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Jul 1, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/1/96

On Monday, July 1st, 1996, Ibrahim Dremali, an American Citizen visiting
relatives in Gaza, was summoned from his family's home in Gaza to The Erez
Security by the Israeli Army. He was told that he could never leave Gaza.
The US Embassy is refusing to get involved, saying there is nothing they
can do. Ibrahim has a serious kidney condition needing treatment - he has
been urinating black blood during his forced stay in Gaza - where he
cannot be treated. He has 2 young sons 8 and 2 years old in the US,
dependant on his support. Yet this American has been left out in the cold
by the American Government. Except for Native Americans, everyone in
America is from another country or decendant of one or another. Yet if
your background is Palestinian, the melting pot spits you out and the
Statue of Liberty kicks you in the behind. Following is the background of
his story - if anyone reading this can help - even if just by publicising
this, please do - Americans, please contact your Representatives:

In mid June, Ibrahim had a 10 day vacation, which he used to spend time
with relatives in Egypt, leaving him 3 days which he planned to spend in
Gaza, since it was just accross the Rafah border, where his wife was
already visiting relatives. Yet, when he and his wife left for the
airport from Gaza, they were not permitted to go further than the Erez
checkpoint by the Israeli's. They were told that a permit is needed and
that a US Passport means absolutely nothing if your background is
Palestinian. This required a flight change of course. 3 days later,
there was one empty seat flying out of Tel Aviv. Ibrahim insisted his
wife take it. She was interrogated for hours and hours at the airport,
security even attempted to search her bags without her presence, to which
she demanded to call the US Ambassador. She did however get on the plane
and back to the US. However, Ibrahim was told that he would get a permit
(TasreeH) once he could provide a copy of a new flight reservation. There
are no international calls allowed from Gaza, and no Alitalia
representatives there. So, it had to be faxed from Jerusalem. The fax
arrived late, so they denied permission again. He obtained a new
reservation, and had the copy of it, ready to leave on July 4th. He went
to the Administration to get the permit and suddenly they announce that he
is forbidden from travel. Then, today's events occurred: He was summoned
to Erez for lengthy interrogation. He was told that he was never allowed
to leave Gaza. The US Embassy says that there is nothing that they can
do. Please help - his health is at stake.

LM Hashim

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