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Dan Jacobson

Jun 23, 2003, 5:44:17 PM6/23/03
我收到此同樣反對通用拼音的人的信, 茲分享:
B> Hi Dan,
B> I just saw your anti-Tongyong site (
B> - just wanted to let you know that I hope you don't give up the
B> good fight. My name is .... ...... - I teach history at National
B> ..... ..... University. Every time I think about Tongyong, I get so
B> mad I feel like I'm going to die. I think you can sympathize.

B> The evil Dr. Yu is indeed a fool and a fraud. Did you hear about his
B> recent appearance before the European Chamber of Commerce? First, the
B> guy can't speak English, so one of the businessmen had to be his
B> translator. Then he trotted out some "research" with methodology so
B> specious that even the assembled businesspeople were in an uproar at
B> the ridiculousness of it all. They wanted to lynch him on the spot,
B> but unfortunately he couldn't understand what they were saying and so
B> went away quite pleased with himself.

B> ECCT has tried to engage the central government on the issue, but no
B> one in the government will talk to them about it. Everyone in the
B> central government whispers that the issue is "too sensitive" or "too
B> political". The Europeans guess that a decision has been made at the
B> very top to support Tongyong - this means that Ah Bian is behind it.

B> The consolation for this whole mess is that ECCT is going to issue a
B> position paper stating their firm opposition to Tongyong. I'm sure it
B> will be ignored.

B> I know it's a lonely battle, but please keep fighting. Some day good
B> will triumph over evil!

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