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Sandya Sitaraman

Oct 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/22/96

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***1996 has already been filled with both success and turmoil for
Kodambaakkam.. Though signs of the last technicians' strike still remain,
some new hero, heroine, villain arrivals and film announcements have
brought a refreshing change for tamil cinema!... Lots of rumours, music
and movie news to cover!.. So arambikkalaama?..

***Thirai Isai News***

***"Raaja-vin sammadham thevai?!.. Meet Sashidharan.. Ilaiyaraja's wife
Jeeva's younger brother!.. Currently, there are very few cine stars,
producers and directors who don't know Sashidaran!.. A graduate in music
from the Trinity College in London, Sashidharan, has been Ilaiyaraja's
right hand for quite some time now!.. It is said that Raja used to give
notes of most songs to SD, who in turn, did "isai amaippu merpaarvai" and
recording as well!.. Many claim that the Sashidharan's fingers play
joyfully on the synthesizer, with extreme ease and style!..

Directors Rajkiran and R.V.Udhayakumar are ready to give Sashidharan a
chance at composing music for their films!.. Considering Ilaiyaraja has
practically quit signing films and composing music, there was an
expectation that he would give the "Go Ahead" to Sashidharan!.. This is
yet to happen!.. Sashidharan still awaits Raaja's sammadham to enter the
tamil music field as a music director!..
(Than pillaigal-ukku competition-aa Sashidharan-ai ninaikaaro, yennavo?)..

***Mellum keezhum pogum Suresh Peters-in career.. As we all know, Suresh
was highly popular when he sang "Chikku Bukku Raiyile" in "Gentleman" and
"Take It Easy, Oorvasi" with A.R.R. and Shahul Hameed in "Kaadhalan"..
Ellarum sarukkaraa maadhiri.. Peters also faced some unexpected
pitfalls!.. His decision to compose music for P.Vasu's "Coolie" was his
worst career move!.. Right at the stage when everyone wanted to
marandhu-fy his music and HIM.. Suresh Peters is making a small size
comeback singing a melody song in "Panchaalan-gurunchi" under Deva's music
direction.. He believes the song "Vandheenga-laa Vandheenga-laa" will
definitely change the trend of using his voice only for western tunes!..
Like A.R.Rahman, Peters is also nursing a hope of releasing an album at
the international level, sometime in the future.. "Oviyam" yendra recent
album-ai mudiththa Peters.. is hoping for another narrow space for entry
in Kodambaakkam!..

***Krishnaraj-ai sandhippom!.. The voice that has created a craze among
tamil cine song lovers for the "Vellarikka Pinju Vellarikka" song in
"Kaadhal Kottai".. Krishnaraj prides himself for his accomplishments at
finally being recognized by Tamilnadu moviegoers!.. Deva T.V.
programs-uku isai amaiththa kaalaththil irundhu, Krishnaraj has been
singing under his music direction.. Ippodhu dhaan, ivar career soodu
pidithirukkiradhu!.. Krishnaraj used to be content with just singing
'tracks' for Deva songs and many times, S.P.Balasubramaniam appreciated
the original track recording and recommended that Deva stick with
Krishnaraj's voice, instead of he resinging the song and erasing the old
one!.. Krishnaraj who also sang a lot of bhakthi paadalgal, a long while
back, laments.. "I used to get a lot of fan mail appreciating my rendition
of bakthi paadalgal.. Aana ippo, "Kaadhal Kottai"-la paadinadhu-kaaga
innum oruththar kooda ennakku fan mail anuppalai".. Viraivil.. at least
oru 'praise' niraindha kadidhamaavadhu Krishnaraj-ukku varum yendru nambuvom!..

***Paavam.. Gramaththukku thalli vittaargal!.. It's been relatively quiet
from Shahul Hameed's camp recently!.. He hasn't sung even in a A.R.Rahman
album in over a year!.. Yennadaa aachu yendru ninaiththu kondirukkum
bodhu, Shahul Hameed reveals.. "Nandraaga gavaniththu paarungal.. Naan
paadiya ella paadalgali-lume graamiya manam iruppadhu puriyum!".. How
true!.. "Raasaathi" in "Thiruda Thiruda," "Senthamizh Naatu" in
"Vandicholai Chinraasu" and "Usilampatti Pennkutti" in "Gentleman"..
Still, no word on whether he sings any new songs under ARR direction.. but
Shahul Hameed busy aaga dhaan irukkiraar!.. He has just finished singing
for the album "Paal Nila" to be released by NIC audio.. a varied
collection of hindustani, village and many other types of tunes that
pleases Hameed tremendously!.. Ajay, music director of tele-serial
"Paarvaigal" composes music for "Paal Nila"..
(ARR sir, koodiya seekiram yedhaavadhu oru Bharathiraja padam sign
pannunga, please!.. yendru sollaamal sollu-giraaro Shahul Hameed?)..

***A.R.Rahman-in direction-la paada mattum dhaan baaki.. Playback singer,
Sindhu, who became extremely popular after her rendition of "Mutham thara
yeththa idam" in "Jaihindh," also prides herself for singing under every
single music director in the tamil industry today.. A.R.Rahman-ai
thavira.. Sindhu, who gained considerable prominence after making her
debut under Ilaiyaraja's music direction in "Thanga Kili'.. continued to
sing under Ilaiyaraja's direction in "Uththama Raasa," "Oru Oorla Oru
Raajakumari," and Nandhavana Theru".. Some of us who are familiar with
tele-serial "Paarvaigal" and its songs.. would most definitely recognize
Sindhu's voice from "En manam karai purandu sella" and "Kodaali kondai
kaara".. Currently, Sindhu is lending her voice to some of the tunes
composed by S.P.Balasubramaniam for the tamil T.V. serials, Mahabharatham
and Ramayanam..

After learning carnatic music from Omangutti teacher in Kerala.. Sindhu
joined Yesudas's troupe on many concerts around the world, including
Canada, U.S., Srilanka, Dubai and Singapore.. It is through this
participation in Yesudas's troupe that Sindhu feels that she truly matured
as a good singer!.. Koodiya seekiram A.R.Rahman isai-yil paada
Sindhu-vukku SCT-yin vaazhththukkal!..

***"Ghazal-um Pop-um kalapavar ivaraaa?".. Hariharan is at the top of his
world today!.. Just when people started to believe Ghazal was dying from
lack of interest.. nice-aaga track-ai maatri.. Hariharan entered
Kodambaakam.. adhukku appuram kalakkalo kalakkal dhaan!.. Varisai-yaaga
one hit after another hit song!.. Latest being "Telephone mani polla
siripaval ivalaa!" in the film "Indhiyan".. Ayyo, Ghazal poiduche-nu
kavalai padamaal, Hariharan joined forces with Pop singer Leslie Louis and
came up with his latest concoction "Colonial Cousins" which is creating a
rage in Britain, Pakistan and India.. With all this success.. konjam
Anandha Vikatan kaarargal.. Hariharan vaara muyarchi seidhaargal.. "Why
haven't you sung "Rap" songs yet?.. Hariharan badhil.. "Yeno, adhu ennaku
varaleenga".. with a big smile!..
(Kudumikaarar-ukku bayangara adhistam dhaan!)..

***Another pudhu mugam.. only she is a relative of a very famous music
director!.. Adhaanalayo.. ennamo.. Israth, younger sister of A.R.Rahman,
has majorly accumulated fans and popularity!.. Israth made her tamil
cinema playback singer debut in Sundhar C.'s "Mettukkudi" recently, under
Sirpi's music direction!.. How odd?.. you might think!.. Israth has sung
in the chorus in many of A.R.Rahman's "Islamiya padalgal" albums, before
he entered the film field.. and also sung in chorus for many of the ARR's
songs in films!.. Ippadi irukka.. Poor Israth finally lost her patience
and decided Sirpi's offer as a lead singer was the right way to go!..

Recently, ARR was asked.. "Yeppo Israth unga music-la paada poraanga?".. He
looked extremely surprised at the mousu for Israth after the song "Indha
Poo" from "Mettukkudi" became big!.. "Hmm.. Paarkkalaam" was ARR's answer!..

***Kutti Isai News***

***"Avvai" Ajeeth-ukkaaga paadugiraar... Kamalahaasan finished singing a
song under Karthik Raja's music for Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd's
first tamil production "Ullaasam".. The song "Muththe Muththamma" is
sung by Kamal along with Swarnalatha and Bhavatharini!.. Kamal sings
for Ajeethkumar in the film!.. Who knows?.. Deepavali-kku "Avvai"-yum
paarppom.. Luck irundhaal.. "Avvai" paaduvadhai-yum ketpom!..

***K.Balachandar's "Kalki" was completed recently and huge cassette
release function was held in Madras!.. The soundtrack contains today's
most popular singing voices: Unnikrishnan, Chitra, Mano, Suresh Peters,
Swarnalatha, Anuradha Sriram, Sujatha, Febi (who sang "Eera Kaatru
Adichchadhaale" in "Sundhara Purushan").. and even Sudha Raghunathan, who
is mentioned in the C.D. insert!.. (Deva-vum ippo konjam carnatic music
range-kku poda try pannikondirukkiraara, yenna?..) A huge pattalaam from
Kodambaakkam attended this function including Prakash Raj, Kushboo, A.V.M
Saravannan, Geetha, Suhasini Maniratnam, Lalithakumari, Directors Suresh
Krishna, Maniratnam, Agathiyan, Vasanth, S.P.Muthuraman and much much
more!.. "Kalki" Deepavali-kku veli vara yedhir paarkkalaam!..

***Controversies galore!.. There was a major fight between two production
companies.. both registered the title "August 15th" with the film
chamber!.. When the problem was resolved and R.V.Udhayakumar's film was
renamed "Subhaash," everyone thought the problems were over!.. Well,
Karthik Raja was named the music director of "August 15th" initially!..
Yennacho theriyalai.. once the film became "Subaash".. Vidyasagar assumed
the role of music director!.. Karthik-ai yeppo thalli vittaargal yendru
theriyavillai!.. But it hasn't affected Karthik Raja much!.. He currently
composes for two Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd. productions "Ullaasam"
in Tamil and "Grihan" in Hindi with Jackie Shroff and Manisha Koirala..
Plus "Alexander the Great".. Direction by K.R.!..

***Virudhugal & Vizhaakkal***

***The final list of 1994 best artists was released by the Tamilnadu
Government in July of this year!.. Yenna oru rendu varusham dhaan
yeduththudhu.. Paravaaillai!.. (One small note: you will see a lot of
Saratkumar patru to Jayalalitha in these award results!.. These were those
jaalra times!)..

***Best Actor: Saratkumar ("Naataamai")
***Best Actress: Rajshri ("Karuththamma")
***Best Director: K.S.Ravikumar ("Naataamai")..
***Best Actress (spl. award): Oorvasi ("Magalir Mattum")
***Best Actor (spl. award): Nagesh ("Nammavar")
***Best Music Director: A.R.Rahman ("Kaadhalan")
***Best Lyricist: Vairamuthu ("Karuththamma")
***Best Playback Singer (Male): S.P.Balasubramaniam ("Jaihindh")
***Best Playback Singer (Female): Swarnalatha ("Karuththamma")
***Best Dance Chereographer: Raju Sundharam ("Kaadhalan")
***Best Dialogue writer: Balakumaran ("Kaadhalan")
***Best Story writer: Erode Soundhar ("Naataamai")
***Best Make-up artist: Sashi ("Naataamai")
***Best Costumes: Kaashi ("Kaadhalan")
***Best Cinematographer: Raghunatha Reddy ("Duet")
***Best Art Director: Thotta Tharani ("Kaadhalan")
***Best Editors: B. Lenin, V.T.Vijayan ("Kaadhalan") (for the 'nth' time?!)..
***Best Stunt Director: Raaki Rajesh ("Honest Raj")

A huge controversy erupted over the decision of these awards since
dialogue writer Balakumaran, actor Nagesh and Dance Master Sundharam
(father of Raju Sundharam) were all part of the judges' team for the 1994
awards!.. The belief that BalaK & Nagesh voted for themselves and Dance
Master Sundharam voted for his son was prevalent in cine vattaarams all
over Madras.. Even after they gave interviews relating to magazines that
they DID NOT participate in any of the voting held involving categories
where their names were in consideration.. thaaru maaru views were still
being scattered everywhere!.. This controversy died down only gradually,
in last couple of months!..

***"Indhiyan" jollikkiraan.. "Indhiyan"'s hundredth day celebrations were
held in Madras recently!.. Kamalahaasan, Director Shankar, Producer
A.M.Ratnam, and A.R.Rahman ellorum seventh heaven-il medhaandhu kondu
irundhaargal!.. and Why not?.. Amithabh Bachchan arrived and showered the
film and its technicians with tremendous praise for their technical
excellence and great team work!.. Ellorum pulahaang-idham aagi vittaargal!
Dialogue writer Sujatha and Crazy Mohan, Actor Nizhagal Ravi and Actress
Manorama were all present to receive their respective kedayams!.. Directors
S.P.Muthuraman, K.S.Ravikumar, and S.A.Chandrasekaran, Meena and Gemini
Ganeshan also participated in the festivities!.. Periya vishayam.. the
show as M.C.-ed by Kasthuri and Playback singer Mano!..
(All in all.. Nooru naal odiya "Indhiyan"-ukku inimel "Thadaa"-ve illai!)..

***Vellithirai Vambhugal***
Vathanthigal.. Shandaigal.. Kuzhapangal..

***Thuraththi thuraththi kaadhalikkum Heera-vum.. odi odi pogum
Ajeethkumar-um kadaisi-yil modhi kondadhu "Kaadhal" 'kottai'-yil dhaan!..
Actress Revathi held the opening ceremonies for her "Svabiman Foundation,"
a charity organization!.. Progam-ukku vandhirundhargal iv-iruvarum!.. Not
only that, both Ajeeth and Heera climbed up on stage and sang a duet
together from the film "1942, A Love Story".. "Kaadhal" valai-yil sikki
konda Ajeeth-oda ella film commitments-oda caretaker Heera-amma
dhaanaam!.. She was the one who insisted on Shilpa Shetty as the heroine
for the film "Raasi".. Coin toss pannuvadhu polla, Maheshwari was tossed
out of K.Subaash's "Nesam" and in came Rambha.. Ippadi attagaasam nadakka..
an avid Anandha Vikatan reporter overexcitedly ran to take pictures of the
both of them at the function.. Udane Heera.. "We are going to be together
all the time... Odi poyida maattom"..

At the same svarasyamaana function.. konjam killari vittadhil.. Ajeeth
said that he and Heera were in love.. and he would soon tell reporters
about future plans!.. Kumudham magazine reported a totally different
story.. a very defensive Ajeethkumar denying ANY such relationship with
Heera.. "Kadavule" yendru solla thonnum namakku.. indha charade innum
konjam interesting aaga pogiradhu!..

More recently.. Suddenly Heera barged into the "Raasi" shooting.. Ajeeth
and Rambha were talking to each other.. (Did I mention Shilp. Shet. as the
heroine.. Ivarum nadikkaaraa?.. illai Maheshwari toss out polla.. Shilp
toss dhaana?).. Anyways.. Heera vandhu.. "Hi"-nu Ajeeth-ai paarththu
solla, Ajeeth took her aside and said something!.. Keech-nu oru kaththal
kaththi vittu, Heera practically ran out of the sets.. angrily got into
the car and left!.. Paavam Rambha.. onnum theriyaadha paapa-vai poll,
muzhiththu kondu irundhaar yendru kelvi!..
(Ajeeth veru yaarodai-yo "Kaadhal Kottai" katta arambiththu vittaaro?..
Appadi-yaanaal yaar avar?.. Anandha Vikatan patrol seidhu kondirukkiraargal!)..

***"Meera" Lakshmi-yai thedi thirumba vandhu vittaar!.. Former actress
Ishwarya is back with her mom Lakshmi!.. After a major split between
mother and daughter.. rosham poththi kondu vandhu, Ishwarya married a
Muslim business man named Thanveer Ahmad!.. Then, she spent a nightmarish
few years addicted to drugs like her husband.. Ishwarya has supposedly
come to her senses and has been recovering from her drug problems.. Mother
of a baby girl, Ishwarya sollgiraar.. "thappu" senjadhu en amma, en
paatti, en kanavar, en pugunda veedu kaarargal.. she blames everyone and
half heartedly herself and her thimiru!.. Still no sign of whether she
might make a comeback into tamil films!..
("Ulle" yenna nadandha-dho theriyalai.. aana "veliye" kadhai katta
Ishwarya nandraagave kattru kondu vittaaro?)..

***"Thotta Shinungi" arambiththu vaithu kaadhal? + kisu kisu!!.. Paavam
Rohini.. she has never been a very popular actress in tamil!.. Appappo
nalla padam varum.. pogum!.. But, dhideer-nu Oorvasi-kku adiththa luck-ai
polla kooda Rohini-kku "Magalir Mattum" vazhiyaa adikkallai!.. Rohini's
best shot at the National Award came last year as she starred in the
Kannada film "Sthri" with "Thalaivaasal" Vijay under the direction of
Sethumadhavan ("Maruppakkam," "Nammavar").. Rohini's role was in strong
consideration by the judges for the Best Actress award until the final
minute.. yengayo thappu influence committee kulla pugurndhu.. dhisai
thiruppi.. they finally voted for Seema Biswas' powerful performance in
"Bandit Queen"..

Meantime, Rohini was also dealing with the rumours about Director
Adhiyaman ("Thotta Shinungi") and her, planning on getting married soon!..
Rohini and Adhiyaman vehemently protested such rumours and claimed that
they were only friends!.. Appuram, cinema-vil varuvadhu poll, DHIDEER-NU
oru naal, Rohini and Actor Raghuvaran come back from Thirupathi as a
married couple posing for reporters' cameras!.. It didn't even seem
that Rohini knew Raghuvaran that well.. but something led to the "Dum
Dums".. Revathi is very good friends with both Rohini and Raghuvaran..
Maybe Revathi set-up seidhu vaithirupparo?.. Niraiya kelvigal!.. But
yennavo.. "Thotta Shinungi" shooting-il dhaan ellam aarambiththadhu yendru
oru distinct feeling!.. Anyways.. Best of Luck, Rohini!..


My sources: Anandha Vikatan and Cinema Express..


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