received partial commission through March of 1993.

After investigating the numerous unfairly rejected customers, many were
just rejected for silly reasons like no one home, didn't speak the language
or spoke Mandarin!!.

Due to MCI poor handling of this residential program member's complaints
mounted; many questioned why they were not included in the program or why
money generated was so little.

MEF decided to get to the bottom of this and spoke with an MCI top manager,
Ms. Jeri Galloway, who said she did not care a bit about this program, and we
do not need to contact her again. She further stated, " I don`t like this

We then took all complaints to other MCI top executives. After hundreds of
calls, faxes and messages left for these executives including the president
of MCI, Ms. Galloway was forced to meet with us in Orlando. This meeting was
a nightmare. She shamelessly said again that she does not care nor support
our cause, and MCI has no interest in our market. When we told her that this
type of attitude and the poor customer service will result in all Muslims
switching to another long distance company and they will never consider MCI
again for their residential services, she simply said, "I DON"T CARE.". When
asked for reasons why MCI would not address our concerns especially that we
have great customers with high usage and good loyalty, she said, "I don't have
to explain anything to you, it's a decision I already took, and I'm ready to
face the consequences."

Well. MS Galloway, you lost our market. A consequence that may cost MCI
hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. Maybe these consequences weren't
really what she had in mind. Alhumdu lillah, the MEF concept of Muslim's
purchasing power is developing and gaining ground among Muslims in America.
We were even recognized by the best long distance company, AT&T. Now when
we're done no Muslim will ever join Ms. Galloway's MCI residential program.

Ms. Galloway even had the nerve to insult a sister who embraced Islam
from the crutches of Catholicism by telling her that the Pope will be angry
with her. The MEF Director told her that her attitude is one of bigotry,
discrimination and anti-Muslim. It was a hard day at MEF. Allah says," And you
might dislike something and it's better for you, and you might like something
and it's bad for you. And Allah knows and you know not."

During that time our negotiations with AT&T were picking up.
After submitting our market potential studies, action plans and
documentation of our expertise over the past two years with the
MEF program, AT&T showed a great interest in our market and our
In contrast with MCI, in a meeting with the Executive
Director of MEF, brother Ammar Charani, and the top management of
AT&T, AT&T expressed their support to our cause of advancing
education in America. The friendliness and compassion they showed
for our program is really admirable, and it only made sense to
them to give a better offer than MCI, with better customer
service, a better product and a promise of a great future.

Any customer who joins this program who has long
distance phone usage of over $25, whether he is an existing AT&T
customer or an MCI or Sprint customer, who comes to AT&T through
MEF, 5% of his international and domestic long distance bill will
come back to an organization of his choice ( local Masjid school,
relief or national organization, etc.) In addition, those who
switch from another carrier to AT&T will receive $25.

This deal does not go without a challenge. Our challenge is
to get 150,000 customers nationwide to join this program with at
least 45,000 of them new customers.

With 150,000 members Muslims will generate $7,020,000 per year for
their local and national projects. The initial reaction of
the organizations, centers and individuals has been very positive
and one of enthusiasm. We, as a Muslim community in North America,
can reach this target easily by each one of us joining this program
and taking it as his responsibility to sign up 10 more of his Muslim
brothers or sisters.
"Allah will support those who support his cause"

To register send the following form to or call

Muslim Education Foundation
P.O Box 1100
Goldenrod, FL. 32733

Tel: (407)-282-7444
Fax: (407)-658-2200
or call 1-(800) ATT-3MEF
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City: State:-- ZipCode:-----
Country called most :--------
Current long distance carrier:------ Avg monthly long distance $----
Benefiting Organization --------------------

Signature ----------------- Date -------------

Help us meet our challenge by listing the names and phone
numbers of those who you think would join the program

Name Phone
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