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Sandya Sitaraman

Mar 22, 1995, 2:39:47 PM3/22/95
Ellorukkum Vanakkam!!!
It is time for the Tamil New Year's Day preview edition of Tamil Movie News!!
So let's get straight to it...

***A.R.Rahman is always in the news first and this time it is news about
his engagement to Saira Banu!! So who's Saira Banu?... she is actor
Raguman's sister-in-law.. Aha!!! so A.R.Rahman and Raguman are
"varungaala shaddagars".. In a very simple ceremony in Madras.. Rahman was
engaged on Saira... I have seen pictures of Raguman's wife and she is
very very beautiful.. if that's any indication.. Saira should be just as
beautiful.... Mukkala Mukkabla... Saira O Saira...

***The next big explosion occurred during the 'tunes' discussion for
'Indhiyan.' Initially, Director Shankar, A.R.Rahman and Kamalahaasan
were supposed to get together to decide the tunes... But for some strange
reason, Kamalahaasan did not show up.. and Shankar and Rahman went ahead
finalized the tunes.. Kamalukku kovum pothikkondu vandhu vittadhu.. He
went to Rahman and asked him to play the tunes for him... Rahman refused,
indicating that he and director had decided everything... and if Kamal
wanted to discuss anything he would have to do it with Director Shankar..
Kamal went straight to producer A.M.Ratnam and complained... Soon, Shankar
arrived and approached Ratnam as well.. Shankar asked "What is Kamalahaasan's
business in regards to tunes in this movie?" A.M. Ratnam was just plain
dumbfounded.. Shandai Mutthi.. it is rumoured that Shankar went as far as
to say: If he(Kamal) is going to continue to do this... we don't need him
for my film..

(Kunjumon must be having a gala time watching this happenning to Shankar)..

***Now to Mr. Romeo.. very much hyped after Shilpa Shetty's entry.. But
everyone has forgotten about the second heroine in the movie... Madhubala..
or so no one cares considering she would not recognize Maniratnam for her
incredible career take-off after the huge success for Roja.. The movie is
being directed by K.S.Ravi(Honest Raj).. for purposes of avoiding
confusion with K.S. Ravikumar, R.B.Choudhry has dropped in the K.S. in
Ravi's name...

***Vijaykumarin kuzhandhaigal padai yeduthu vittargal... yes, the older
daughter Kavita Vijayakumar (daughter from first wife) of actor Vijaykumar
stars in P.Vasu's "Cooli" as Saratkumar's sister.. Meena and Raaja co-star..
A probable Tamil New Year's release... for the first time, Suresh
Peters(Chiku Buku Raiyile, Pettai Rap) composes music for this movie...

The second daughter, Vinitha Vijaykumar stars with Vijay(Rasigan, Deva)
in a new film called "Chandralekha".. directed by Nambiraj(Nila)..
Vinitha is Vijaykumar-Manjula's daughter.. I think Nambiraj has this
thing for the moon.. notice the similarity in titles...

***Maaya Bazaar 1995... a hilarious romp in which Oorvasi plays a double
role for the first time in her movie career.. She plays a veguli and a
manthiravaadi.. Ramki and Visu co-star.. The movie is being produced by
Panchu Arunachalam and beind directed by KR(Vanaja Girija).. VG is
nearing a 100 days in India soon.. I wonder who will get to eat all those
ladoos in the samayal arai???

***Nandhavana Theru is struck in major kasa-musa.. either between actor
and director, or between director and producer or in any other combination...
"Karthikkum, R.V. Udayakumarum manasu vaithal thaan paddam varum" is what
Cinema Express says.. I made a error a while back.. the actress in this
movie is "Srinidhi" not "Sruthi"

***Kutti News***

***Arjun held the opening ceremonies for his next directorial venture
"Thaiyin Manikkodi" co-starring the "one crore" lady Vijayashanthi...
Mega masala.. as expected...

***"Kolangal" starring Jayaram, Kushboo, Kasturi, and Vaishnavi.. was
intially directed by Bharathan, got dumped, then I.V. Sasi, got dumped,
now Prathap Pothen, with Arvind Swamy (supposedly added) to the cast..

***Revathi is being criticized for acting with Napolean.. but in reality,
it is just a guest role in "Thamizhachi".. a real story of a woman who
jails herself after her husband's been unjustly jailed for a crime he
didn't do.. Revathi plays the reporter who provides the woman's(Ranjitha)
story to the rest of the world.. Revathi was to do Ranjitha's role, but
"kaal sheet" problems..

***Pasum Ponn, Bharathiraaja's well-touted new production with Prabhu,
Sivaji Ganeshan, Saranya and Vignesh, is going to have its music composed
by Vidyasaagar(Jaihindh, Karna).. For those who haven't heard Karna, it
sounds different and unique in some ways.. Vidyasaagar has also lined up
Villadhi Villan, and Thayin Manikkodi for this year..

***Rajanikanth has plans to star in a Bhagyaraj film sometime next year..
Always like to end with the super star...

***Avathaaram... Nasar,Revathi.. Nasar's directorial debut.. Theru Koothu.

***Villadhi Villan.. Sathyaraj, Nagma, Radhika... Sathyaraj's directorial
debut.. a brahmanan, a ondrai kann-nan, a villan..3 roles

***Karna.. Arjun, Ranjitha, Vinitha.. 'Thalaivaasal' Selva's direction..
good music.. Vidyasaagar... Arjun double role..

***Lucky Man.. Karthik,Sangavi,Goundamani,Senthil... Direction Prathap
Pothen.. Dialogues: Crazy Mohan.. Yama Leela...

***Thaikulame Thaikulame... Pandiaraajan, Oorvasi.. Story, Screenplay
K.Bhagyaraj, Dialogues: Crazy Mohan..

***Chinna Vaadhiyaar... Prabhu, Kushboo,Ranjitha.. Singeetham
Srinivasarao:direction.. Computer special effects a highlight.. Humor
dialogues by Crazy Mohan..

***Kooli.. P.Vasu's film, Saratkumar,Meena,Raaja,Kavita Vijaykumar,
Suresh Peters music..

***Muthukkulika Variyalla (might be released earlier)... K.S. Ravikumar
direction.. Vignesh, Sangavi and Kushboo star..

***Dear Son... Nasar,Sivakumar,Raguman,Soundarya star.. low budget but
interesting story line...

***Aanazhagan: with any luck.. Prasanth might see the light of day soon..
first film to have song picturization in JJ Film City.. Suneha co-stars.

***Ellame En Raasathan... Rajkiran's film.. Sangita(Sarigamapathanee)
co-stars.. Highlight.. Vadivelu singing a song under Ilaiyaraaja's

***Makkal Aatchi.. Mamooty,Ranjitha,Roja star.. hopefully R.K.Selvamani
will have better luck soon...

***Marumagan: Manivassakam film.. Karthik, Meena star.. Deva music..

***Muthukkalai: supposed to be out for Pongal this year... might get
released for Tamil New Year's.. Karthik and Soundarya star..

My Sources: India West, Cinema Express, Anandha Vikatan, Kumudham

Views, comments, new info I don't know about, please let me know.. and I
will right back as soon as possible...

Rajagopal Ramchandran

Mar 22, 1995, 10:58:40 PM3/22/95
In article <3kpue3$s...@agate.berkeley.edu>,

Sandya Sitaraman <san...@uclink3.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>Ellorukkum Vanakkam!!!
>It is time for the Tamil New Year's Day preview edition of Tamil Movie News!!
>So let's get straight to it...

>***Kutti News***

>***Arjun held the opening ceremonies for his next directorial venture
>"Thaiyin Manikkodi" co-starring the "one crore" lady Vijayashanthi...
>Mega masala.. as expected...

Very entertaining. I got baffled by the term ` "one crore" lady
Vijayshanthi`. Don't tell me she is receiving one crore for her films. That
would be hard to believe.


Gone with The Wind

Mar 24, 1995, 10:41:43 AM3/24/95
Rajagopal Ramchandran (ra...@grep.cs.fsu.edu) wrote:
: In article <3kpue3$s...@agate.berkeley.edu>,
: Sandya Sitaraman <san...@uclink3.berkeley.edu> wrote:
hey karthik's Muttukalai is already released it is a pongal movie,
the movie is very interesting/

Sandya Sitaraman

Mar 24, 1995, 1:58:33 PM3/24/95
Gone with The Wind (cs23...@vtaix.cc.vt.edu) wrote:

Yes, actually Mutukkalai has been released... unfortunately I go by the
reviews that Cinema Express does on all the movies that come out... this
time they failed to do reviews on "Engiruntho Vanthan" and "Muthukkalai"
leading me to believe that the movies had not been released... even
though it had happenned...

Sorry... but I think the movie was released recently though... not as
early as Pongal... Let me know if you hear anything more...

Murugan Pitchairaman

Mar 27, 1995, 8:59:48 PM3/27/95
Rajagopal Ramchandran (ra...@grep.cs.fsu.edu) wrote:
: In article <3kpue3$s...@agate.berkeley.edu>,

: Very entertaining. I got baffled by the term ` "one crore" lady

: Vijayshanthi`. Don't tell me she is receiving one crore for her films. That
: would be hard to believe.

: Rajagopal

yes, she is receiving one crore for her films.
source:- march 15th india today issue.


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