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Audio of Timothy Treadwell's Last Moments ("Grizzly Man")

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Jan 31, 2009, 2:45:07 AM1/31/09
REAL Audio of Attack of Timothy Treadwell and friend Amie Huguenard on
6 Oct 2003.

Video and still camera equipment, also found at the site, were later
analyzed by Alaska State Troopers where it was discovered that the
last remaining 6 minutes of video tape, which was found still in the
camera bag, had captured the sounds of the attack.

The first sounds from the tape are from Amie, "she sounds surprised
and asks if it's still out there". Apparently either Tim had asked
Amie to turn the camera on, or Amie just turned it on out of reflex.
(I don't believe this latter scenario took place for one minute which
I will discuss in detail below). At any rate, the attack was in
progress when the camera was turned on.

The next voice is from Timothy as he screams "Get out here! I'm
getting killed out here!" (Tim was wearing a remote microphone on his
coverall's). The sound of a tent zipper is then heard and the tent
flap opening. Amie is heard screaming over the background sounds of
rain hitting the tent, the wind, and other storm sounds all mixed in
with the bear and Tim fighting to "Play dead!" Seconds pass before
Amie yells again to "Play dead!" (Van Daele 2004)

Not surprisingly, with Amie yelling and screaming nearby, this seems
to work and the bear breaks off the attack. (more on this below) A
short conversation ensues as Amie and Tim try and determine if the
bear is really gone. Being trained as a physician's assistant, it is
believed that Amie made her way to Tim, and from the sounds caught on
tape, the bear returns and Amie is forced to back off. Tim then is
clearly heard screaming that playing dead isn't working and begs her
to "hit the bear!" ( Van Daele 2005, Fallico 2004) The sound of rain
hitting the tent, along with wind muffle the sounds at this point.
However, Amie is clearly heard yelling to "Fight back!" She is then
heard screaming "Stop! Go Away! or possibly Run Away!" as the sound of
"a frying pan is used to beat the top of the bears head and the sound
of Tim moaning. (Fallico 2004)

It is believed that at this point in the attack, the bear let go of
Tim's head which the bear had in it's mouth, and grabbed him somewhere
in the upper leg area. The sound of Amie screaming very loudly, as Tim
is clearly heard over the sounds of the storm, saying "Amie get away,
get away, go away". Tim knew he was going to die at this point and
wanted to save Amie from the same fate. (Herzog, Fallico 2004)

Amie did not go away.

Tim With The "Grinch" © Lion's Gate Films 2004

tim treadwell with the grinch
The audio portion of this video tape lasts roughly 6 minutes. During
this period, Tim's cries and pleadings can be heard for two-thirds of
that time. He did not die quickly, unlike some traumatic death victims
who were lucky enough to drift off into a shock induced dream state.
Tim was obviously very aware and struggling desperately to survive
during the last moments of his life.

Unlike what is portrayed in the movies, the bear is nearly silent.
Only low growls and periodic grunts are heard which only adds to the
horror of the scene. Sounds of the bear dragging Tim off, and the
fading sounds of his scream's indicate that Tim is being pulled and
dragged into the brush and away from camp.

As the tape comes to an end, the sounds of Amie's high-pitched screams
rise to a new level, much like what has been described as "the sound
of a predator call used by hunters to produce the distress cries of a
small wounded animal which often attracts bears". Biologist Larry Van
Daele, for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game theorizes that
Amie's screams "may have prompted the bear to return and kill
her." ( Van Daele 2004 ) We can only envision the horror of what Amie
had witnessed and heard. Hysterical and "paralyzed with fear, standing
just outside of the tent until the bear returned and attacked her".
(I'm not convinced of this. More on this below too) (Readers Digest

Jan 31, 2009, 3:33:50 AM1/31/09

Timothy Treadwell - Grizzly Man Pt 12


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