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Sandya Sitaraman

Jan 9, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/9/96
***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Tamil Movie News(Cont.)***

It is really interesting to see how 1995 has been for the Tamil Movie
industry especially for our actors and actresses.. So, let's take a look!!


***Prabhudeva.. definitely a year to forget!.. After the magnificent
success of "Kaadhalan" in 1994, everybody expected "Raasaiyah" to be a big
step forward for Prabhudeva.. Unfortunately, the movie flopped badly, and
more problems mounted when Prabhudeva supposedly blamed Ilaiyaraaja for
the film's dismal failure!.. In the midst of this, Prabhudeva was also
involved in some kasa musa regarding his marriage to a dancer Ramalath,
which was followed by more complications in his relationship with his
father.. Hopefully, the arrival of "Love Birds" in 3 languages will help
boost PD's career!!.. The only consolation for 1995 for PD was the
moderate business that "Humse Hain Muqabla" (Hindi version of "Kaadhalan")
did in Bombay and surrounding areas!..

***Arvind Swamy.. Maniratnam's "Bombay" earned him a fan club on a
national scale.. and there is no looking back after this!.. Once he said
that he had no interest in acting and was going to quit soon.. but that
doesn't seem the case!.. 1996 appears to be a very good year for AS..
with AVM Productions "Minsaara Kanavu" with Prabhudeva and Kajol, Dir:
Rajeev Menon, Bharathan's "Deva Raagam" with Sridevi.. and last but not
least, Maniratnam's "Anandham" with Mohanlal, Tabu and Aishwarya Rai..
Only thing he has yet to learn is to praise Maniratnam once in a while!!..

***Kamalahaasan.. A very interesting and profitable year for Kamal.. His
two films, both his productions, "Sathi Leelavathi" and "Kurudhippunal"
very humungous hits in India.. and "Kurudhippunal" has earned the honors
to be sent as India's entry for the oscars this year!.. Besides this,
"Paasavalai".. the original made in Telegu was a grand success as well in
Andhra.. To make his acting experience more diverse, Kamalhaasan is
currently starring in "Indhiyan" with Manisha Koirala, Sukanya, Bala
Singh(Avathaaram).. Direction by Shankar (Kaadhalan, Gentleman).. and in
Balachandra Menon's remake of "Amaiyaana Saththiyam" as "Kanden
Seethaiyai" with Nagesh, Naasar and a whole acting pattaalam.. Life is
definitely on the fast lane, right now!!..

***Rajinikanth.. Nammoda thalaivaru yenaallum Super Staru.. if these are
the words that you keep murmuring all year.. then you would know that
Rajini 1995-il kodi katti parandhaar!.. His fans still strongly believe
that Rajini arasiyal-il pravesi-paar!.. Both his films "Baadhshaa" which
celebrated its velli vizha several months ago.. and "Muthu" which is
banging on the doors of mega success.. should also indicate the kind of
Rajini fever spreading in Tamilnadu and even as far as Andhra.. Avar oru
tharava sonna, ellarum nooru tharava thalai aataraangale!!.. 1996-il
Rajini thirumbavum Bavani varuvaar, ellorum super style-ai nichchayam

***Ramarajan.. Very much of an up-and-down year for RR... "Gramarajan" as
he has been fondly named in Tamilnadu.. came back after a 5 year hiatus
with the very successful "Thedi Vandha Raasa" with Kushboo in 1995.. and
he is currently directing "Amman Koil Vaasalile" with Sangita and
Rajshri.. Along with happiness comes.. the huge jagadaa with his wife
Nalini, who was formerly an actress herself.. Divorce varaikkum ponaalum
aacharya padivadhur-kkilai!!..

***Vignesh.. A slow, quiet year for him.. "Chellakkannu" quietly ran a
100 days.. A film in which he and Yuvarani fall in love and die together
because of family feuds.. wasn't talked about much!.. At least not as
much as the goings-on between Vignesh and Yuvaraani after "Pasum Ponn"
hit the screens.. Whatever happenned, ended up in a quarrel between the
two!.. Meantime, "Nadodi Mannan" flopped.. and Vignesh continues with
"Vaani Mahaal" with Suvalakshmi, "Veeraiyah" and "Ratna" with Jayaram and
Rangeela.. "Athaangarai Maram" alavukku thirumbavum Vignesh
valaruvaara?.. 1996 dhaan sollum..

***Napolean.. Major flops contributed to a very disasterous 1995 for
Napes.. though he might claim otherwise!.. "Mani-Ratnam" with Anandbabu and
Mohana, "Chinnamani" with Kasthuri, "Thaamarai" with Rohini and Rupini,
"Thamizhachi" with Ranjitha.. all bombed.. enough to drive Napes into
hiding!.. the only good thing about last year was "Raajamuthirai" which
did pretty decent business (for an R.K.S. film!).. 1996 poses a different
picture though!.. Napes stars in the new R.K.S. production "Raajali" with
Ramki, "Master" with Mammoty with Raadhika, Sangita.. "Musthafa" with
Ranjithaa.. 1996 kai kodumaa?.. Napes probably idhar kulla-ye kadavulai
venda arambiththiru-paar!!

***Saratkumar.. He also joins Napes singing soga geethams.. His "Coolie,"
"Veluchaami," "Nadodi Manan" and "Rahasiya Police" received such bad
reviews.. and ran out of theatres so fast.. Sarat had to re-consider his
paadhai all together.. Don't know if his latest attempts at becoming a
politician will help his movie career!.. cause it looks really bleak if
he doesn't have a hit soon!.. Saratkumar currently stars with Sukanya and
Vinitha in "Mahaaprabhu".. and "Aravindhan" with Parthiban and Nagma..
"Naatamai" size-ukku oru hit venum!!..

***Prabhu.. Prabhu pulled off some major miracles last year!!.. Despite
poor reviews for his "Periya Kudumbam," "Mr. Madras," and "Chinna
Vaadhiyar".. all these films did pretty good business in India.. The only
big flop he had last year was "Pasum Ponn".. the film boasted of too many
people crying at the same time.. which eventually led to its demise at
the box office!.. Even though the most depressing event of this year was
the Prabhu-Kushboo split.. it didn't hurt Prabhu's career one bit!..
Prabhu expects "Parambarai".. K.S.Ravikumar direction.. with Roja and
Manorama to be out for Pongal!.. He also stars with Sathyaraj in
"Siva-Shakthi" to be directed by Suresh Krishna..

***Karthik.. Given the choice, Karthik would forget this year as a ketta
kanavu.. That was how miserable it was for him!.. and he thought 1994 was
bad!!.. "Muthukkalai" was the only decent film .. which he did with
Soundharya last year!.. and that bombed too!.. "Nandhavana Theru"..
directed by well-reputed R.V.Udhayakumar flopped big time!.. "Luckyman"..
a remake of a telegu hit, with Sangavi.. same story!.. The salvaging
factor of 1995 was "Thotta Shinungi".. a guest role, might have helped
Karthik!.. Karthik might decide to plunge into direction in 1996, while
he stars in "Uravukkaaran" with Sangita, "Kizhakku Mugam" with Reshma..
and "Ulladhai Allithaa" with Rambha.. incidentally, only "UA" has a
noteworthy director.. C.Sundhar(Murai Maaman).. all others are newcomers..
1996-il Karthik nejamaave "Raaja Raajadhi Raajan engal Raaja" aavaara?..

***Bhagyaraj.. "Oru Orlaa Oru Raajakumari" was the only film out last
year for Bhagyaraj.. Though it can be praised as "Good, clean
entertainment".. with the usual vulgar Bhagyaraj type dialogues, the
movie did not do well amongst Tamil audiences!.. Bhagyaraj is currently
acting under R.P.Vishwam's direction in "Gnanapazham" with Sukanya.. "GP"
needs to prove itself in the box office to bring Bhagyaraj into good
standing again!. Wait pannaal dhaan theriyum!!..

***Pandiyarajan.. As has been the case for the last 2-3 years, last year
was really destructive for Pandiyarajan's career!.. His "Kilaadi
Maapillai," "Valli Varapora," and "Pandiyanin Rajiyathile" faired very
poorly, leaving Pandi to take some desperate measures.. which resulted in
"Thaikulame Thaikulame" which was hilarious and made Pandi's year!..
There is word now that Pandiyarajan might direct his guru Bhagyaraj in
his next venture!.. 1996-liya-nu theriyale!..

***Sathyaraj.. A pretty good 1995 for Sathyraj, even though "Villadhi
Villain" was criticinzed for excessive kavarchi shown by Nagma.. and lack
of story!.. VV did well in all centers in Madras.. and Sathyaraj promised
to direct at least one film a year!.. He currently stars in
"Siva-Shakthi" with Prabhu.. The latest on Sathyaraj is that he asks
directors who come to him: to tell him "SOFT" stories like "Poovizhi
Vaasalile".. Hmm.. wonder if he wants to change his image after
olaaththu-fying in the MGR outfit in the recently out "Maaman Magal"..

***Arjun.. Get out of his way!.. if you are wise!.. he is really HOT,
right now!.. "Karna" was a pretty decent hit, and the "Ay Shabba" score
really made it big in 1995!..Then came "Kurudhippunal".. where he was
praised profusely for his work.. Then a hush fell.. until "Ayudha Poojai"
was released at the end of the year!.. Arjun has a handful of movies:
"Ram".. "August 15th".. R.V.Udhayakumar directs, Revathi co-stars,
"Thaayin Manikodi" with Vijayashanthi, which he directs... "Shengotai"
with Meena and Rambha, expected for Pongal.. "Ay Shabba.. Ay Shabba..
ninaicha kanavu pali chiruche!!"..

***Vijaykanth.. A so-so year for Vijaykanth.. even when "Karuppu Nila"
delivered the goods at the box office!.. "Thiru Moorthy" wasn't very
helpful, neither was "Gandhi Pirandha Mann"(even though it was almost the
same star cast as "En Aasai Machchaan" in '94).. It was a flip of a coin
type year.. but 1996 promises to be better.. as Vijaykanth stars in a
Bharathiraja film "Thamizh Selvan" for the first time.. with Roja,
Napolean, Manivannan and Vadivelu.. And in "Thayagam" with Ranjitha and

***T.Rajendar.. "Thai Thangai Paasam".. it seems to be a hit.. but really
tough to believe, since the film was criticized so badly by some many
magazines and newspapers.. T.Rajendar, fortunately, still has the support
of A,B,C center "Thaaikulam" and that is what keeps him going!.. It
appears that he is currently directing a film produced by Naagireddy..
yet no word on what's actually going on!..

***Rajkiran.. Maybe T.R. can learn from Rajkiran on how to really make
the Thaaikulam carry handkerchiefs to his films!.. Rajkiran releases only
one movie a year.. and last year it was "Ellame En Raasadhaan".. the film
did well.. especially in village and patti thotti areas.. raising Raj to
new heights.. Rajkiran who never hesitates to let out his quota of tears,
is starring with Vanitha Vijaykumar(Chandralekha) in "Maanikkam".. and is
planning his own film "Gold Medal" to be taken in 3 languages.. soon!..

***Parthiban.. His year was more interesting than the others.. He made a
really atrocious movie.. changed his course and made a very pretty decent
film.. "Sarigamapadhanee".. and "Pullaikkuttikaaran".. showed Parthi at
his best and his worst.. and since he has now changed course.. his
"Soththukkatchi" should be a welcome change to all hard-core Parthiban
fans!.. His "Piriyamaanavale" with wife Sita is also in the works!!..

***Short notes on others***

***Prasanth.. had a very mild year.. even with the success of
"Aanazhagan".. and is working on his father's film "Padagotti Babu"...
and in Pavithran's "Kaloorivaasal".. 1996 looks a little better!..

***Ajeethkumar.. definitely becoming a heart throb among young Tamil
girls today!.. especially since the success of "Aasai" in India in
1995!.. Interestingly, the lastest kisu kisu with Swathi(Theva) hasn't
affected him in getting roles.. "Vaan Madhi".. "Kaloorivaasal".. and he
has much much more up his sleeve in 1996!!..

***Ramesh Arvind.. A pretty good 1995 for him too.. With the amoga
success of "Sathi Leelavathi".. RA starred in "Paatu Vaadhiyar".. which
didn't do so well!.. but never fear when RA still awaits the release of
"Meendum Saavithri" with Revathi, Saranya and others.. and "Kanden
Sithaiyai" with Kamal, Nagesh, Naasar, S.P.B., Manorama and others!..

***Vijay... Dir. S.A.Chandrasekaran's son made a good name for himself in
1995!.. His unique style in dialogue delivery and the one-song that he
never fails to sing in his films.. have brought him a minute size fan
club.. "Theva," "Vishnu," "Raajavin Paarvaiyile" and "Chandralekha".. out
of these only "Chandralekha" did poorly at the box office!!.. All the
others did moderately to very well in collections!.. Vijay's next film is
"Kooyamuththoor Maapillai".. supposed to have been released in Dec '95,
no word yet on whether it did!.. He also stars in Vikraman's "Poove
Unakkaaga" with Sangita.. Vijay also stars in his dad's latest venture
"Maanbumigu Maanavan".. Heroine Sangavi-yaa irukkumo?!!

***Jayaram.. Nothing dramatic happenned in 1995 to Jayaram's career.. but
"Kolangal" and "Murai Maaman".. brought him a good name!.. He currently
stars with R.V.Udhayakumar, Udhaya(New face) in "Chinnasaami,
Periyasaami" and in "Ratna" with Vignesh..

***The final three.. went bondi-yo bondi in 1995.. Ramki, Ragumaan, and
Anandbabu.. Ramki's "Mayabazaar 1995" and "Thottil Kuzhandhai" flopped,
while Raguman's "Paatu Paadavaa" did okay.. and Anandbabu's "Mani-Ratnam"
bombed as well.. All three didn't try very hard to make any kind of
comeback and that's that!


My Sources: Cinema Express, Kumudham, Anandha Vikatan..



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Your review of Tamil films made interesting reading.



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