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Jeffrey Chen

Feb 12, 1994, 6:44:19 AM2/12/94
to writes:

>Hong Dou Bing (Red Bean Ice)

>I'm sure all you ppl out there have tried "Red Bean Ice".

>Now the one I'm talking about differ greatly from the "Red-Bean-Ice"
>that one gets in HK. In HK, it's a drink with sugar water, red beans,
>maybe lotus seeds, and crushed ice. What I'm talking aoubt is
>Shredded ice, topped with "Red Bean soup" or "Green bean soup" with
>sweet milk on top, served on a plate, a eaten with a spoon.

>Sound familiar? If not, then I must have been dreaming. I miss TW.

You bet!!! Its the best in the world, man! Even better now since you can
have one with those $50NT and all-you-can-eat deals. Yum Yum!!! :)))



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