Tamil Movie News--Pudhu Edition 2

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Sandya S. Krishna

Jul 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/1/97

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Thirai Isai News(CONT.)***

***"Manam Virumbudhay.. Madras Talkies.. Unnai..".. or atleast that was
what distributors were probably singing at the gala cassette release
function that Maniratnam, Vasanth and Co. had organized for their second
joint venture "Nerukku Nerr".. The 'Kadi Mannan' host for the evening was
comedian Vivek, who took comic jabs at everyone including the stars in
the film: Simran, Vijay, Surya.. Plus, a sweet little jab at "gundu
kannams" Arvind Swamy (who isn't part of NN) as: "Adhula paarunga penngal-na
oru saami-kku romba pidikkum.. Adhu Brahmaananda Saami.. Penngalukku oru
saami-yai romba pidikkum-na adhu indha (pointing at AS) saami dhaan"..

Yet, the highlight of the show was when Vivek had several stars enter the
stage to read the pallavi of every song.. and Music Director Deva and his
troupe joined in to play and sing that song beautifully to the audience!..
Directors Maniratnam, Vasanth, K. Balachandar, along with MD Deva,
Lyricist Vairamuthu, Actors Arvind Swamy, Abbas and Prabhudeva and
Actresses Ranjitha, Devayani and Revathi were present at this natchatram
filled gala event in early May!.. Deva Maniratnam padam-na dhaan romba
nalla music poduvaaro appidi-nu oru vathanthi paravi irupadhan karanam

***Seems like "Thaththuva Paadal" honors for this edition go straight to
Vidyasagar's latest album to hit stores: "Thaayin Manikodi".. The Arjun-Tabu
film which is expected to release this month has quite a share of
thaththuvams attached to it..

A song where Arjun, Tabu, Goundamani, Venniraadi Moorthy, Charlie, Baby
Shamli, Baby Annie, and Baby Jennifer dance together!..

"Uncle Uncle..
Arjun Uncle..
Konjam Nillunga..
Anju Vayasu
Cousin Onnu Answer Pannunga"..

A song that Tabu and Arjun dance at the enemy camp!.. The song was
picturized in a forest-like environment near the city of Madhanapalli!..
A grand set was erected by Thotta Tharani in a forest where the fear of
animal attack is constant.. Somehow, Arjun managed to shoot the song there!

"Adi Raani Sultana
Naan Modi Masthana
Kannukku Theriyaamal
Kaatr-aaga varuvena

Moththathil Needhane
Action King-u
Muththa-thal Nee Tharuvaai
Motsham ingu"

(Appadi Podu!)..

***There are plenty of those who have "bhakthi kalandha mariyadhai" for
Ilaiyaraja even today.. Besides the K.Rs, Selvamanis, Rajkirans,
Udhayakumars, there is Naasar, whose second directorial venture's (Devathai)
soundtrack was released recently!.. Kamalahassan presented the soundtrack
as Devi Theaters Owner P. Natarajan received it!.. Actors Vijaykumar, MD
Ilaiyaraja, Directors K.Balachandar and Nasar were, as always, grinning
off to glory at this occasion!..

***Besides this, K.R.'s "Kaadhal Rojave" soundtrack was also released..
A.V.M. Saravannan released the audio tape as Actor Sivakumar received
it.. Producer M.Bhaskar, Dance Master Raghuram, Muktha Srinivasan, Debut
Hero Vishnu, Producer 'Pyramid' Natarajan and Director K.R. were present
to enjoy the function!.. Even more recently, Manobala's "Nandhini" audio
cassette was released!.. Amaichchar Mullaivendhan released the soundtrack
as Sathyraj received the first copy!.. Pyramid Ganshyam, Directors
Bharathiraja, Manobala and Producer Pyramid Films International head V.
Natarajan were present to smile for the cameras!..

***Some kutti news for A.R.Rahman and Karthik Raja fans.. It appears that
Karthik's music in "Ullaasam" seemed to have grabbed everybody's
attention, including the critics!.. The film won high marks for its
camera, song picturization and music.. and Karthik has added a new
feather to his cap!.. He currently composes for two tamil films and a few
Hindi films.. The titles of those tamil films are unknown at this
point!.. A.R.Rahman fans have quite a lot to cheer about since their
favorite music director won the National Award for his work in "Minsaara
Kanavu".. Moreover, ARR's Hindi album "Daud" hit stores recently.. while
K.T.Kunjumon's "Rakshakan" (the Nagarjun/Sushmita Sen film) is set for
release July 31st!.. If everything goes as planned, the album that
contains songs like "Love Attack" and "Mercury Pookkal Model Nilaakkal"
will hit the music market soon!..

***There could never be a time when one cannot speak about Isaignaani
Ilaiyaraja.. Even though he appears to be rather quiet about what he does
nowadays, so that his sons can have the limelight.. Raja is much much
more busy than he appears.. He has more than a handful of films including:
Director Cheran-Murali koottani "Porkkaalam," Director Kalanjiyam-Murali
koottani "Poonthottam," "Mallikkai-kku Marudhaani," "Kaadhal Gramam," K.R.'s
"Kaadhal Rojave," Nasar's "Devadhai," Parthiban's "Kaangeyam Kaallai,"
Ramarajan's "Annan," Muktha V. Srinivasan's "Kanngalin Vaarththaigal,"
Bharathan's "Kanmani Oru Kavidhai," R.V.Udhayakumar's "Chinna Saami,
Periya Saami," and Ramarajan's "Kannuppada Pogudhu," So, "Raja-vukku
market out-nu inimel sollave mudiyaadhu!.. Kai-yil avalavu padangal!"

***Virudhugal and Vizhaakkal***

***It is the year of the Vizhaas.. As a result, Paavam Cinema Express
Awards.. They waited and waited for the vizhaa season to end, so that
they could grab considerable attention for their awards.. but Vizhaa
season does not end so quickly!.. (Of course, there is also another
possibility, Cinema Express has a ritual of waiting for Rajini to return
from his North India tour to honor the CE awards function.. Maybe the
awards are delayed this year on that account.. Then again, who knows?)

***"Rukku Rukku" celebrates 100 days.. On April 30th, 1997, a kalakkal
function was held in Kamarajar Arangam to celebrate the 100 day
successful run of the Tamil hit "Avvai Shanmugi" and its telegu
counterpart "Bhamane Satya Bhamane".. Everyone was smiles and grins as
Avvai Shanmugi herself (this time in a podavai, to avoid the wrath of
the Mylapore Maamis) presented the Madras and Bangalore distributors with
a kedayam!.. Kamal, Meena, K.S.Ravikumar and the Make-up Personnel all
received awards.. as Director K.Balachandar presented them!.. Crazy
Mohan, Music Director Deva, Sivaji Ganeshan, S.P.Balasubramaniam and many
others attended the function!..

***Speaking of "Nerukku Nerr".. only brings Saravannan to mind..
Sivakumar's son Saravannan has become 'Surya' for the movies and was
officially introduced by his father in a function held in Palmgrove Hotel
in Chennai in early May.. Sivakumar and Surya both thanked Director
Maniratnam and Vasanth, Cinematographer K.B.Anand and the press for
making Surya's debut special and memorable.. All the directors,
technicians and press reporters present there wished Surya well..

***"Thiruttu Muzhi" climbs to the top!.. Thiruttu Muzhi Pandiyarajan and
guru Bhagyaraj were thrilled at the very proposition of having a vetri
vizha for their grand size hit "Gopala Gopala".. Actually, the occasion
was more a 'dhaana dharmam' affair on stage as actress Ranjitha gave
various items like cookers, paais and sewing machines to help "Udhavum
Karangal" on behalf of the individual actresses and the film producers..
Director Maniratnam presented all the artists with their kedayams and
spoke in praise of their work.. For the first time in a long time,
Actress Kasthuri appeared in very dignified clothes for this function..
Actresses Nagma, Kushboo, Ranjitha, Lysricist Vairamuthu were others who
participated in the awards function!.. The highlight of the function was
a small child dressed as a krishnar and 20 other children dressed as gopikas
as they stood at the entrance and invited the guests!..

***It has always been an event to remember and this year was no exception..
The Tamilnadu State Awards had that special "kallai".. as Super Star
Rajinikanth bagged his very first award in 22 years, for the film
"Muthu," All the other awards presented were for the year 1995..
There was a huge natchatra pattaalam there to grace the occassion,
including the following:

Best Film: "Andhi Mandhaarai" (awarded received by Mrs. Chandraleela
Best Film (Second Prize): "Kolangal" (Producer P. Henry)
Best Film (Third Prize): "Avadhaaram" (Producer L. Vydyanathan)
Best Film (Spl. Award): "Indhira" (Producer G.Venkateswaran)
Best Film (showing women in good light): "Naan Peththa Mahane"
(Director V.Sekhar)
Best Actress: Kushboo ("Kolangal")
Best Actress (Spl. Award): Radhika ("Pasum Ponn," "Rani Maharani")
Best Actor (Spl. Award): Vijaykumar ("Andhi Mandhaarai")
Best Director: Vasanth ("Aasai")
Best Dialogue Writer: K.S.Adhiyaman ("Thotta Shinungi")
Best Story: K. Bhagyaraj ("Thaaikulame Thaaikulame")
Best Lyricist: Vairamuthu ("Bombay," "Muthu")
Best Playback singer (Male): Hariharan ("Aasai," "Bombay")
Best Playback singer (Female): Chitra ("Aasai," "Bombay")
Best Cinematographer: Santhosh Sivan ("Indhira")
Best Sound Engineer: Pandurangan ("Aasai")
Best Stunt Master: 'Kanal' Kannan
Best Dance Master: Tharunkumar ("Muthu")
Best Villain: Raguvaran ("Thotta Shinungi") - he was a villain in TS?
Best Comedian: Manivannan ("Rani Maharani," "Deva")

Spl. Awards:
Anna Award: T. Rajendar
M.G.R. Award: Satyaraj
Kalaivanar Award: Goundamani
Raja Santo Award: Director V.Sekar
Kannadasan Award: Lyricist Poovai Senguttuvan

***T.V.Time (New Section)***

***It's quite amazing, the speed at which actors and actresses disappear
in and out of the tamil cine field today!.. So, where do they all go, if
they leave movies?.. This section is dedicated to all those heroes and
heroines who have disappeared into T.V. land.. even though we are still
interested in knowing about them!..

***Comedian Y.G.Mahendran and Actress Rekha star in "Gallaatta Colony,"
which airs for 26 weeks on Sun T.V... Pandu, Kovai Sarala, Thyagu, Junior
Balaiyya, Bailvan Ranganathan, Omacuchchi Narasimhan and Loose Mohan
star.. The serial is about a colony where four different families reside
and each one has a head of household named "Subramaniam".. All four
families have one marriage age daughter.. The serial is a "sirippu vedi"
surrounding how the letters arriving to each house get mixed up, how
potential maappillais go to different houses.. Ore kuzhappam.. ore galatta!

***"Aboorva".. A T.V. serial starring Chitra, Nizhalgal Ravi, Ganga,
Ilavarasi, Nithya, Charuhassan and Soniya airs in Raj T.V. currently..
The serial is based on a bharatnayam dance who dedicates her life to her
dance and the difficulties she encounters as a result!..

***"Marma Kolai".. Jayaganesh, Rajesh, Prithviraj and Vaishnavi star in yet
another Sun T.V. serial about a series of murders and how the police
solve the mystery.

***A 52 Episode serial titled "Sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-dha-nee" by Director
Kanthan(Director Mouli's brother) has raised quite a few eyebrows, since
it stars Crazy Mohan and many members of CM's own drama troupe!.. The
unique thing about this serial is that songs have been picked and the
artists asachchu-fy their mouth accordingly.. The songs not only fit the
theme, but also create hilarious moments constantly!..

***Kutti Padmini who has presented over 82 serials and 300 variety
programs recently began a program titled "Ungal Viruppam" under her
Vaishnavi films banner!.. The program hosted by Kutti Padmini herself is
picturized in various parts of Tamilnadu where KP asks people what film
katchi-gal they would like to see on T.V.!.. Basically, a literal 'ungal
viruppam' program, where viewers can chose what film sequences they want
to see!..

***Vivek, Bailvan Ranganathan, Typist Gopu, and newface Lavanya star in a
new serial titled "Suklaam Bharadharam".. a 26 episode serial produced by
Vivek himself is currently under production and should hit your favorite
T.V. Channel soon!..

***Crazy Mohan's "Oru Baby-in Dairy Kurippu".. replaces Actor
Pandiyarajan's serial "Paramapadham," which completed its full run last month
On Wednesdays, it's vayaru valikka sirikkira time, as Crazy Mohan writes
the story and dialogues and acts in the serial with Balaji, I.O.B. Mohan
and Sumangali.. Director Mouli's brother Kanthan directs!..

***"Mann-in Maindhargal".. a serial in Doordarshan from May 10th stars
Actor Pandiyan, Actress Viji, V.K.Ramaswami and others.. One of the more
costly serials, most of MM was picturized outdoor!..

***V.K.Ramaswami, Venniradai Moorthy, Madhan Bob, C.I.D Shakuntala, Vinu
Chakravarthi and Charlie star in this soon to be telecast serial titled
"Mama Maapillai".. Doordarshan gets the honors as VKR and others await
the success of this laugh riot!..

***Telephoto Films, which is Suresh Menon's production company, created
films like "Pudhiya Mugam" and "Paasa Malargal".. is now up to its neck
producing T.V.serials like "Doctors" starring Actresses Revathi, Vinodhini,
Ajay Ratnam, A.R.S., Suresh Menon and Baby Swetha.. This 32 episode
serial airing in Sun T.V. is soon reaching its 12 week mark.. and tells
the story of various people and doctors in somewhat of a soap opera fashion..
The other serial in the works is titled "Dizzy Dizzy".. which is designed
for kids who attend the M.G.M. Dizzy World.. The kids form teams and are
given clues to find a certain vilayaattu porul.. The smart kids who find
it first get prizes.. But the show is more perundhanmai.. as it gives all
its participants a token prize just for being a part of the show!

Last but not least..

***K.Balachandar's "Premi".. The very popular character "Manju" in "Kai
Alavu Manasu" and "Polambal Vanaja" in "Kaadhal Pagadai".. Renuka who
shined brightly in both roles gets her opportunity to play the lead role
in KB's latest serial.. New faces Mohan Vaidhya, Rajesh Vaidhya along
with Lyricist Vaali and Sowkar Janaki will also join the cast!.. "Premi"
began airing from June 9 on Sun T.V. at 7:30 pm every Monday for a half-hour..

***Tamil Movie News***


***Directors J.D. and Jerry.. Maayndhu Maayndhu velai seiyum irandu
dosth-gal, tamil industry-il innaikku ivargal dhaan!.. They seemed to have
added more color to their first venture, "Ullaasam," by putting in all
the ilamai factors along with a theme for every song.. J.D and Jerry, who
were once stuck in the web of T.V. serial direction, came in with some
new ideas including Kamasutra sirpangal near Thiruvannamalai, Switzerland
(land of bikes and cars), and a room full of posters(of all sorts of
things).. All of these got incorporated into their songs..

Interestingly, Jaya Bachchan who saw the preview of the film, walked out
without saying a word.. J.D. and Jerry immediately thought that they had
done a bad job and were disappointed.. JB called in the morning to ask
them: "When do you two want to come pick up the advance for the next
film?" (Nejamaagave bank-il yedhaavadhu pannam baakki irukka, Jayaji?..
Yedhukkum.. paavam ungal purushan Amitabh-ai oru vaarththai kettal nalladho?)
J.D. and Jerry were thrilled to hear this from her.. This team studied
both B.Sc and M.Sc together.. Though JD joined as Balu Mahendra's
assistant and Jerry went to Bangalore in search of work afterwards..
Their same type of rasanai brought them back together soon!..

***Lots of "Smile Please" for Babu.. He made his unforgettable debut in
Bharathiraja's "En Uyir Thozhan".. Though the film fell badly at the box
office, Babu was recognized for his work.. Paavam experience illaadha-dhaal,
he signed films left right and center, not knowing what was good or bad for
him!.. Things took a horrible turn in December 1990, when he did a stunt by
himself and landed head first on the ground.. Severe injuries to his neck and
body paralyzed Babu with little chance of recovery predicted by doctors..
Luckily, Babu was a strong man who fought all the odds, learned to walk and
began to believe in himself!..

Along with his lifelong friend, Radha Mohan, Babu has dived into a new film
project titled "Smile Please".. Babu writes the dialogues, Radha Mohan
directs, as Prakashraj, a Mumbai heroine, Manivannan and Renuka star..
Vidyasagar composes music, M.S.V. Murali produces the film, as the
shooting is moving smoothly!.. Irudhi-yil Babu's greatest thrill is indeed that
Bharathiraja has promised him some kind of work in one of his future films!..
Lots of good luck and 'smiles' to Babu from SCT!..

***"Devathai"-yai thedi sendra Nasar.. His greatest regret to date was
the failure of "Avathaaram" in reaching the masses.. But Nasar has yet to
give up!.. Keeping a totally commercial perspective, Nasar has begun
shooting his next film "Devadhai" with lots of sequences set in the present
and past.. Nasar has had quite a lot of difficulty in picturizing the
film.. One was finding a heroine, even after advertising for one in the
newspaper.. After searching in Bangalore for a tamil speaking heroine, he
finally chose newcomer Keerthi Reddy as the leading lady.. The second biggest
prachchanai was convincing the Dubai authorities that Devadhai was an
'okay' film to shoot there.. Incidentally, the only film previously shot
in Dubai showed the villain and his home situated in Dubai.. This infuriated
the Prince of Dubai.. After a lot of pacifying and story-telling, Nasar
and co. won permission to shoot the film there!..

According to Nasar, the greatest assets for this film are the Graphics work
done by Trotsky Marudhu, who has used the same FLINT computer software
used to create the special effects in the Hollywood film "Independence Day"..
The other asset being Ilaiyaraja's songs and background music!.. The other
valuable aspect this film offers is the attention given to costumes and
weapons used in the past, almost 300 years ago!.. Thaththru-bamma irukka
vendum yendru niraiya-ve kashta pattu irukkiraargal!..

"Devadhai" is a love triangle story, anxiously awaited by many, starring
Vineeth, Keerthi Reddy, Thalaivaasal Vijay (motttai thalai, worth noting!),
Janakaraj, K.B. Mohan(newcomer), and Sathyapriya!.. Dance choreography by
Shyamala and Jayanth and Cinematography by Sridharan!.. Story, Screenplay,
Dialogues, Direction and a special role in the film by Nasar..

***Adhiyaman in Seventh Heaven.. Even after receiving the Tamilnadu State
Award for his work in "Thotta Shinungi," Adhiyaman-ukku niraiyaa
varuththam irukkiradhu!.. Soon after TS was released, he began work for
his next venture.. He went around kadhai sollu-fying almost all the big
heroes around.. They liked the story, just that they wanted him to change
the role so that the hero had more domination in the film!.. Veruththu
pona Adhiyamaan, threw the story out and decided to start on another
venture when adhistam dragged him to the Hindi film world!..

Producer K.S.Bokadia, "Thotta Shinungi"-yai paarththu vittu, was just
thrilled and impressed with Adhi's work!.. Soon after Shah Rukh saw the
film and agreed to act in it!.. Adhiyaman's biggest victory was getting
SR to star, considering SR had just announced that he would not star
under South Indian directors or South Indian remakes.. It was indeed Madhuri
Dixit who saw the film and immediately recommended Shah Rukh for Raghuvaran's
role!.. In turn, Shah Rukh recommended Salman Khan for Karthik's role.. Soon
after, Athul Agnihotri (Amitabh fan/Nagendra Prasad role,) was decided upon!..
After experiencing quite a lot of manasu thallarchchi in tamil, Adhiyaman was
glad that the Hindi industry accepted him with open hands!..

Adhiyaman is currently shooting Muthu Movies's production "Swarnamukhi"
and simulataneously writing a thodar kadhai of the film's story for
Anandha Vikatan.. The film stars Prakashraj, Devayani, Manivannan,
Fathima Babu, Senthil and Srividya and is based on a Bharathanatyam
dancer's life and times.. Swararaj composes music!..

***Olliyaana Roja.. It is not now.. but for a while that Roja has been
waiting for R.K.Selvamani to say 'yes' to celebrate their wedding!.. The
azhagu pettagam who made her debut in "Chembaruththi" is just about ready
to tie the knot with RKS and have kuzhandhai kuttis and be happy!.. Indha
aasai ellam oru pakkam irukka.. Roja has had to deal with other kinds of
problems in her life!.. Ivarai entire cinema vattaaram oru maadhiri-yaai
paarkkiradhu.. especially since some magazine (probably for the sake of
sales) killappu-fied a rumour that Roja has AIDS!.. Matters didn't help
when Roja started to dramatically lose weight, in effort to effectively
compete with the Northie varavus to tamil films!..

Indha weight loss-ai pattriyum thappaaga-ththaan yezhudhinaargal!..
Furthermore, when malaria and dust allergy attacked.. Roja had no choice
but to go to the hospital for treatment.. This again was cited as another
indication of having AIDS!.. In her interview with Anandha Vikatan, Roja
listed all the possible ways one could get AIDS.. and she made it
absolutely clear that she and Selvamani are happy and healthy people
waiting to get married!.. That was the end of that!.. On a more pleasant
note, Roja is really excited about her role in "Kadavul".. It is that of
a poosaari penn, one that she feels would win her some kind of award or

***Timia-vin Karakkaattam.. Hungary naattu azhagi "Naattuppura Naayakan"
padathth-in moolam Thamizh cinema-vil pravesikkiraar!.. Timia, who was
staying in Aravindhar Aashramam in Pondicherry was asked by Director Rama
Narayanan, if she would like to act in a tamil movie.. Though Timia
hesitated because of the language barrier.. she soon agreed after she
heard the story.. Story?!: Foreigner comes to village.. falls in love
with culture and dance (karakkaattam, kuchchupudi).. in turn, meets hero
Selva.. He falls for her.. but she values friendship more and decides to
get him married to uravu-kkaara penn Swathi!.. She goes back to her own

Timia placed a lot of conditions if Rama Narayanan wanted her to act in
his film: no kissing scenes and no wearing swim suits.. Above all, Timia
spent many hours learning karakkaattam and kuchchupudi and even learned
to do a fight scene at the climax where she saves Selva from the bad guys!
Timia is so enamoured with Tamilnadu culture, dance, people and cinema
that she plans on staying there even after she completes her work in
"Naattuppura Naayakan".. She hopes to get Rajini and Kamal's support and
an acting chance in their films, to stay on in Tamilnadu..

***Ice-ukku Ice vecha Shankar.. Director Shankar feels at the top of his
world right now, considering his next big budget flick "Jeans" has almost
been completed and will be set for release soon.. But in the meanwhile,
he constantly sings praises of Aishwarya Rai.. Aaga moththam, kanna
pinna-vena Ice-ukku Ice mazhai pozhigiraar!.. "Roja Poo"-vai poll irukkum
Ice, according to Shankar, had a China Girl make-up to put on, as one of
8 get-ups for a song!.. Aish's own make-up man created this China girl
effect for her by uyarththi-fying her eyebrows and stretching the corners
of her eyes.. Paavam Ice, vali-yil thudiththu vittaar!.. But it seemed
Shankar-e vali-yil thudiththaal poll interview koduththaar!.. Of course,
Shankar had the utmost praise for Ice who never said a word and bore all
the pain with no complaints!..

Shankar and his unit along with the stars, Ice, Prasanth, Senthil, Nasar,
Lakshmi and co. shot for 20 days in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.. Many of
the people who came to paraakku paarththu-fy these shootings were rather
amazed to find a young person like Shankar directing a film!.. According
to them, Hollywood directors in general are old with paannai thoppais,
beards and all that!.. It was just amazing to them how a young person was
directing an Indian movie..

Additionally, the use of GRAPHICS has always had a special place in
Shankar's films.. and it isn't any different this time!.. Stephen
Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" had the longest use of graphics for 20
minutes in the film.. Shankar's "Jeans" has set a new record in the use of
graphics for 30 minutes in a film!.. The cost: Rs. 3 Crores.. Aaga
Moththam Ashok Amritaraj padam varaththukku minnadiye BONDI dhaan

***From "Kottai" to "Kannamma".. and never looking back!.. Sridevi, or
more popularly known as Indhu in tamil cinema has made quite an impact in
the last couple of years in supporting roles as Devayani's friend in
"Kaadhal Kottai," and Parthiban's sister in "Bharathi Kannamma".. Indhu,
who began her career in television, promises that she would always be
grateful for her big break to T.V. She also believes that good stories
like KK and BK give way to good characters in film.. Of course, she
admits that the Madurai Thamizh that the Pechchi character in BK demanded
was the hardest to learn.. A lot of credit did go to Director Cheran who
based the "Pechchi" character on the nadai, udai, baavanai, pechchu of
his own sister and taught Indhu the same characteristics..

Indhu doesn't care much for the fact that she may never become a leading
heroine in the industry.. She is proud that a supporting role can generate
as much sympathy, joy and anxiety if it is indeed an excellent one.. Indhu
has "Pongalo Pongal" running in theaters currently and awaits the
following films (adhaavadhu thaan muththirai padhiththa padangal):
"Manasukkul Varalaama"(Abbas-Ravali,) "Udhavikku Varalaama" with
Karthik, "Channasi" with Aravindhan and "Ratna" with Murali-Sangita..
Supporting Role-ai vaiththe thannakena oru "KOTTAI" katti kolla
udhdhesiththu vittaar Indhu!..

***Ravali's rise!.. Kavarchi-yin ellai-kke poga thunidha Ravali.. Mostly
everyone considers her to be desperate.. especially since she hasn't
starred in any tamil film since "Gandhi Pirandha Mann" almost two years
ago.. Of course, "Deva Raagam" balti-adichchu-fied.. as a result, Ravali
doesn't want to talk about it!.. Indeed, she has become, what Parthiban
described as a characteristic of his heroine for "Kaangeyam Kaallai"..
the "Seemai Pasu" for the film.. Scantily clad with supposed kizhishals
in her saree, Ravali is ready to fight the competition and tear the
kavarchi industry apart with her forthcoming roles.. Besides Parthiban's
"Kaangeyam Kaalai," Ravali also stars in K.Subash's "Abimanyu" with
Parthiban.. (Parthi nerame sari illai!.. Jaagiradhai!).. Her biggest
thrill was supposedly a fantastic muththa kaatchi with Abbas in "Manasukkul
Varalaama".. Inimel Kodambakka-ththai kavarchi kittendhu Kadavul dhaan


My Sources: Cinema Express, Kumudham, Anandha Vikatan..


G Balasubramanian

Jul 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/1/97

En iniya tamizh makkalay, vanakkam.

I was just wondering how much time did Sandya take to write this mail.
I will be happy even if one of the recipients reads the entire mail.

ellam oru tamashukku dhaan ezhudhinen. Thappaga eduthukkolla vendam.

Dev Mannemela

Jul 2, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/2/97

In article <Pine.OSF.3.95q.97070...@wpi.WPI.EDU>,

G Balasubramanian <ga...@wpi.edu> wrote:
>En iniya tamizh makkalay, vanakkam.
>I was just wondering how much time did Sandya take to write this mail.
>I will be happy even if one of the recipients reads the entire mail.
>ellam oru tamashukku dhaan ezhudhinen. Thappaga eduthukkolla vendam.

I for one, read the entire 3 part postingm even though I don't understand
a word of tamil (OK, may be a few words..).
I read SCT only for Sandhya's postings and the occasional film-music discussions.

I am very thankful to Sandhya for taking the time to do this service
for the rest of the tamil film fans..

P.S:- Balasubramanian, just a reminder, you don't have include the entire posting, when you reply.

Dev Mannemela de...@spimageworks.com
Sony Pictures Imageworks 310.840.8143 (O)


Jul 2, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/2/97
to G Balasubramanian

On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, G Balasubramanian wrote:

> En iniya tamizh makkalay, vanakkam.
> I was just wondering how much time did Sandya take to write this mail.
> I will be happy even if one of the recipients reads the entire mail.
> ellam oru tamashukku dhaan ezhudhinen. Thappaga eduthukkolla vendam.

Evallavu time eduthal yenn?!!It
is a great job,.Sandya after a long time
i read your article.

S. Thamarai Selvan

Jul 3, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/3/97

In article 100000@condor, Rangarajan <ra...@cs.uh.edu> () writes:

> > En iniya tamizh makkalay, vanakkam.
> >
> > I was just wondering how much time did Sandya take to write this mail.
> > I will be happy even if one of the recipients reads the entire mail.

> Evallavu time eduthal yenn?!!It
> is a great job,.Sandya after a long time
> i read your article.

Kavalai padAdhe thalaiva, nAn mulushum padichen. appuram, makkalukku anuppa
"save" panni vachirukken. Normally I use to do packetizing these things to
send to more people with a thanks to the original editor.

So you can be happy. Thanks to Santhya to giving the connection to my heart to the

S.Thamarai Selvan

Sabhapathy Kumararajah

Jul 8, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/8/97

S. Thamarai Selvan (sel...@lsil.com) wrote:

: S.Thamarai Selvan
I think her articles are the most read one in soc tamil. No other topic
is read by more people.
* *
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