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Jan 17, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/17/97

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Tamil Movie News (Cont.)***

***Ilam Nadigars and Nadigais***
(Who's Hot!.. In-the-Middle.. Not!)

***Vijay.. "Anandham Anandham Paadum Vijay Manam Aasaiyil Oonjil-il
Aadum".. It's just been that kind of wonderful varusham for Vijay..
Thottadhellam Pon!.. Of course, Vijay had his share of slumps in "Vasantha
Vaasal" and "Maanbumigu Maanavan".. But adhistam 1996-il ivar kadhavai
thatti vittadhu!.. "Coimbatore Mappillai" performed well among the
masses, but the good fortune came from "Poove Unakkaga," where he not only
established a full fledged female fan club for himself in Tamilnadu, but
also started demanding some good 'emotional' roles in his movies!.. Vijay
has had a very interesting experience lately.. He gets hundreds of fan
mails, predominantly from women, who are either in love with him or treat
him like their brother!.. Vijay has been sharing these letters with Cinema
Express magazine, along with his replies..

More recently, Director Pavithran's production "Selva" which stars
Vijay, newcomer Reeva and Swathi, was released. Vijay also stars in
"Kaalamellaam Kaathiruppen" with newcomer Dimple and Karan, under
R.Sundararajan's direction.. and Maniratnam's "Madras Talkies" production-
"Nerukku Ner" with Ajeethkumar under Vasanth's ("Aasai," "Keladi Kanmani")

***Ajeethkumar.. Yaar nambuvaargal, that a film like "Kaadhal Kottai"
would do well in Chennai!.. Probably even Director Agathiyan might not
have believed it!.. Ajeethkumar aanaalum periya believer dhaan!.. With
"Vaanmadhi," and "Kaadhal Kottai" slam dunking all competition at the box
office, Ajeethkumar-ukku sandhosam pongi vazhigiradhu!.. Even with minor
falls in "Minor Mapillai" and "Kallurivaasal," Ajeeth fared very well
among his audiences this year!.. The female fan club grew to mighty
proportions, so did the competition.. Indraiya nilai-yil, Abbas, Prasanth,
Vijay, Arunkumar ellarum varisai-yaai Ajeeth-udan compete panna try panni
kondirukkiraargal!.. But Ajeeth also had other types of luck this year:
his two love affairs with co-stars Swathi ("Vaanmadhi") and Heera
("Kaadhal Kottai") had magazines and newspapers going 'ga-ga' over the
matter!.. Idhunaaleye bayangara popularity points for Ajeeth!.. Ajeeth
pulahaangidham aana vishayam this year: Rajini profusing praising his work
in "Kaadhal Kottai"..

Of course, plenty of films signed, including: "Kaadhal Puththagam," with
newcomer Kanchan (a dubbed flick), "Kaadhal Mannan" with a new heroine
from Assam, "Nesam" by Director K.Subash with heroine Maheswari and
Goundamani and Senthil as effective sidekicks, Amitabh Bachchan
Corporation Ltd.'s first tamil venture "Ullaasam" with Vikram ("Meera"),
and Maheswari ("Karuthamma"), Maniratnam's "Madras Talkies" "Nerukku Ner"
with Vijay (ultimate modhal-lo?) Direction by Vasanth ("Aasai") and
"Raasi" with Ramba, Bhagyam Cine Arts' "Rettai Jadai Vayasu" with Manthra
and Goundamani, Direction by Sivakumar ("Ayudha Poojai").. Ajeeth-ukku
nalla yogam dhaan!..

***Abbas.. Namma oor "Musthafa" of tamil films.. innikki Abbas dhaan!.. A
lot of people wanted Vineeth to become big after "Kaadhal Desam"..
actually the opposite happenned as Abbas, whose little two step dance
during certain portions of "Enna Kaannavillaiye" in "Kaadhal Desam,"
has stirred quite a few Chennai-ites in recent time!.. Tamil pesa
theriyaadha Abbas bagged the KD role, only because he was good friends
with director Kadhir.. Adhukku appuram ellam history!.. Today, Abbas stars
in Ibrahim Rauthar's "Aasai Thambi," with Arunpandian and Anju Arvind,
A.L.Azhagappan's "Ini Ellam Sugame" with Sangavi and A.R.Ramesh directing!
Abbas also attended Ibrahim Rauthar's poojai function for Livingston's
"Unakkum Enakkum Kalyanam".. Don't know if Abs has a role in the film!..
Yengay paarthaalum abaara 'abbas' mazhai dhaan!..

***Prasanth.. (NOT!) Kitta thatta Kanaka-vin nelamai.. Only here it's daddy,
instead of mommy!.. Daddy Thayagarajan kuru-keedu-fies a lot in his son's
acting!.. Paridhaaba-maana nilai for Prasanth this year as the one film he
starred in "Kallurivaasal" paduththu(i)-fied at the box office!..
Moreover, Thayagarajan and Director Pavithran got into a major vai
shandai, where Thayaga accussed Pavithran of going back on his word: he
promised to make Prasanth look like a hero and made him a villain at the
end of the film!.. Yenna shandai pottu, enna punniyam.. padam BONDI, to
say the least!.. But Prasanth might have just gotten his big break, as
Ashok Amritharaj produces his very first tamil film "Jeans," with
hat(hit)trick director Shankar, ("Gentleman," "Kaadhalan," and "Indhiyan")
Prasanth will star with Former ulaga azhagi Aishwarya Rai, Goundamani, and
others!.. Prasanth is also dutifully working on "Mannavaa" to get it
released at least by Pongal 1997!.. He was also supposed to star in K.R.'s
"Kaadhal Rojave".. but there is word that a hero change was made recently!..
1997-il Prasanth-ukku 'vaikaasi thiruppi porakkumaa'? Ellam Shankar kai-yil
dhaan irukkiradhaa?!..

***Arunkumar.. Unfortunate, but tis the truth!.. Arunkumar had only the
mediocre "Priyam" to speak for his acting this year!.. Not much more to
say, here!.. But Arunkumar has been signed to star in "Kannalane" with
newcomer Paayal, and Ganga Gowri Productions, who produced such successful
films as 'Ullaththai Allithaa' and 'Mettukkudi' with Sundhar C., new
venture, "Kaaththirundha Kaadhal" with Dimple (who debuts in "Kaalamellam
Kaathiruppen") and Suvalakshmi.. Direction by Vigneshwaran.. Adhutha
tharavai-yaavadhu box office Arunkumar kitte 'priyam'-aaga irukkum yendru

***When it comes to Ilam nadigaigal (In-M!), vandha vegaththil odi
ponavargal dhaan indha varusham jaasthi, paadhi-kku mel ellorum Northies
dhaan!.. Irundhaalum, some have more luck than others!..

***Pooja Bhatt.. Potti katti kondu, gone back to Mumbai! Soon after
"Kallurivaasal" folded up business within few weeks of release!..

***Monica Bedi.. Our latest Northie azhagu pettagam who also packed her
bags to go back home!.. "Subaash" dhaan "Sabaash"-aaga odavillaiye!..

***Anuradha.. The sexy actress who made her debut in R.K.Selvamani's
"Raajali".. Paavam, vandha suvadu theriyaamal poyi vittaar!..

***Suvalakshmi.. Our bengali nadigai, who was introduced by Sathyajit Ray
to acting. Her biggest problem was finding a permanent home in Chennai..
After her good performance in "Aasai," she had a c/o Director Vasanth
mailing address for a while!.. Lucky for her, Devayani did not have the
dates for "Gokulaththil Seethai".. Suvalakshmi collected the profits.. and
has settled down in Chennai, while starring in "Kaathirundha Kaadhal" with

***Pooja aka Laila.. This northie newcomer has only recently changed her
name to Laila and stars in 'Kalaipuli' S. Thanu's "V.I.P." with Prabhudeva,
Ramba, and Abbas!..

***Lisa Ray.. Periya Bengali model dhaan.. but all those swimsuit poses in
"Nethaji" work out aaga villaiye!.. Ivarum potti kattiya case dhaan!..

***Manthra.. Really a terrific year compared to all the others!..
Despite a mediocre "Priyam," a lot of producers and directors liked
Manthra and have signed her for a few films, including "Rettai Jadai
Vayasu" with Ajeethkumar, "Thedinen Vandhadhu" with Prabhu, and
T.Rajendar's "Ilam Kaadhalargal!".. Ivar kaattil balaththa mazhai!..

***Deepthi Bhatnagar.. A very quiet debut in K.S.Ravikumar's "Dharma
Chakram" with Vijaykanth!.. Interestingly Rambha and Jyothimeena seem to
have had the upper hand in the publicity for DC!.. Inimel ellam kadavul
vitta vazhi dhaan!..

***Paayal.. She makes her debut with Arunkumar in "Kannalane," to be
directed by newcomer Bala Soundhar!.. Paayal, who is also from Mumbai, has
already made her debut in a kannada film which is headed to celebrate its
velli vizha currently!..

***Simran.. Her name came up once before in the starcast of Parthiban's
"Soththukatchi".. Then, there was a hush!.. Now, Bharathiraja has signed
her to star in "Siragugal Murivadhillai" with Napolean.. (Nondhu pona
Heera-vai pattri yaarukkum kavalai illaiyaa?).. Simran also stars
M.G.Pictures' new untitled film with Abbas!.. Kooraiya pichchindu chance
kottudhu, saami!..

***Eeshwari Rao.. Few women have the luck that she has had!.. Innum mudhal
padam, "Raman Abdulla" by Balu Mahendra, varavillai!.. But Eeshwari is
starring in "Koottaali" with Karthik!.. Idhu allava adhistam?!..

***Dimple.. Ivarum Eeshwari maadhiri dhaan!.. Even before "Kaalamelaam
Kaathiruppen" her debut film with Vijay and Karan, hits theatres,
Dimple is also working on "Kaathirundha Kaadhal" with Arunkumar and
Suvalakshmi!.. Oru vishayam romba clear, double heroine padam irukkara
varaikkum evarukkum kavalaiye illai!..

***Sakshi.. Either she has lost hope that Kovai Chezhiyan's "Pudhayal"
with Arvind Swamy, Mamooty and Aamni will ever release, or Sakshi has just
become more aggressive, as she has bagged a (one of two) heroine role in
Manivasakam's "Mapillai Goundar" with Prabhu and Swathi!.. Eppadiyaavadhu
"Pudhayal"-ai adanje theeranum-nu mudivu katti vittaaro?..

***Sruthi.. A woman who will be labelled "Kalki" forever, as she
asathu-fied lots of people with her performance in K. Balachandar's
"Kalki!".. What's more, her Kannada hit, "Karpoora Kombe" which has been
slam banging all its competition at the box office, will be dubbed and
released in Tamil as "Karpoora Bommai".. Sruthi is also set to star with
Arjun in "Dharma Rakshakan," to be directed by Arjun's brother Kishore!..
AsaththO.. Asaththal to the top!..

***Rosni.. After begging and pleading.. finally, Nagma has made a heroine
out of her sister, Rosni!.. She currently stars in "Puli Pirandha Mannu"
with Napolean, as Napes complained the previous newcomer Aboorva looked
more like his sister than his pair!.. Furthermore, Rosni is all smiles
about starring in Director Selva's "Shishya" with Karthik!.. Akka-vaiye
acting-il.. or should we say.. kavarchi-yil minji viduvaaro!!..

***Kausalya.. This Banglorian model who had dreamed of becoming an
engineer someday has currently finished acting in "Kaalamellam Kaadhal
Vaazhga" under the Sivasakthi Pictures banner!.. She actually learned all
her dialogues from hero Murali in Kannada on the sets of KKV!.. The film
is all set for release!.. We'll just have to wait and see if she will
indeed go places!..

***Nivedhitha.. If you have noticed Arjun films lately, there are two
heroines: one for kavarchi and the other for acting: Roja, Oorvasi in
"Ayudha Poojai," Ramba, Meena in "Shengotai," and finally, Monica Bedi and
Revathi in "Subaash".. so let's welcome Nivedhita, also a hot-shot
model from Bangalore like Kousalya! She currently stars in Arjun's
"Thaayin Manikodi," while a serious search for an 'acting' heroine still
goes on!.. A brilliant guess.. Nivedhita is the kavarchi nadigai!..

***Anju Arvind.. She has already reached the heroine status with just two
successful films, "Poove Unakkaaga" and "Enakkoru Magan Pirappan" to her
credit.. Today, Anju stars in "Aasai Thambi" with Abbas' pair, and as
Rajini's sister in "Arunachalam," a few films with Ramarajan and
"Kaangeyam Kaalai" with Parthiban!.. A Malayalam arrival, Anju is
definitely an actress to contend with, in the very near future!..

***Laksi.. Actual name Chini Raj!.. She is the daughter of a former
military officer who was chosen to act in T.K.Bose's "Kaadhal Graamam"..
Interestingly, Bose was running out of heroine options and immediately
signed this Kerala girl, as soon as he could!.. She stars with newcomer
Bisal in this film!..

***Shilpa Shetty.. The only woman to spend almost 2 years on filming one
tamil movie!.. Paavam.. andha padam kooda avalavaaga odavillai!.. Sad, but
true.. that Shilpa will have to go back to Mumbai and probably stay there
until someone signs her again!.. Ada muthu muthu mazhai muththaadalai!..

***Swapan Bedi.. Like many of her northie companions, Swapan Bedi-yum oru
padam "Maanbumigu Maanavan"-odu Kodambakkaththukku TATA!..

***Reeva.. Not particularly an enchanting performance in "Selva".. Reeva
is really keeping her fingers crossed about T.S.Jayamurgan's "Roja Malare"
with Murali and Arunpandian!.. Kavarchi irundhaal mattum podhumaa, Reevaji?..

***Reshma.. Peyir sollum badiyaaga two films this year: "Kizhakku Mugam"
and "Poomani".. These films didn't do great box office business.. but
Reshma is happy with working on "Vennila" with Ajeethkumar and Nandha with
Ramki.. Peyir gradual-aa prabalam aagi vittadhe!..

***All talk and no action?!.. Maybe not!.. K.T.Kunjumon is seriously
working on signing Nagma's youngest sister Jothika and Kajol's younger
sister, name unknown! to star with his son Ebi Kunjumon, who makes his
debut in K.T.K's "Koteeshwaran" set for production after "Rakshakan"..

***Aishwarya Rai.. Aanaalum ivarukku irukkara mous-ai yaaralum explain
panna mudiyavillai!.. Agreed, she signed to act in Maniratnam's
"Iruvar".. Adhukku appuram, padam varuvadhar-kku munnaleye, Director
Shankar signed her to star in "Jeans" with Prasanth!.. Indraiya nilai-yil
Ice commands 75 lakhs per film!.. Guess only Ashok Amrithraj can afford
that figure!..

***Aish-ukku nirandhara potti.. Sushmita Sen!.. Caught in constant
charchais that she drinks too much.. Sush oru vazhiyaa realized that
Aish's market is doing much better than hers in tamil!.. Her eeshing with
Nagaarjuna was a hot topic this year.. ippo yellaththaiyum oram katti
vittu, she is dedicatedly shooting K.T.K.'s "Rakshakan".. Azhagigal-ukkul
'tamil cinema'-vil potti nadakiradhe?.. NO OPPOSITION?!..

***Udhaya.. R.V.Udhayakumar's latest find is excercise addict Udhaya.. It
appears that Udhaya is a yoga expert.. but many reporters' expert opinion
last year was Udhaya was named as such, only because she and R.V.U. had
some kind of nerungiya relationship!.. R.V.U. denies all this, as he
directs Jayaram, Udhaya and Rasika in "Chinna Saami Periya Saami".. which
interestingly has been in production almost since the beginning of 1996!..

***Speaking of Rasika.. Her name was chosen by Kumudham vaasagargal almost
2 years ago.. and supposedly Gangai Amaran's "Poonjolai" with his son
Venkat Prabhu in the lead, was ready for release September '96!..
Yennaacho.. Yedaacho.. Still no sign of the film.. and Rasika quit
waiting!.. She is currently starring in R.V.Udhayakumar's film, as well as
doing a kavarchi role in "Bhagavath Singh" with Napolean!..

***Kajol.. The only actress who hasn't obliged the press with photographs
or interviews, ever since the time she signed "Minsaara Kanavu".. With
sketchy interviews here and there, one can only guess how thrilled Kajol
is about A.V.M. Productions' "Minsaara Kanavu" which has opened worldwide
on Pongal day!.. She stars with Prabhudeva (who desperately need a hit!)
and Arvind Swamy (who is no different!.. he also needs a hit, considering
there isn't a Mani movie for him this year!).. V.K.Ramaswamy co-stars!..
A.R.Rahman composes music.. as Rajeev Menon is in charge of the camera and
makes his directorial debut!..

***Kutti News***

***Actress Jayashri, who made her debut in Director Sridhar's "Thenrale
Ennai Thodu" is currently making a comeback in Ramarajan's "Vivasaayi
Magan." Unfortunately, Ambika who also tried her luck this year in
amu-kking that "Malgova Mami" role in "Kalki," but wasn't as lucky, as
T.V. newsreader Fathima Babu took over the lime light!..

***Bhaskar Raj, who acted as a villain in "Nethaji" has really struck it
rich as Director Pavithran has signed him to star in his well-touted
project "Mukkuththi Kaasi" with Roja and Kushboo!.. As usual, Pavithran
Sarat-odum shandai pottu vittar, is everyone's deduction!..

***Amar Siddique, who made his debut as the evil hero in Aabaavanan's
"Karuppu Roja" does not have that many films on the way!.. Except for
"Vennila" with Ajeethkumar and Reshma!.. Nelamai ivalavu mosham-aaga
irukkum endru yaarum sollirukka maataangalo?..

***Vignesh is making quite a decent comeback by today's standards,
especially since his market has been on the 'down side' ever since films
like "Pasum Ponn" bombed at the box office!.. This year, Vignesh is back
starring in "Vaani Mahal" with Suvalakshmi.. a small budget film by the
director of "Chellakkannu" which is taking a large amount of time to
complete!.. Vignesh also has roles in Rajini's "Arunachalam" and in Balu
Mahendra's "Raman Abdulla" with Karan ("Kaadhal Kottai"), newcomer
Eeshwari Rao and Ashwini ("Kizhakku Cheemaiyile")..

***Talk about "Great Luck".. and there's Karan!.. He made a so-so debut in
"Nammavar" two years ago!.. but life changed dramatically as a supporting
actor role in Agathiyan's "Kaadhal Kottai" transformed Karan into one of
the leading supporting actors/second heros in Tamil cinema currently!..
After "I.C.Mohan" in "Gokulaththil Seethai".. varisaiyaaga Karan appears
to be busy almost until 1998!.. "Raaman Abdulla" "Pirandha Naal" with
Prakashraj and Sangita, Super Good Films' "Love Today," with Vijay!..
"Kaadhal Mannan," double hero subject with Ajeethkumar, Kumar Movies
untitled film, Abbas-Karan koottani, Sivashri Pictures' untitled film with
Prakashraj, Plus "Vasantham Vandhaachu," "Snegam," and a couple of telegu
movies!.. No "Inferiority Complex" Karan here!.. That's for sure!..

***Meet Abdulla Khan.. Kushboo's brother!.. He was initially recommended
'highly' by his sister to star in Amitabh Bachchan's first tamil venture
"Ullasam" with Maheswari.. But whatever happened, he has finally ended up
in "Kannalane" with Arunkumar and newcomer Paayal, under the direction of
newcomer Bala Soundar!.. Abdulla-vukkum kovil kattuvaangalaa?!..

***Saved the very best for last!.. The Manivannan-Goundar conflict!..
Today, Goundamani is the element behind any film's success!.. Or that's what
Arjun, Karthik, Jayaram, Saratkumar, and a list of others believe!.. Maybe
true, since "Tata Birla," "Indhiyan," "Parambarai," "Mettukkudi,"
"Ullaththai Allithaa," "Coimbatore Maapillai" and many other films got pass
marks, only because Goundamani's humor was an important lifeline!.. But
Goundar-ukku erichchal, big films like "Kaadhal Kottai," "Kaadhal Desam,"
"Sundhara Purushan," and "Poove Unakkaga" did not have the Goundar factor
and still excelled in cash receipts!..

Enter Manivannan to increase the erichchal!.. The only person to have five
of his films release for Deepavali: "Gokulaththil Seethai," "Avvai
Shanmugi," "Gnanapazham," and "Senaadhibadhi".. As expected, Manivannan is
in seventh heaven, as he acts in just as many films as Goundar today!.. He
seems to be enjoying acting a lot more than directing.. much less stress,
of course!.. Initially Goundar was getting furious at those who made hit
films without HIM!.. Now he might have a new enemy in his hands in '97:
Who else but Manivannan!!..


My Sources: Anandha Vikatan and Cinema Express..



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