Africans ruled widely in Europe for over 1400 years!

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F. Simons

Apr 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/15/98

Africans ruled widely in Europe for over 1400 years!

Shocking, isn't it! It started with Septimus Severus and ended with the

Moors. To summarize: * Black rulership of the Roman Empier begain in
193 A.D. with African born, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, a full
blooded African. There were four other Black emperors after the Severus

dynasty. * Often called the father of military strategy, Hannibal,
another full blooded African, performed the astounding feat of crossing
the Alps on elephants in 218 B.C. With only 26,000 of his original
of 82,000 troops remaining, Hannibal defeated Rome, the mightiest
military power of the age, who had a million men, in every battle for
next fifteen years. His tactics are still taught in leading military
academies of the U.S., Europe & other lands. * Black rulership was
widespread in Europe during the "Dark" & Middle Ages! * The orignal
"knights" were Black! -including the knights of King Arthur's Round
Table! That's why they were called "knights" after the night or
of their skin. * An African king named Gormund, ruled Ireland during
Anglo-Saxon period in England, reports the medieval historian, Geoffrey
of Monmouth. * Halfdan the Black, who was Africoid, was the first king
to unite Norway. * When the British Isles were invaded by the Vikings
some of these Norse raiders were Africoid. In fact different varieties
of 'Viking' Africans lived in Scandinavia during the Middle ages and are

frequently mentioned in Viking sagas. * There were Black Huns! The
dictionary describes the Huns as "a fierce barbaric race of Asiatic
nomads who, led by Attila, ravaged Europe i the 4th and 5th centuries
A.D." The Gothic writer Jordannes described their infamous leader,
Attila the Hun as having "a flat nose and swarthy complextion." He
describes the types od Huns he had seen as "of dark complexion, almost
black... broad sholder, flat noses and small eyres." * The African
dominated southwest Europe during the Middle Ages for 700 years:
A.D. (se page 6)

Europe's royal familes descended from Black/mulatto rulers!

This makes sense when you know that African's ruled Europe for 1400
years. Africans introduced the concept of royalty to the European whe
were initially uncivilized barbarians. African ancestry in the
is well documented in Nature Knows No Color Line by J.A. Rogers. To
a few: the Black Queen Charlotte Sophie - the grand daughter of Queen
Victoria - who was also the consort of George III & the great, great
grandmother of Louis XVI. Jean Baptiste Bemadotte who founded the
day royal Swedish family. The Medicis, the Gonzagas, the Duchess of
Alafoes, St.Hilaire - son of Louis XV ... this is why some of Europe's
oldest royal/noble families are called the "Black Nobility" though they
are "white"?

There are no "pure whites". Race purity is a big myth.

Europeans and their "white Americans" descendants have much African
from centuries of miscegenation with Africans: * That's why Spaniards,
Greeks and Italians are so dark. * African Moors ruling southwest
centuries, darkened whites in this area, especially Portal, which was
"the first example of a Negrito (African) republic in Europe." Moors
ruling Scotland in the 10th century mixed with whites until they
disappeared. * Black Celts (Silures) & Black Vikings vixed with the
Scandinavia people. * The black blood type is common even in Nordic
Europe where intermixing has been happening since antiquity. * Even
Hitler's family had some Black blood, reports the New York Times 7/1/40.

The Huns inclued Black Mongolians who mixed heavily with the 'Aryan
Germans.' * Black slavery lasted in England for about 400 years
(1440-1834), during which time much intermixing occured. For details on

Europe's Aficna history / ancestry in whites: Ivan Van Sertima: African

Presence in Early Europe, J.A. Rogers: Nature Know No Color Line and Sex

and Race (all volumes), Edward Scobie Black Britannia, and David
MacRitchie: Ancient & Modern Britons.

Mo!... Yes Beethoven was Black. So were five U.S. presidents!.

*Beethoven was a dark Moorish mulatto called "The Black Spaniard." His
teacher, the immortal Joseph Hayden, was also a mulatto! (Khamit-Kush:
What They Never Told You In History Class) In The Five Negro
J.A. Rogers documents the mulatto indentity of five American presidents!

(Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Warren Harding, Andrew Jackson &
Abraham Lincoln)

* Wise men of African's Dogaon tribe baffles scientists with their
accurate, advanced technical knowledge of celestial bodies such as the
invisible white dwarf star, Sirius B, only recently discovered by
science. They even accurately told the composition of the moon in 1946,

decades before the first moon landing! (Marcel Griaule Conversations

* Modern Inventions of Blacks are many, including: * Automatic
Transmission * Air Conditioning * Multiple Stage Rocket * Turbine Engine

* Toilet * Traffic Lights. * Numerous Blacks contributed to development

of Micro Computers & the Atom Bom. Details; Van Sertima Blacks in
Science for quick review; Ersky Freeman: 1001 Black Inventions

Apr 16, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/16/98

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"F. Simons" <> wrote:
> Africans ruled widely in Europe for over 1400 years!

I'm sure that you find this all very interesting and therefore you had the
insight to post it on a newsgroup.

There is however a detail that I would like to point out to you.

The newsgroup I picked this message up from, is SOC.CULTURE.SOUTH-
AFRICA.AFRIKAANS. Your posting hardly has any bearing or relevance to this
newsgroup. You can maybe try places like ALT.RACIST or ALT.PAN-AFRICANISM or
something similarly old-fashioned to post your research to.

Communication in this newsgroup also takes place in a language called
"Afrikaans". If people make comments that is relevant to this ng. and they
cannot write in Afrikaans, we are normally not offended. In the case of your
posting I would personally like to make an exception.
You are in fact implying that people who speak Afrikaans are white
supremacists and therefore would be pissed off at the statements you made in
your posting. You might be interested that there are many millions of people
living in South Africa with Afrikaans as their first language who are
decidedly "African".

An additional comment that would seem to bear relevance to this issue - your
posting is what most people would call a "troll" - i.e. a comment made to
draw argument. This is the kind of thing that immature high-school students
keep themselves amused with. Grow up or get out.


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Brian W. Buss

Apr 19, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/19/98

here here! I've been monitoring this ng for several weeks and although my
Afrikaans is very poor, I have to agree. Firstly that this kind of
trolling is childish and serves no usefull purpose as to intelligent
conversation. Second, this is an Afrikaans ng.

Missing SA
Brian Buss

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