Mae Sot Horror: Six men burned to death

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27.05.2003, 19:23:2427.05.03
The Nation (Thailand) May 24, 2003
Mae Sot Horror: Six men burned to death
Victims said to be missing Burmese last seen a week ago being beaten by
'uniformed Thais'

The charred bodies of six men found near Mae Sot yesterday are believed to
be those of Burmese workers last seen more than a week ago allegedly being
beaten by a group of uniformed Thai officials, including police.

The bodies, found in Huay Kalok village in Mae Sot district, had been
burned along with huge tyres.

Tak police commissioner Maj-General Sawek Pinsinchai said he could not
confirm that the bodies were of those of the six men who have been missing
since May 14.

Sawek said the bodies were discovered in Mae Sot, where the missing men
had been working on a construction project.

Pol Colonel Sonkran Sangkorn, commissioner at the Mae Sot police station,
described the crime as "hideous" and said his men would give the case
utmost priority, regardless of the victims' nationality.

Relatives of the six missing migrant workers had made a formal complaint
to the National Human Rights Commission this week about the disappearance
and presumed death of the men.

In a formal written complaint to the commission, a copy of which was
obtained by The Nation, the relatives said the men went missing on May 14
in Thambon Mae Pa, near Mae Sot, in Tak province.

The complaint quoted a witness who claimed to have seen "Thai men in
khaki, tan and camouflage uniforms" lead the six Burmese men into a forest

In the letter to the commission, the relatives wrote: "The missing persons
were last seen in the custody of uniformed Thai police. These same police
had administered beatings on the six men after other Thai nationals had
beaten the men earlier."

Sources at the Law Society of Thailand said the same appeal had also been
filed at its office.

"Because local Thai officials are clearly involved in the disappearance of
the men, we hesitate to lodge formal complaints through local channels out
of fear for our own safety. Even now, we are afraid for our safety. We are
staying in a safe house," the letter said.

"Official complicity in this case, combined with the knowledge that local
authorities in Mae Sot rarely, if ever, protect Burmese migrant workers,
means that the only possibility for recourse on our behalf is through
national organisations such as the National Human Rights Commission," it

The missing men were identified as Min Hein, 28, Thein Naing 33, Aye Min,
22, Ah Nge Lay, 19, Maung Maung, 24, and Ah Nyar Thar, 22.

Physical abuse and discriminatory practices against Burmese migrant
workers is rife in Thailand, where more than one million of them currently
work at backbreaking jobs shunned by locals.

There have been a number of reports over the years about Burmese workers
who have gone missing and later turned up killed, allegedly by their

One highly publicised case involved a Burmese domestic worker who was
beaten and burnt and died later in hospital. The Rangoon government
intervened and strongly criticised the working conditions in the country.


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"MSoe9872" <> wrote in message

Say Hey !!

Thai army and police. Criminals In Uniform !!

No fucking good monkey fuckers !!

Johpa Deumlaokeng

29.05.2003, 01:36:5129.05.03
pickle in Message-id: <bb1thb$6ih$>

>Thai army and police. Criminals In Uniform !!

Pickle, you finally got something right. On the other hand, one never has
enough tamruat friends in Thailand.

Happy Trails


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